JUST $10 PER MONTH will help Sam Snow lead a comfortable, pain free life at Adrian’s Disabled Sanctuary in Pattaya, Thailand.

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The heart breaking story of Sam Snow’s rescue…& how YOU can become a SPONSOR!

This poor little soul was discovered by a Thai lady (named Kitty) in Rayong, Thailand.

He had damage to both back legs & could not walk, probably due to a car accident/spinal injury. This injury must have happened a very long time ago, because both his back paws (up to the mid shin) had literlly worn away. He just had 2 bloody stumps dragging along behind him.

Local rescue Group  “Soi Dog Angels” immediately sent a dog catcher to find him & take him to the vet hospital in Pattaya over 2 hours away, where the vet confirmed double amputation of his hind legs was necessary to save his life.

Sam has now undergone surgery & had both hind legs removed. He is coping extraordinarily well & it never ceases to amaze us how these animals adapt so quickly to such a radical change in their anatomy. He’s walking on his 2 front legs and able to get amazingly well!

A kind supporter has offered to purchase a high quality wheelchair for Sam, so that his body can rest at regular intervals and still allow him to be mobile. We think Sam is going to love his new chair!

After hearing about the plight of “Sam Snow”, our wonderful friend Adrian Giurgiu has very generously offered Sam Snow a forever place at his disabled sanctuary in Pattaya. We know Adrian will give Sam  the best possible life and he will have lots of friends to play with, rides on Adrian’s motorbike and plenty of clean, flat space for his wheelie.

We’d like to find 10 people to sponsor Sam Snow – each willing to donate just $10 USD per month to help support Sam at Adrian’s sanctuary. 

He is very sweet and gentle delightful boy & we really want him to have a the best life he can. Adrian cares for 70 dogs at his sanctuary , 40 of these being paralysed/disabled.

Please consider SPONSORING SAM SNOW so that he can lead the best life possible. Thank you x

We would love to find 10 people to help sponsor Sam Snow at just $10 a month..  Please help if you can, Sam Snow & Adrian  will be so grateful. Thank you x