PLEASE consider becoming a SPONSOR for one of the dogs at PRINCE’S PLACE in Athens, Greece.

This amazing lady (Linda Van Der Riet) tries to save abused and traumatised dogs, blind and deaf dogs, disabled or senior dogs and gives them a place to call home. 

PRINCE’S Place Pawspice is devoted to saving and rehabilitating dogs that have been dealt different circumstances in life. Amputees, blind/deaf, medically complex, carted dogs, those suffering from disease, illness, injury, or disorder, the older dogs….all find solace and safety within the rescue.
Most of the dogs here are unadoptable due to ill health, age or disablement, so they all depend on SPONSORS around the world to help make their lives a little healthier & happier!

Your monthly sponsorship will help provide the dog with nutritious food, veterinary care if needed, any additional supplements they may require & preventative medications.

Sponsorship costs just USD$12 (10€) per month (recurring donation)

Meet some of the beautiful dogs at the Linda’s Shelter (Prince’s Place) looking for sponsors!
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Jerry... was rescued from a Hoarders house in Athens with around 30 other dogs. The man who owned the house passed away and the poor dogs were left alone without food or water for a long time before being discovered.

Jerry had been attacked by the other more dominant dogs and was in terrible condition when found.

He is approx 8 years old & extremely scared of people’s hands. He doesn’t even allow Linda to touch him yet. But Linda says “I am working with him every day and it will take lots of time & patience. He is already making a little bit of progress”.

Because of Jerry’s fear issues, sadly it is highly unlikely he’ll ever be suitable for adoption. So Linda will be keeping Jerry at her shelter & giving him all the care & attention she can to ensure he has the best life she can give him. As you can see by the photos, Jerry’s physical appearance has changed dramatically from when he arrived – all thanks to Linda! 

We’d like to find some people willing to sponsor Jerry & show him that not all people want to harm him, and we really do care.

.Please consider being a MONTHLY SPONSOR FOR JERRY

Please CLICK BUTTON BELOW to SPONSOR JERRY for just 10 euro ($usd12) per month.    

LWE…  has found her special place at Prince’s Place. After spending most of her life trying to live on the streets of Athens, she’s now safe with Linda & no longer has to struggle daily just to survive.

Lwe is an old girl, she has dementia and is deaf. She’s also going blind from cataracts & after a recent vet visit, it was discovered she has a broken jaw.

Lwe is loving life at Linda’s shelter, where old, disabled dogs can live out their days with lots of care, love & affection from Linda. Lwe’s probably the happiest she’s ever been in her life and no longer has to worry where her next meal is coming from. She’d love you to sponsor her!

Lwe … Please consider being a MONTHLY SPONSOR FOR LWE

Please CLICK BUTTON BELOW to SPONSOR LWE for just 10 euro ($usd12) per month.