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Prima on the way to his foster home with Mot. Right: enjoying the morning sun at Mot’s house.


Prima’s story…..

Do you remember Prima? he was rescued by Amy Nutsati after struggling to survive on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand for several years. He’d been cruelly dumped by his previous owner.

This poor dog had developed a large tumor on the side of his neck. The locals did not want this “smelly dog” hanging around & threatened to kill him, so Amy decided to remove him from the street & have him seen by a vet.

Sadly the vet diagnosed an aggressive form of cancer which will ultimately claim Prima’s life. Your donations paid for his medical care & a course of strong antibiotics which everyone hoped would help shrink the tumor, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

Amy advised us that after treatment, she had nowhere to put Prima & he would likely need to live in a shelter for whatever time he had left. This scenario totally broke our hearts.

So together with Amy, we found a foster home in Bangkok for Prima. We could not bear to see him sufer any more and wanted his last months on this earth to be happy, carefree, in a proper home & with someone who cares about him. His foster mum “Mot” is taking tremendous care of this precious boy & tells us …

“Prima is doing great. He sleeps like a baby and wake up fresh and strong everyday. He loves going back to sleep in a cage though”.

Mot leaves the cage open so Prima can go in and out as he likes. He also loves to lay in the warm rays of the morning sun.

Prima’s excellent foster care costs $100usd per month & K9Aid are currently paying this, as we desperately wanted to give this poor soul a life worth living. But we wondered if any of you would like to help sponsor Prima’s foster care? It is likely Prima does not have long on this earth, so we are looking for sponsors happy to donate monthly for a 6 month period only. Can we find 10 people who’d be willing to sponsor Prima at Mot’s foster home for just $10 per month/for 6 months? You can also opt to leave a one off donation.

We’d love your help with Prima’s foster care, please help if you can! Thank you x



Prima when first rescued