Much of what we do is only possible because of our Partners Help…

Working together we can make a difference…


Major sponsor of the  SNIP program,

SNIP sterilises dogs in & around Bangkok Thailand to stop the cycle of unwanted puppies, it’s target is 3000 SNIP operations in the next 12 months.


What kind of dog do you have?

Friendly Dog Collars helps prevent incidents BEFORE they occur. Let the public know if your dog is approachable or if it needs space.


Relo4Paws provides a professional

Pet relocation service from Thailand to everywhere in the world with very fair prices and super friendly staff! We do it ALL, we speak Thai & English…

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Handmade collars. Made in England. Shipped worldwide.

Noddy & Sweets we’re two Thai rescue dogs from Thailand, now living it up in the UK. Oh! and their mum makes handmade collars and other doggies stuff!


Homemade dog treats made with all natural ingredients.

100% of the purchase price is donated to rescue animals in need. Donations are used to help the Dog Meat Trade rescues of Thailand.


Mobile Sterilisation to control street dogs…

A great organisation that works tirelessly to improve the lives of dogs living on the streets of Thailand…


LIFE animal rescue saving dogs & cats since 1992…

Our mission is to rescue homeless or abandoned dogs and cats and place them in permanent, responsible, and loving homes.


Renee Stevens Graphics helping charities…

A great animal lover who has helped K9Aid to develop our on-line identity. Contact Renee at 


Changing lives “One Charm at a Time”…

You to can help support animals in trouble by purchasing from Charmz4Change. Our goal is to rescue animals, selling jewelry is how we raise the funds to do it…

Adopting & Caring for Rescue Animals

Written by freelance writer – Michael Morris, this is a very comprehensive guide on why people should adopt rescue animals.

The guide contains plenty of useful information about pet adoption such as the benefits of adopting, usual costs of rehoming rescue pets, how to choose the right pet, an overview of the usual adoption process, and many more useful resources..

Pooch Perks

Every Pooch PerksBox comes stuffed full of all natural, Made in the USA treats, fun toys customized to your dogs’s chewing needs and exciting new accessories and products for you to try. Popular boxes come with 5 to 6 paw-sitively great products! Create your own box from $19.99 or choose one of the fantastic box options. A great gift idea for the pets in your life.

Starfish Decorative Dog Collars

Beautiful, unique, custom made, decorative dog tag collars. Ideal lightweight house collar or for dogs who wear a harness. Tag with contact details can be attached to the collar. 50% of proceeds are donated to Dog Rescue! Orders can be made through their Facebook page by sending a message.


The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Pets (Australian based)

It offers plenty of valuable information such as:

  • Essential tips and advice on how to plan for and travel safely with your pets overseas.
  • A practical overview of animal transportation and health quarantine rules, airline restrictions on pets and breeds allowed to fly, and important veterinary and animal welfare advice before travelling.
  • Useful advice if your pets aren’t coming along, such as doing a trial run if leaving your pets at home for the first time, sorting out pet care and accommodation, and taking your pets to the vet to make sure they’re healthy before you leave.