Lena’s sanctuary on the Greek Island of Syros, is the only home these dogs know..


Lena & some of the 50 dogs she cares for.

Lena’s story – Lena is a veterinary nurse on the island of Syros in the Cyclades, Greece. Although she lives on an idyllic island, the animals are not so lucky. Lena was appalled by the number of animals brought to be euthanized at the local vet clinic at which she works. Healthy, young, happy dogs & cats who had done nothing wrong, except become a nuisance to their owners. The dogs were often ex-hunting dogs who’d served their purpose , which is common in Greece to abandon or kill when no longer useful. Others were just loving pets who someone no longer had time for & wanted to “dispose of”.

Lena could not bare to watch as these perfectly healthy, loving animals were put to sleep & their lives ended. So her sanctuary began when she rescued these animals from death & brought them to her property.

Lena lives on a steep hillside on several acres of land with these animals. Although she has a house nearby, she prefers to live on-site with the dogs in a small caravan. She lives very simply with no mod cons & spends all her wages on looking after the animals in her care.

Whilst not ideal, the dogs here are very happy. K9Aid has visited Lena several times and provided funds to improve her little sanctuary which really only consists of  a yard and a small room where the dogs can get away from the elements. There are currently around 50 dogs at Lena’s sanctuary and they all live together which can be quite a challenge. But it’s amazing how well these animals tolerate each other, as if knowing they have to get along, so they can all live in harmony.


Lena’s Shelter consisting of an old caravan and a small room with enclosed yard. Home to more than 50 dogs.

Lena does an amazing job looking after all her animals. She receives no government assistance and survives totally on her own small wage.

We are working to give Lena’s Sanctuary a Facebook page where she can hopefully gain some support and hopefully get a few donations to help her with the costs for food, shelter & medications.

We’d love to find Lena’s Island Sanctuary some funding so she can improve the conditions at her shelter and ensure all the dogs have enough food and medication.

Lena would also love to find forever homes for many of these dogs.

Please help her if you can. Thank you x


Some of the beautiful dogs in Lena's care whom she saved from being euthanised.

Some of the beautiful dogs in Lena’s care whom she saved from being euthanised.


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