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    • Gemma Ross

      Hi, I am a Vet. Nurse. I just got back a week ago from volunteering in Vietnam with VAWO see website above. I emailed you a few days ago about their plight. I am contacting you again because I have taken on responsibility to help them as much as I can using my career, my contacts, my friends & have done some fundraising already. Unfortunately this is not enough- I was the last volunteer to leave with no new ones on the horizon. VAWO desperately need volunteers to keep the shelters going & the fee helps towards the rent & feeding the animals. . This pretty much puts them in crisis right now & unfortunately I cannot just turn around & go back. I just found out that the Directir is sick & needs to go to hospital & there’s nobody to look after the animals. The fundraising campaigns have not generated enough income to even pay rent & the new vet clinic is not established enough to support the not for profit work, indeed it is another financial burden so they are basically facing eviction. With sickness befalling the leader who single handedly does all of the marketing, fundraising, website, training, capacity building to name a few the Organisation is Struggling. I have experienced first hand that these guys are legitimate in their work & only try to do the best for the animals against all odds & sometimes at personal to their own well being. It’s an enormous job & I support them 100%. Please contact me urgently as I would like to know how to provide emergency assistance & get them registered. Thank you very much. Yours Sincerely, Gemma Ross
      Mob +61 450009556/ 0415601736

      • Cindy Amey

        Hello Gemma
        Thank you for your email, unfortunately this is an all too common scenario. Unfortunately we are already over committed in trying to help groups like this & we just don’t have the manpower or funds to do anything significant. I suggest you contact Animals Asia or Soi Dog Foundation who are larger organisations and may be able to offer some assistance or direct you elsewhere.

        I’m so sorry we can’t be of more help.


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