• Cindy Amey

Thank you to supporters of K9Aid’s new Facebook page!… 1000 likes in 3 days!

Just 3 days after our first Facebook Post & we’ve now reached 1000 LIKES!. We are delighted at the support shown to our new Group and our sincere thanks to you all for Liking & Sharing our new page.

Our K9Aid Website will be launched at the end of this week which we are very excited about! This will showcase the small Shelters/Groups we currently support and also dogs for Adoption from rescue groups in Thailand & Romania. We will also have various “causes” you can support for each shelter which we hope will provide these groups with wider support around the world, for the amazing work they do in caring for animals in need.

You may have noticed we now have a green (Donate to K9Aid) button at the top right of this Facebook page (only viewable on laptops & desktops, not phones or tablets). This page gives a direct link to our new Paypal Account where you can donate directly to K9Aid without leaving Facebook. All donations are distributed amongst the groups we support & goes straight to the animals who need it most.

K9Aid and its volunteers receive no financial gain from this venture, our motivation for making K9Aid a success is merely the satisfaction of helping animals.

Thank you all for supporting K9Aid and giving us a huge boost of confidence! If you haven’t already please visit & LIKE our FACEBOOK page!

Cindy, Derek, Debbie, Ellie & Tina.

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