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K9Aid's Street Dog Rag...

A chance to update you our supporters on what has happened over the last few weeks & how your support has helped improve the lives of dogs around the world..

Debbie & Cindy - for the whole K9 team.

Welcome to the Bodhi Shelter in Phuket...

The Shelter in Temple grounds

Life is good here

Cindy from K9Aid visits
Tina tells her story - "I was volunteering at a temple with many dogs that needed medical treatment. After carting my supplies back and forth every day, I got an idea about an unused room, which was filled with and surrounded by rubbish. I asked the Abbott if I could turn the room into a clinic. He agreed, & the Bodhi shelter was born. We have built a clinic/shelter where I treat the temple animals and ones brought to me. Currently I am looking after around 60 animals daily.

The clinic/shelter is also about providing free veterinary care to local people’s animals. There are so many really poor people here that will tell me about an animal needing help, but they can’t afford any treatment, they are struggling to survive themselves. I drive around & visit animals on location and treat them myself. Whatever treatments we cannot do, are done by veterinarians at our expense. We rescue animals that are to be poisoned, sick, starving or in otherwise bad condition, heal them and then try to adopt them out.”

Please check out their new page at this small shelter could sure do with some help...

Lets not forget the street cats...
K9Aid is the name but it is hard not want to help the many strret cats that are also neglected. Recently supporters asked if possible could they help a cat shelter. The Turunc cat shelter in southern Turkey was looking for help with their work, so it seemed a chance to get together.

Turunc is a small seaside village near Marmaris on the southern coast of Turkey. Like many other towns it has a feral cat problem which "Turunç Cats Protection and Rescue Group" are working to control.

Turunc Cat Rescue operate trap-neuter-return program (TNR) which is the most humane and effective method for improving the lives of street cats whilst also controlling the street cat population. The cats are humanely trapped, taken to a veterinary for spaying or neutering, medically treated; and in most cases they are returned to the outdoor locations where they were found, unless the location is unsafe or inappropriate.

Visit the Turunc Shelter page

The cats are released where volunteers provide them with adequate food, water and they can monitor them for any signs of illness and injuries.
They have also set up feeding stations around the village which enables them to monitor the health of the cats. Kittens and any cats who are unwell or have suffered a trauma are provided with veterinary care and are looked after at their rehabilitation shelter until they are healthy enough to be released. They also have a quarantine room where sick cats and kittens are treated, without infecting the cats in the main Rehabilitation Shelter. All new cats spend two weeks in quarantine to ensure they do not have any infectious diseases that they could be passed onto the other cats.

You can help to support their work by visiting their new page on the K9aid site at or sponsor a cat on the sponsor page at

BAMBI in her new home with new pal "Boulder"...
Just a few short weeks ago Bambi who was rescued from the Illegal Dog Meat Trade flew to Copenhagen Denmark. There she was met by Annette & her family, they have fallen deeply in love with Bambi & so has their dog "Boulder". The 2 are inseparable!
Bambi spent years in a shelter in Northern Thailand until her recent rescue. Like many dogs rescued from the meat trade she had to survive in a camp with hundreds of other dogs. This new life must be like a dream come true for Bambi.

You can help more dogs like Bambi who've been rescued from the Dog Meat Trade to find their forever families by DONATING HERE:

Bambi at home in Denmark...

"Bambi" tucked up in her travel crate.

Bambi with her new pal Boulder.

Support K9Aid by attending the K9Band-Aid event...
We are extremely proud to announce that Wayne Hussey from band (The Mission) is showing his support for K9Aid and will be playing at the Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury UK on Saturday 16th May, 2015 with proceeds going to K9Aid!
Also appearing will be local Glastonbury Celtic/Folk Band DRAGONSFLY. All the Dragonsfly band members are strong animal rights activists and we are so proud to have them performing.
Dancer, Psychic, Artist & Illustrator Laura Daligan will also be performing at K9BandAid! Laura will be performing her famous Isis Wings Dance on the night.

Wayne Hussey of The Mission
UK animal lovers are invited to join us on the evening, enjoy Wayne’s music, a licensed bar and raise money to help the animals. It promises to be an AMAZING night with some not to miss special guest appearances.

Tickets are 25 GBP + postage in advance only from
Doors Open at 8pm. Close 12 middnight


available for sale. JUST 15GBP + POSTAGE.

To order email

Cindy & Derek have already booked their flights, see you on 16th May...

"If you can't feed them you can't rescue them"
The most common request to K9Aid is for food, it is most shelters biggest expence. Without your continued support the answer may be "Sorry"...

The thought of dogs going hungry is unbearable, they have had a hard enough life without this.
Each month the funds pledged for
FOOD AID are distributed amongst the most desparate shelters, but there is never enough to go round.

Please consider a donation to "FOOD AID"

& help to fill those hungry mouths...

Meet "L.I.F.E Animal Recue" in Los Angels...

Housed in comfort...

L.I.F.E. Animal Rescue is an all volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity based in US. Their mission is the rescue, rehabilitation, care and placement of homeless dogs and cats. All animals live in cage free rooms filled with couches and beds and have daily exercise and tremendous amounts of love until they find their forever families.
Since 1992, L.I.F.E have brought new life to thousands of animals. From their last days at the shelter, to starvation and injuries on the street, L.I.F.E. has turned tragedy into triumph.
Recently, they have expanded their efforts and we are very honored to have them partnered with K9Aid International to help the dogs of Thailand that suffer such unimaginable horrors.
To bring a dog to Los Angeles from abroad that has only known heartache and cruelty, and find them love is an immeasurable heart warming victory, Together, we hope to embrace these precious souls and bring new life, love, and hope without borders.

Room to run around & a safe home to live in...

It brings a tear to your eye!
It is not often you can give an animal back their sight but that is what K9Aid supporters have done for cocker spaniel "Singha". He was rescued from a shelter in Bangkok where he had been kept in a cage for 2 years.

He was blind but the vet who checked him out thought there may be a chance his sight could be restored. Singha underwent ultrasound & tests to determine how successful the surgery is likely to be, the specialist vet told us the likelihood of Singha regaining sight in one eye was 70 percent. He is a gentle, loving dog - always happy and full of life, we had to give him this chance!

A fund raiser was started so Singha could have his operation on 2nd March 2015. His eye operation was a success, the vet now thinks his right eye has clear vision & his left eye (the worst one) has limited vision.

Singa after his operation.

After being blind for so long, Singha can see again & we are so happy for this lovely boy! The good news does not end there, Singha has a wonderful home with his new mum "Betsy" waiting for him in Los Angeles. He will be able to fly in about 1 month's time when fully recovered from the surgery. How life has changed for Singha & this was all made possible by the generosity of K9Aid supporters.

We must not forget his foster mum Khun Soot who spent many hour making sure Singha got the very best of care. There will be more news on Singha when he flies to his new home.

Singha at his foster home with Khun Soot...

You can help dogs like "Singha" by making a donation HERE

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