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Yai & Pui when found. This is the cage they’d lived in their entire lives & never been let out!

This is the tragic story of Yai & Pui, caged as pups and never released until now.

Yai and Pui are 2 years old & live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They were placed in a cage together as puppies & NEVER released.

They were deprived of almost everything – love, freedom & human touch. They never ran, never played outside and never felt grass
on their paws.

A local expat who could no longer stand this cruelty and neglect called upon local rescue group All Animals are Suay for their help in getting the dogs released. Eventually successful, the boys were taken into their care.

The expression of joy and freedom on their faces and in their eyes was enough to make many you cry! Yai and Pui surprised everyone with their capacity to give and receive love, having been deprived of it their whole lives. They cannot get enough pats, belly rubs and hugs. They are so affectionate and endearing – they are just beautiful boys!.

A shelter in Quebec, Canada has kindly offered to take Yai & Pui into their care & find them forever homes. They believe that with their story and their gorgeous personalities, they will win the hearts of a special family or two in Quebec!

As All Animals are Suay relies solely on donations to keep their work going and often struggle to stay afloat financially, they have no money to spare to transport the boys to Canada & have asked for YOUR HELP! A flight is available for them on 17th November!

We cannot believe anyone could cage these beautiful souls for their entire lives. Any donation you can afford will help change their future.

Yai & Pui now exploring a world they never knew existed! Your donations will fly them to new homes in Quebec…. please help them fly on November 17th.


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