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William’s amazing story is by local Bangkok Rescuer Bim Smith. This incredibly brave & courageous street dog has an amazing will to live. He desperately needs your help with a donation however small.

William’s story by Bim…

“We found William by chance on the side on a small road. The picture shows his condition the day we got him with a tennis ball sized tumor to his nose

We took him to our local vet to be cleaned up and given blood tests to see if he was strong enough for Chemo to kill the tumor. He was very underweight at under 11kg and very thin.

After two Chemo sessions it was starting to shrink the tumor only to be told his blood levels couldn’t withstand another session and would need a break from it. In that time the tumor began to increase in size and his blood levels despite all our efforts to get his body stronger were not working fast enough. The only option became surgery to remove the bulk of the tumor and carry out a proper biopsy something they are unable to do without as most of the outside of the tumor was dead cells.

We were referred to a specialist in Bangkok that would cost us 40,000 baht (USD$1200) money we didn’t have but we have come so far with William and we knew he wanted to fight.

William in the meantime has had a blood transfusion and on 2 kg in weight to prepare him for the surgery. He went in on the 8th of October for the vital operation he needs to remove the bulk of the mass. Thereafter a biopsy will be carried out to determine the best type of medicine going forward to kill the rest.

William will have a forever home with us and won’t be going back on the streets.”

K9Aid’s fundraiser is to raise the US$1200 needed for William’s surgery and treatment. Please give a little to help him if you can. Thank you x

William when first found by Bim

William about to undergo surgery to remove the tumor

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