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Since 2010 Marinela Piperea and her almost 360 dogs and 15 cats live on the edge of town, with sometimes no running water or electricity. Her animals do not have enough to eat some days but don’t complain because they have been rescued from a far more terrible situation.

She’s dedicated her life to this shelter and to the animals. She lives and works voluntarily at the shelter full time. She is getting older and cannot handle anymore work and relies alot on the 2 workers who help at Maoland. Dogs are her link to paradise, they don’t know evil or jealousy they just want to please you.

At Maoland it’s not just about the dogs, their life and their future… they also care about the people who work here helping the dogs to have a better life.

She aims not only to make the dogs safe, and away from the horrors of the streets but out of the hands of the dog catchers. In Harsova there is no public dog shelter so should have no dog catchers but the dogs are not safe on the streets. Many are rounded up & killed.Maoland-1-web

She does miracles with little money & a shortage of help…

“Just feeding the dogs everyday is a challenge”.

shelter-aid-1 Become a MAOLAND  Shelter Aid supporter, you will be providing long term support to help rescue & care for the abandoned dogs of Romania…

Donate here to support this shelter for just $22 a month…

Shelters like Maoland are in remote areas so less likely to be raided by the authorites who have been known to remove all the dogs from private shelters & kill them. Life for dogs in Romania is fraught with danger, without people like Marinela there is little hope for them. Maoland-2web
shelter-aid-1 Make a one off Donation of your choice &  help the Maoland Shelter rescue & care for the abandoned dogs of Romania…

Make a One Off Donation to help the Maoland Shelter…



    • Sophan Muangsombut

      With K9Aid
      They would live better life and hope that they will be safe too

    • Brenda Davidson

      Hi Lillian, yes all the dogs are neutered or spayed as well as being vaccinated, wormed, deflead and micro chipped, it is a massive task and costs a lot of money. Rest assured no breeding of unwanted litters happens at Maoland, but sadly a lot of pregnant females are taken in and a lot of puppies are abandoned at the shelter’s gates. I hope that answers your question? Thank you for your interest. xxx

    • lillian

      You sterilize all this dogs???? Lillian

    • gayle cole

      ive visited maoland shelter it is run by a marvellous women that I had the privaligde to spend 7 days with

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