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Meet Jackpot, Doggie Heaven found him curled up in a tight ball in the blazing hot sun on the side of the road about 40mins from their shelter. It took a few weeks of visiting him and attempting to give him food before he would even look at Sherin , he was riddled with fear. Then one afternoon he had no strength left, broke down and let Sherin pick him up and get him into the back of her car. Off they went to the vets for some serious help.

One year later and Jackpot has fully recovered,. He’s enjoying learning to trust humans again and also learning to socialize with other dogs.

Jackpot would be best suited into a home on his own without other dogs, as he prefers the quiet life where he can relax and sleep the day away, without contending with other pooches.

NAME: Jackpot
SEX:  Male
WEIGHT: 20kg
BREED: German Pinscher/Thai Mix
Date of Birth:  June 2009
Date of rescue: Feb 2014
Current Location: Phuket, Thailand

For adoption enquiries, please email sherin.peace@gmail.com

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