Abir Animal Shelter – Athens, Greece…

Abir Wazzan’s shelter is home to 70 dogs & 30 cats – all rescued off the streets of Athens. Sadly every animal here has either been abandoned, neglected or abused.

Until the covid19 crisis, Abir had a well paid job and supported the shelter herself. Sadly now she has been left with no job & 100 hungry animals to feed. We are therefore trying everything we can to get Abir’s animals some help on an ongoing basis.

All the rescued animals here are from the streets of Athens and have been either abandoned, neglected or abused. “They are grateful, loving souls and I can’t bear to see them suffer. They depend on me so much.”

Any donation however small will help feed the animals at Abir’s shelter. This is a truly desperate & heartbreaking situation and we really need your help. Please don’t let the dogs go hungry.

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 Thank you very much.