• Cindy Amey




The little dog shown  in our Banner seemed an ideal mascot for the launch of K9Aid. “Katrina” was a little dog we saw at the Buriram Shelter 5 months ago, sitting in a corner, all alone, frightened & very sad. This shelter houses over 3,000 dogs rescued from the Illegal Dog Meat Trade. This barbaric trade see’s dogs snatched from the streets & sold to smugglers who are then jammed into tiny cages (up to 10 dogs per cage) & transported illegally by the thousands across the Thai border to Vietnam. For those that survive the journey an horrific death awaits as they are tortured & skinned alive before being killed & eaten as a delicacy in Vietnamese restaurants. In recent years many of these trucks have been aprehended & the dogs released into huge shelters specifically built to accommodate these dogs.

Sadly, Katrina did not survive life in the shelter. Through K9Aid we aim to help the many dogs just like her throughout the world. Please SHARE Katrina’s story and “LIKE” our new FACEBOOK PAGE 

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