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By Sherin Peace (Doggie Heaven)
Doggie heaven all started one day when my husband was driving home on a very busy main highway not far from our home in Phuket. Just in front of him, a small Thai dog ran onto the road. The car in front swerved to miss the dog, but instead the dog got hit by another vehicle coming along behind. Sadly, all the cars kept driving, while the dog lay injured in the inner median strip of the road .

My husband couldn’t help but stop the car and run back to see if the dog was still alive. As he walked closer, this little guy lifted his head a little, and then cowered trying to pull away, but he couldn’t move his broken body. Brian scooped him gently up and carried him to the passengers seat of the car.….Next thing I know, my husband is running into the house, crying “Come quickly! I need your help!”As we raced out to the car to see this little guy, he was lying in a heap, whining with pain and shaking with shock. I looked at my husband as if to say, “What to do?” and the rest is history…

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6Somehow my nurturing instinct took over, my hands went into autopilot, and this little dog, whom we named “Lucky “, spent the next few months in our house recovering from a broken pelvis, a punctured lung, and a very bad case of blood parasites. Once he got his strength back and started to eat and walk again, a lovely friend of mine came around to visit one day, & laid eyes on him and asked if she could adopt him. Now Lucky is the king of his house and is showered in the love he deserves. This little incident on the road side changed my life forever, and allowed me to find my passion in life – something I have been searching for, for many years – so, thank you Lucky and to my loving husband, Brian.

Since then I have gone on to rescue 30 dogs, all from different situations and have adopted 26 of them into loving homes. Helping these little creatures in need is so rewarding, especially when you take them from near death experiences, to fully recovered and allow them to trust humans again, it gives me a lot of satisfaction. Helping them find a new home is even more of a buzz. In fact, it’s kind of addictive – hence why I opened, and now run, DOGGIE HEAVEN. familyJust over a year ago, my husband told me he thought it was time that I needed an office, somewhere away from our family home, to care for these dogs, but on a bigger scale. I agreed with him, so we went on a search for a small house we could rent primarily for the dogs, somewhere they could call their own, where they could rest and recover in peace.

Doggie Heaven presently has fifteen dogs, all at different stages of recovery, and is open to volunteers, and people who are animal crazy, who would like to make a difference in the lives of these animals. If you are thinking of adopting a Thai dog, please take a look at my adoptions page, and if you can find it in your heart to adopt from Doggie Heaven…. It will be a match made in Heaven!!

At Doggie Heaven we rescue dogs who are injured, ill, or neglected, and give them what they to recover. With the combination of good food, the right medicine, lots of love, and time to rest, the find themselves recovered and ready to enjoy life again. Then I do my best to find them suitable, loving homes.

Doggie Heaven is a small privately-funded rescue sanctuary, that my family & I started up, to help injured, neglected and unwanted animals of Phuket get back on their feet. When we arrived here in Thailand 3 years ago from abroad, we were shocked at the amount of stray dogs roaming the streets & sick animals scavenging out of rubbish bins on every street corner: It was a sight for sore eyes, as coming from the western world you do not see such a thing. Before long, I found myself with a back seat full of canned dog food, and every-time I saw a dog in need, or a mother with teats hanging down to the ground & looking for food, I’d stop the car to lay out a can of jelly meat and some biscuits. Needless to say, my husband thought I was absolutely crazy, but I became quite popular with many of the local street dogs.

Sherin Peace (Doggie Heaven)

Never think of the cost, it’s “rescue the dog first, worry about the cost later”.

shelter-aid-1 Become a Doggie Heaven  Shelter Aid supporter, you will be providing long term support to help rescue & care for the street dogs of Phuket Thailand…

Donate here to provide $22 a month for 12 months, (Total $264)…

For dogs needing help, be they street dogs or abandoned pets often the only place of refuge will be a small rescue shelter. The world is full of small shelters trying to make a difference with little or no support.  Long hours, dirty work, heartbreak & lack of money is what animal rescue is about, punctuated by the happy events that make it all worthwhile.Most shelters are so busy doing the rescue & caring it leaves little time to raise the money needed to pay for the running of the shelter.That is where “Shelter Aid” comes in, distance makes it hard to help with the rescue & caring but you can help with the funds to make it happen.  You will be providing a secure income so the shelter can concentrate on the rescue & caring.. Jackpot-1
shelter-aid-1 Make a one off Donation of your choice & help Doggie Heaven rescue & care for the Street dogs of Phuket…

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