Meet Mumu! She is an adorable loving 5-6 year old cockapoo mix that has been rescued from the streets of Thailand. Mumu was found in a feces ridden cage barely clinging to life trying to feed her 3 babies. She was emaciated, anemic, and desperate for food. When she was rescued, she clung to her rescuer with gratitude and love. She spent several months recovering, and because of her undernourishment and extreme neglect, she lost a portion of her eyesight. You would never know that she doesn’t see well as she finds you to cuddle into immediately! She is an absolute love. Her babies have all since found homes, and now it’s her turn. Her rescuers have helped to get her on a flight to Los Angeles where she can have a chance at a real life. She is a sweet adorable girl who is ready for her new chance. Our adoption fee is $300.00 per dog which helps offset some of the flight costs.

If you are interested in more information, please contact to request an application.

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