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Street Animal Project Pattaya is a rescue shelter run by a wonderful man called Falko Duwe. K9aid have supported Falko’s work for many years.

Falko wants to build a small Isolation Unit so that he can help many more TVT (transmissible venereal tumour) affected dogs from the streets. This kind of cancer is quite common & highly contagious, but very curable by chemo therapy. Without treatment, the dogs eventually die.

However, the chemo treatment can take up to two months as 4 to 6 “Vincristine” injections have to be administered and the period between two injections is ten days. Keeping TVT dogs in a clinic for such a long period of time is unbearable for the dogs and very expensive, but unavoidable since the dogs usually cannot be caught for a second injection.

Falko’s planned Isolation Unit would accommodate two TVT d

ogs that are isolated from each other and from free-roaming shelter dogs. Each of the two sections would consist of an internal space and an outdoor area totalling 9 sqm. The dogs would therefore live under acceptable conditions between the chemo treatments. After successful treatment the dogs will be released back to the street locations they call home.

The expenses for building these double section isolation unit will be about 50,000 Baht (1,400 Euro/1,650 USD). This includes a drainage, double door system, ventilation and electrical installation.

Falko says

“I would be grateful for your help to build this isolation unit to end the needless suffering of as many dogs as possible.”

We really like the concept of this project and we’d like to help Falko to raise the funds necessary to build this structure, but of course we need your help.

Below are some BEFORE & AFTER photos of TVT affected dogs. You will see how successful this treatment is and why building this structure will help so many more dogs recover from this terrible disease.

Any donation however small will help! Thank you.

































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