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Adriano with Coco, he wants to ensure she gets every chance to lead a happy life & desperately wants to purchase a special wheelchair for her.


Coco is a tiny poodle who was VICIOUSLY ATTACKED  by bigger dogs on a street in Pattaya, Thailand in November last year.

She was badly bitten on the neck, back, chest and at the bottom of her spine which has left her paraalysed. At present she is almost totally immobile. The upper part of her body is now firm and hard following the attack and the vet said the only way to make the muscle soft and supple again is exercise & physical therapy.

Coco has been saved by Adrian Giurgiu who never turns away a paralysed dog. This wonderful man does wonders with disabled dogs and we are all hoping he can work his magic on little Coco
and is currently caring for her in his sanctuary for disabled dogs.

Adriano is determined to give Coco the best life possible & is desperate to provide her with a wheelchair, so she can re-gain some of her independence. Being mobile will undoubtedly lift her spirits and help greatly with her rehabilitation.

$460 is the amount needed to purchase a special wheelchair from America for Coco and we’d love to see Coco receive this chair as soon as possible.

All donations welcome however small. Thank you x

Coco suffered multiple, deep bite wounds all over her tiny body. The worst one at the base of her spine which has left her paralysed.

This poor little soul was lucky to survive such a vicious attack.

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