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Someone broke street dog Vinny’s jaw. He can no longer eat or drink and will die without surgery.

Your urgent donations are needed to save his life…

This beautiful boy Vinny is one of the street dogs in Songkhla, Thailand being fed & cared for by Tamara Johnston of Thai Street Paws Rescue. Looks like he is perfectly healthy right? WRONG!!!

This week Tamara didn’t receive her usual exhuberant welcome from Vinny, he just sat and stared & wouldn’t eat his food.

Tamara immediately suspected something was dreadfully wrong and xrays have confirmed her fears -Vinny’s jaw has been broken in two places! We don’t know how this happened by can only guess it was by some dispicible human being.

Vinny now needs surgery to fix his jaw using plates. Without the surgery he can’t ear or drink and will eventually die. There is no vet in Songkhla able to perform this type of surgery so he needs to go to Bangkok fast.

Tonight he was given antibiotics, anti-inflammation and pain relief meds. He was also given IV fluids and glucose, which certainly pepped him up a little. Tomorrow he will receive the same treatment, while Tamara tries desperately to reaise enough funds for his surgery and after care.

Tamara is heartbroken & can’t bear to see him suffer like this. She says Vinny is the sweetest little guy and full of character.

The only hope he has of survival is the surgery, but your help is desperately needed please!

Please consider donating towards Vinny’s lifesaving surgery. Thank you x

This sweet boy will die without surgey. Please help if you can.

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