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Sending gifts to our shelters can be a real problem. On arrival they are often subject to custom clearance fees & import duties making the gift to expensive to claim. These parcels are just left to be destroyed. You can help the shelters by sending a “VIRTUAL GIFT”. You decide what you want your donation to be used for & the funds are sent to the shelter so the gifts can be purchased locally.

Leads & Collars

Doggy treats

Fly them HOME


Travel Crate

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Shelter get through a lot of leads & collars. Shelter dogs just have an urge to bite them in half. Your gift will ensure they have strong sturdy leads & collars when it’s walkies time. It doesn’t take long for street dogs to learn what “Treats” are. They just love them, they like the taste but love that you care enough so there is money to buy them… Many street dogs are re-homed overseas every year. The cost to fly them home is what limits the number that make the journey. You could help a dog make that life changing journey… Life for shelter dogs can get a bit boring. Toys are something most have never seen. They don’t last long but it’s fun before they end up in pieces…  Getting a dog to a new home often requires a new travel crate. These add to the expence & can make it even more expensive to adopt.

$15 for

$10 for

$50 towards
a flight

Just $20

Safe Travel

Most shelters struggle just to feed their dogs, providing anything else is a luxury. You can cheer up a dogs day by providing the means to treat them to something they have probably never seen before.