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She is a Yorkshire terrier who lived with the same family her entire life. But at around 9 years old, they decided that she was “too old” – and so they left her to die in the middle of nowhere on a mountain.

The poor girl is very sick and full of open wounds, and was so confused when she was left behind in a strange place, far away from the only home she’d ever known.

Found by rescuer – Linda Van Der Riet in Athens, Greece, she was immediately taken to Linda’s local vet. It turns out she has infected ears, open wounds all over her body and Leishmania. Also her back legs are twisted and she is in pain.

Linda will be looking after this poor old lady & giving her everything she needs. Linda says “I am not going to do anything too crazy, she did make it to 9 years old without being carved upon, so perhaps the only thing she requires beyond the treatment for her wounds and leishmania and ears is a loving home!” Linda has named her “Hope”.

Linda says “Hope’s spirits seem to slowly be lifting. She loves meal time. She may be old, but she still has so much life left in her – and she’s more than ready for her second chance. Her days will go on, her heart will heal, and I will be her advocate, Where anger meets love, I act.”

Once well enough Linda vows that Hope will be looking for her forever family, and “whoever she ends up with, will have my support for the rest of her life.”

We would like to help Linda provide “Hope” with the medical care, supplements & nutritious food she’ll need to get well again. Our goal is to raise $300 to give her what she desperately needs.


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