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This very sad case comes to us from our friends at Helping Hands for Animals India. These rescuers find & treat the street dogs of India and have seen some terrible cases. But this one was one of the worst.

A concerned local noticed this poor dog on the street all alone & suffering what must be immense pain. He took photos and messaged them to the rescuers who responded immediately and rushed to this boy.

When they arrived, this is what they found…..

“This is one of the worst wounds we have dealt with, thousands of maggots had eaten his neck completely, we could see maggots crawling up and down and this poor dog was still alive. “

“As soon as we reached to him, he raised his neck to look at us but couldn’t move. He was very dehydrated as he had not eaten in days, running to escape from the pain. At first we thought we should put him to sleep, but something in his body was still fighting all the odds. We realised this and thought we had to give him a chance with treatment and care.”

“We started by killing the maggots, giving painkillers, multiple iv fluids and antibiotics. It was a huge relief to him once he got the painkillers and maggots out of him. After all the treatment and care, he ate a tummy full of food and slept like a new born puppy sleeps”.

These amazing rescuers say “all the stress, anxiety, problems is worth helping an animal in need. “

This dog’s way to recovery has started & they hope that within the next four weeks he will be completely healed and back to life.

The rescuers have given “a big thanks to the caller and his friends, who didn’t just call and report this dog, but also actively helped and stayed there during the entire treatment.

They are yet to name this beautiful,brave boy. Suggestions for his name are invited.

K9Aid would like to raise $350 to pay for his treatment, care, neutering and vaccinations. Please give if you can, any donation however small is so appreciated.

Thank you.

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