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 Sava’ Safe Haven – Galati Romania…

Hello my name is Pea, let me share my story…

savas-6I’m not sure if you know my story. I was born on streets in cold winter together with my brothers. I had no a real mother, I never knew who is she was. A kind person found me and took me and my brothers somewhere safe. I call this person “MOM ” , as she has looked after me since I was born, she is a very good person. She has loved and cared of me for me & my brothers so much!
When my eyes finally opened I found I was was in a nice clean and warm place, is called Sava’s Safe Haven, that is where I am now. For the first time I felt safe! As I grew up I watched as my brothers got to go to their new forever homes : My brothers sent photos from their homes, one is in Austria the other in UK. They are feeling great & I’m happy for them, my dream is that I’ll be as lucky soon.

I’m a very gentle girl & calm girl. My mom always tells me I am the most well behaved dog in the world. I like to be cuddled & spoiled. Unfortunately my Mom does not have much time to play with me as she would like. She has many dogs to care for, over 200 all like me, they were street dogs and this lady helps them to.


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Caring when no one else does…

shelter-aid-1 Become a Sava’s Safe Haven  Shelter Aid supporter, you will be providing long term support to help rescue & care for the street dogs of Romania…

Donate here to support this shelter for just $22 a month…

The situation for dogs in Romania got worse,in the autumn of 2013, after stray dogs were accused of killing a boy in Bucharest. The Romanian president and the press stirred up the hatred towards the animals, and succeeded in pushing through a law allowing the killing of all dogs after 14 days of their capture, unless the local mayor has the funds to allow the dogs a longer stay at the communal shelter.The dogs are killed with inhumane and cruel methods. The new law has also encouraged the mass catchings and killings of dogs at shelters, because the shelters get money for all killed dogs. The president was supported in his campaign by uneducated people, who blindly believe his promises of cleaning the streets through the killings.A well known fact is that the stray dog problem can not be solved by killing the dogs, but only with a sterilizations programme and by educating people. The killing continue to be allowed, despite all facts. The only hope is that small shelters like Sava’s Safe Haven can show Romanians that there is a better way. savas-5
shelter-aid-1 Make a one off Donation of your choice & help Sava’s Safe Haven rescue & care for the street dogs of Romania…

Make a One Off Donation to help Sava’s Safe Haven…







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    • Nicola atkinson

      I’m interested in Monga how much to adopt and what’s his age and breed is he good with children and cats please

    • Vickie Cox

      Please send me newsletter. Thanks.

    • Kelly clarke

      I’d like to adobt emily she’s 4 mouths old and she’s white and a bit of black on her many thanks

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