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Show you care with a “Gift of Health”…

Most street dogs have poor health, they lack the vaccinations that will protect them from preventable illness. With no sterilization they breed uncontrolled, most puppies never live very long, they die from illness, road accidents or are attacked by other dogs. Lack of good food means their health is poor which leads to many ailments. Shelter do their best to provide for these animals with vaccination programs, sterilization & feeding. The amount they can achieve is dictated by the funds they have available, this work is only possible with private donations. YOU could make life better by sending a “Gift of Health”.


Puppy support.



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Without vaccination against common diseases like distemper & parvo virus many puppies die at an early age. Most of those that survive these illnesses have life long problems. All can be protected by a simple vaccination. Puppies have little chance of surviving if they are born on the street. Often shelter are asked to rescue them or people just dump them at the gate. Looking after very small puppies is difficult without the correct food & medication. By donating to “Puppy Care” you will be giving them a fighting chance. One of the main expenses of working with street animals is sterilization. The number of animals that can be sterilized is often limited by the funds available to pay the vet bill. You can help stop the endless arrival of unwanted puppies by donating to this project. Some dogs ailments require special food to help control symptoms. These “Special” foods are often far more expensive than regular dog food. Your donation will help provide this extra support to animals with special needs.

$20 for vaccine.

$15 for puppies.

$35 for sterilization.

$35 for food.

Preventing unwanted puppies/kittens & keeping animals health is the goal of dog & cat rescue.  Unfortunately it cost money & without private donations many animals have little hope of help. You can improve dogs life by providing the means to provide health care to street dogs around the world…


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