Meet Our Volunteers…

As a truly volunteer organisation we do rely on our team to make it happen…

Cindy Amey

Ellie Harris

Debbie Mole

Tina McReady


I lived in Phuket, Thailand for 5 years & volunteered full time for Soi Dog Foundation from 2010 to 2013, building their overseas Adoption program. I was also involved in fundraising, marketing & photography. The experience changed my life and I am committed to helping animals around the world, animal rescue can be tough, but the rewards are like no other.


I was tired of looking at pictures of  the worlds street dogs and victims of the illegal dog meat trade to Vietnam & China via Thailand. I thought someone should do something about this terrible injustice. I realized that someone could be me. Since then I have adopted a Soi Dog called Sea Lion and I made a promise the day I met him I would help as many other dogs as possible.


I have been activity involved with Animal Rights and Charity Work for over eights years now. Its not always an easy journey but helping to create change and offer a sense of hope to animals is the most rewarding feeling in the world. I’m excited to be part of the team at K9 Aid, many animals around the world urgently need help, I plan to be a voice for them for many years to come.


Where there is hope there is life and gratitude, with so much doom and gloom in our world being positive and knowing as individuals we can make a difference is a quality we often forget to embrace. I am committed to making a difference for those that
cannot speak for themselves, our four legged friends we call our best friend.

Derek Amey

Nadege Courtin

Khun Ti

Debbie Barnard

Ti-1 deb-b-1

I have always had strong bond with dogs, we just seem to hit it off. The dog meat trade is the worst, & anything I can be involved in to save those dogs from such brutal degrading treatment gets my support.


Nadege has a long history in animal rescue. She currently maintains the French K9Aid Facebook page. Visitez notre page ici


Ti is our girl friday in Bangkok, without Ti much of what happens in Thailand would be impossible. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Khun Ti, she is a real dogs best friend.


If you make a donation to K9aid Debbie handles all the Thank You’s. An animal lover from way back she has been a great help keeping track of our growing supporter base.

Tonya Nooner-May

Lee Mole 


Rescue ME…

Tonya is a lifelong animal lover and has been a volunteer with K9Aid since January of 2015. She is based in Seattle, WA, USA and helps to publish causes on our website as well as posting on our Facebook page. She also manages an auction page with our partner LIFE Animal Rescue, raising funds to help support Freedom Flights for Thai dogs to get to Los Angeles, CA.  . Lee has spent many years working in animal rescue. Fund raising, accounting even painting murals in the dog runs. Nothing is too much for our furry friends There are many ways you can help to bring hope to the many unwanted dogs around the world. There are never enough hours in the day to help rescue Mans Best Friend. You may have the skills we are looking for to bring hope to the many… Unwanted street dogs die everyday because neglect, accidents, hunger or ill treatment. They need someone to CARE, is that YOU?


K9Aid Group was founded by Cindy & Derek Amey, an Australian couple who spent 5 years in Thailand and worked for 3 years as full time volunteers for Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) in Phuket, from 2010 to 2013. Their major roles were Adoptions, Fundraising through Social Media, photography, Video & Adopter communications. Cindy & Derek returned to Australia in November 2013 with a strong desire to continue helping animals in need. The skills learned during their time in Thailand has enabled them to create K9Aid and use this knowledge to help other small shelters bring support to animals in need & find new homes for the homeless. They have a passion to help dogs who have been rescued from the illegal Dog Meat Trade & to sterilize as many dogs as possible to bring an end to unwanted puppies.