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Cases like this are so sad… Meet Jao Sue, an old male dog who has spent years living around an industrial park in Chonburi Thailand.

Like other street dogs, Jao Sue has to compete with other dogs finding morsels of food on the steet, or scramble for scraps thrown out from someone’s car.

Life is a horrible struggle for this old soul & after heavy rains in Thailand this past month Jao Sue had all but given up on life.  He lay  lifeless in the rain & sun, he hadn’t moved for days. He no longer had the energy to stand, let alone compete for food.

No-one offered him help until a young man posted his photo on facebook and Bangkok rescuer Amy Nutsati saw it. She could not get the image of this poor soul out of her head,so sent a pet taxi to pick him up and bring him to a Bangkok vet hospital.

Jao sue has been diagnosed with severe domedec mange, sarcoptes scabies, dehydration, malnutrition, blood parasites and a hig fever. He also has only 2 teeth left. His illnesses are curable but there is no chance he will survive life on the streets any more, he will die.

So Amy has no option but try to keep him in a foster clinic for the rest of his life. She says “a defenceless old dog like this really needs a home, but the chances of finding him one are sadly very slim”.

So how can YOU help Jao Sue?… He desperately needs MONTHLY SPONSORS to pay his foster fee at the clinic and provide him with the medical treatment, nutritious food and supplements he’ll need for the rest of his life. 

You can also share his story and hope that just perhaps there is someone out there willing to give an old dog who just wants love and kindness, a forever home.

PLEASE CONSIDER BEING A SPONSOR FOR JAO SUE. You can also leave a ONE OFF DONATION for him if you prefer.

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Photos are taken during his rescue.

Become a Guardian Angel for Jao Sue with a recurring monthly donation of just $10

Jao Sue is an old dog who needs special care for the remainder of his life. He’s not likely to find a home, so will need to spend his life in a Foster Clinic in Bangkok. He does however need nourishing food & supplements to keep him as healthy as possible.

Become one of Jao Sue’s Guardian Angels …. for Just $10 per month

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