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Wanboon translates to “a holy day” in Thai.  He was abandoned outside a foster home of rescuer – Amy Nutsati, in Bangkok, Thailand on one such day.

One of his Wanboon’s legs was amputated a few years ago by donations being raised by a previous rescuer.  However after he was healthy, this old boy had to be returned to the street where he lived receiving food and pain killers from a kind local.

Sadly, Wanboon has developed tumors at the amputation site and he’s also suffering badly from mange.

Rescuer – Amy Nutsati has removed Wanboon from the street and taken him to the  vet hospital where he received a full examination.  He has been diagnosed as suffering  from blood parasites, severe demodec mange and the obvious large tumors.  It has been recommended that after he has healed from the blood parasites (about 2 weeks) he can start  chemotherapy treatments to shrink the size of the tumors.  They will unfortunately never disappear but shrinking them will greatly increase his quality of life.

Wanboon still enjoys his food, walks and even initiates play with other dogs at the vet and the pet hotel where he is staying for treatment. Please help with a donation towards his boarding and upcoming chemo treatments so this senior dog can live out the rest of his time in peace, safety and happiness.

Thank you.  x


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