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She is only a 4 month old puppy … trying desperately to survive on the streets of Greece alone.

Zoe (as she’s been named) was found with a horrible maggot infested wound on her back where some dispicable human being had stabbed her with a sharp object. The impact broke her spine, causing horrific pain and she was paralysed unable to walk.

This poor baby was found by the Rescue group – “Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos” who were undertaking their regular stray dog regime of feeding, giving meds and sterlizing the local dog population of a local industrial area inhabited by gypsies.

Despite the horrific pain she must have been suffering, when the rescuers first saw her she was trying desperately to drag herself closer to them. When they finally took Zoe into their arms, she did not stop kissing them. She knew she’d been rescued and wanted only for someone to love and care for her.

The Ghost Dogs have asked for K9Aid’s help to raise funds to help Zoe. The surgery to hopefully fix her spine is very expensive, as well as her medication, hospitalisation and wheelchair. They are also giving her physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Everyone is trying their hardest to ensure that little Zoe is given every chance of walking again.

Zoe is currently being fostered by a lovely volunteers, until she finds her forever home she deserves. Thank you.

Zoe when first found near the Gypsy camp


This dear little soul just wanted to get to her rescuers and be held and kissed.

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