Requiem for Nun Ladda


It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Nun Ladda.

 Her eyes closed upon this world for the last time Thursday morning (17/9/2015).  Peace will be with her now.

Her final resting place will be at her beloved Bangpaung temple which will be her final resting place.  A ceremony in her honor will be held on Monday (21/9/2015).



Nun Ladda lived for her animals.  She defied the doctors’ prognosis of 3 to 5 months for over 3 YEARS!  She took this time to try, with the help of animal rescuer, Khun Pak, to find homes for the poor dogs and cats that were dumped by callus individuals.

Nun Ladda’s last concern was to make sure that the care of the Temple dogs and cats would continue. YOU can make sure her wish comes true by:  

Donate here to support her beloved temple animals for just $25 a month…

Khun Pak has rehomed all but 3 of the cats and neutered 8 of the 12 dogs still residing at the temple.  But, there are also 30 Turtles!  Inevitably more dogs and cats will show up.

All life was sacred to Nun Ladda.  The volunteer caregivers of the dogs, cats and turtles need help; they need your support to help pay for the rest of the dogs’ neutering and for food to carry on. 

Please, let’s honor the work of this wonderful woman who put all life above her own.  Make a “ONE OFF” doation, whatever you can give will be very much appreciated.  Thank you for caring.

Make a One Off Donation to help support Nunn Ladda’s animals…