This little girl “Jeen” was hit by a car and left on the side of the road for 10 days! She cried out the whole time but no-one came to help her. It was just like she was invisible.


Most animals endure pain and suffer silently because they are afraid of predators, so you can only imagine how much she was hurting to cry out & try bring attention to herself. After the accident Jeen’s legs became swollen from infection and she could not move. People passed her by – every day – hearing her cries. Someone put some food out for her but she could not even shuffle to get to eat it.

Finally a good Samaritan sent a pet taxi to pick her up and bring her to a hospital where she was immediately given fluids for dehydration and antibiotics to help fight the infection.



“Jeen’s” swollen legs…


A very sad girl…

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Slowly the infection went away from her legs but she was still unable to walk and in incredible pain. X-rays showed that her coccyx bone had shattered. It will never grow back together again. She is only 5-6 months old, and already, her life has been full of pain.
A place was found for her in a sanctuary in northeast Thailand, that has a special place for handicapped dogs. Jeen would be in agony if she had to try and drag her back legs on the streets with a broken coccyx bone. She would never have been able to get enough food and would eventually starve to death. But here, rescuers order special sand trucked in, “miracle” sand, which they believe can help disabled dogs to walk again. This sand is especially fine and soft and provides little resistance when the dogs drag themselves around, but it also provides traction and stability when they want to try to stand up.


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Jeen is on her way to recovery but many more dogs still need help.

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