$370 Raised 13 Donors $640 Goal

Whitey, a street dog in the Philippines was run over, leaving parts of him crushed and not found for 4 days! 

Can you imagine the pain that poor Whitey endured after being run over and trying to survive on his own for so long?  Rescuer Gretel Eleazar was contacted after someone finally spotted him hiding behind a traffic barrier crying out in horrific pain.

He was rushed to the vet where they immediately amputated his completely crushed hind leg.  After a couple of days in their clinic they noticed he was also having difficulty with pain when trying to put weight on his remaining hind leg and bruising along his abdomen.

After new x-ray’s it shows that his remaining hind leg is actually fractured.  They are hoping with rehabilitative massages, pain medication and many supplements that it will heal on his own.

However, he’ll need to remain in the clinic and the bills are mounting.  Please help with a donation in any amount towards Whitey’s care as dogs like him can’t be helped without donations.

Thank you.  X.

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