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The tragedy of this poor soul has touched us all deeply. We’d like to find some sponsors for Singto, who are willing to part with just $10 per month to provide him with all the care & treatment he needs. We hope that in the future Singto can become part of a family, but for now he needs help from people who care. Become a Guardian Angel for Singto …. for Just $10 per month
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This disturbing & deeply sad case comes to us from Thai Street Paws in Songkhla, Thailand. This is a small Rescue run by Australian expat Tamara Johnston. Below is Tamara’s story of finding Singto, his condition and the great optimism for his recovery and future.

K9Aid’s role in this is to find some sponsors for Singto, who are willing to part with just $10 per month to ensure he receives the care & support he desperately needs. (link below to sponsor)

In Tamara’s own words…. “This would have to be one of hardest cases I have seen. Never in my life will I comprehend how a human being can do this to a helpless animal.

Last night, I was asked to rescue this dog from the streets, after a facebook post was shared. I didn’t hesitate to say yes and drove to Hatyai first thing this morning to collect this poor soul. I bundled him into the car and drove as quickly as I could, back to our vet in Songkhla. I spoke to him all the way, telling him we would do the best to help him. His name is Singto.

I had alerted the vet that I was on my way with an emergency case and they were on standby. It wasn’t until I put him on the table, that I realised he was just a young pup, maybe 6 months old. I broke down in tears. I kept asking over and over, “Who friggin does this”. It then hit me the absolute agony and suffering this poor boy had been through, yet here he was still fighting to live.

Dr Kai and his team were absolutely amazing. Dr Kai had never seen such a severe case and was shocked that he was still alive. Judging by the size of the 200 odd maggots plucked from his small head, this suspected machete attack happened 10 days ago. For 10 days, he had been fighting to live. Singto lived through a huge amount of blood loss, pain and infection. He was fighting and wanting to live.

Singto had bloods taken, IV fluids, antibiotics and pain relief injections. The initial removal of maggots started. After 3 hours of IV fluids, Singto was hydrated enough to undergo surgery. I am so thankful I was able to watch the procedure and ask questions along the way.

More maggots were retrieved, debris, shattered bone and dead flesh remove. Xrays were taken and laser therapy done. Then the process began to stitch the gapping wound together. Dr Kai did a magnificent job and tonight Singto is recovering and eating recovery food! The swelling around his eyes should subside, once the infection is under control. He will continue to receive laser therapy daily.

Singto deserves to be given the best chance possible. I am working together with Suki Lucky to ensure this happens. So many people have reached out wanting to help us and we are so thankful. Please help Singto if you can. If you are able to donate, that would be appreciated. Please ensure you note “Singto” on your donation.

Keep fighting Singto, you are such a precious, little boy and loved by so many people already ❤️”

Since Singto’s rescue, his swelling has subsided and he’s eating well (see videos attached). Our hope is that he continues to improve and maybe, just maybe… one day he will have a loving family to care for him for the rest of his life.

In the meantime, please consider becoming one of SINGTO’S SPONSORS! A recurring monthly donation of just $10 is all it takes to help this sweet innocent soul .

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