Why become a “Flight Volunteer”…

We often have adopted animals needing to travel to/from various locations around the world to their new homes and sending an animal with a passenger (rather than alone) often makes the cost of adopting an animal abroad much more affordable. For instance a dog travelling from Thailand to USA can cost as little as $200.


Some airlines have very cheap rates for dogs travelling “accompanied” (i.e. with a passenger) and we are always looking for passengers travelling with these airlines & willing to accompany an animal on their flight. Learn more about our Flight Volunteer program and watch our Video. If you’re travelling abroad, please register your flight with us. It may be just the flight we’re looking for! 

You could help an animal reach it’s new home, it’s easy & very rewarding!

Learn more about being a Flight Volunteer HERE
Would you like to help a Dog get to its new home? Are you travelling from Thailand going to the USA, Canada, UK or Europe? or flying out of Romania. Consider being a flight volunteer.

If you are travelling then these are the best airlines to take dogs or cats on Thai Airways, Qatar, Korean Air, JAL, EVA, China Southern, Lufthansa, KLM, Swiss Air, and Austrian Airlines. Dogs & cats travelling to EU or UK need to wait 4 months before they can fly so for those destinations we we to know ASAP.

Please complete our online form, watch the video or contact cindy@k9aid.org for more information.

Want to be a hero on your next holiday/business trip to Thailand? Want to make a difference to a dog or cat (or two) from Thailand? If the answer is “yes”, then please consider participating in K9Aid’s flight volunteer program. Flight volunteers help reduce the cost of overseas adoptions and increase the chances of dogs and cats being sent to loving homes.

There are two main reasons why using flight volunteers to get the animals to their new homes is preferable to sending the animals as cargo:
• Less stress for the dog or cat as they can be with their flight volunteer right up until just before boarding time. When using cargo, the animal is checked in long before the flight leaves and is left in their crate for this time period.
• More cost effective: While K9Aid  covers all the costs of food and vet care for cats and dogs before departure, adopters pay for the expenses of sending them overseas. The cost of an animal flying with a passenger is generally far less than the cargo fees. By flying with a dog or cat, you can help an animal be adopted by someone who couldn’t afford the cargo costs.

All of the pre-flight arrangements for the animal are handled by K9Aid or it’s supporters. A K9Aid supporter will bring the animal to the airport, meet you there prior to your flight, and check the animal in. Upon arriving at your destination you just collect the crate from the baggage carosel & wheel it out into the arrival hall where you will be met by the adopter. In other words, there is no work or expense on your part. Imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you see the animal first meet his or her new family! You will have helped give a street dog the chance of a new life…

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