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Vietnam is a country with no laws against animal cruelty, a country notorious for its dog and cat meat industry… 

We set up the organization to help animals in need and provide them with the veterinary care and love they needed to thrive. Since then, we have realized that there is so much more to be done. We have seen cruelty, negligence, and ignorance. We have realized that Vietnam is a country with no laws against animal cruelty, a country notorious for its dog and cat meat industry but we have also seen hope. Many Vietnamese, most Vietnamese hate the very idea of dog meat, they love animals, we have a big battle to fight, we must be the voice for these suffering animals.
Emma Bolton & Cat Besch

Julian ( the pig ) came into the shelter

after a lady pulled up nearby the the main shelter with this beautiful piglet crammed into a tiny basket tied on the back of her motorbike. After witnessing him being cruelly pulled out by his ear and shoved around, one of our volunteers decided to intervene. Knowing full well what would have laid in store for the piglet he was saved and brought into the Vietnamese Animal Aid & Rescue family.
He instantly made a new best friend in “The Chairman” a rescue kitty and mingled quite happily among the other rescue cats, ducks and chickens. Little did we know how clever and friendly Julian, now named Master Julian, would become.




For just US$26 (approx 17 GBP) PER MONTH, you can help MISTER JULIAN & his friends. Your sponsorship will provide food & foster care to this pig & keep him from the butchers knife…

MORE Photos of Mister Julian

“Ron’s” leg had been caught in a trap or snare,

as soon as we heard we immediately went to investigate further and assess the situation. We knew he couldn’t be left there and needed medical care straight away for any chance to save his foot. Luckily after a little persuasion Ron’s owner, who clearly loved Ron, allowed us to take him back to Hoi An for treatment.
When Ron was ready to go home we took him back up the mountain to go home. Yet when we arrived we realized this wasn’t a good situation for him. All the dogs in this area are running loose, many had been stolen or hit by trucks. Other dogs had missing limbs from the traps. We spoke to the owner who told us he had already lost 6 dogs, and he would much prefer that we gave Ron a safe, loving home.


“RON” needs a Sponsor…

Ron is now safe in the shelter but he needs someone to help with his care, food & medical costs. You can sponsor him for just US$26 a month. ..

MORE Photos of Ron

Ron is the bounciest, affectionate dog you will ever meet. He will greet you with wet sloppy kisses and even though he will always have a limp and weakness in one foot it sure doesn’t stop him…

Meet the Founders of Vietnam Animal Aid & Rescue

Emma Bolton
Cat Besch



Help support this shelter in Vietnam by making a “ONE OFF” DONATION

You will be helping to provide the dogs of Vietnam with the veterinary care and love they need to thrive…


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