Canteen was attacked in Thailand and had boiling water thrown on her. The wounds are bad but are healing the vet says she needs treatment over the next 8 weeks. Canteen is young she is very friendly and extremely sweet to everyone looking after her. We think she is one of the most gentle dogs we have come across. Despite all this she has not shown any aggressions to the humans helping her even after all she has been through she just wants to show and be loved its very amazing to see her trust humans. A kind person has agreed to foster Canteen and will be looking after her and getting her ready for adoption we think she will be easily adopted as she is so gentle by nature but will need at least three months to get better and will be moving to the fosters home soon. We would like to find her a home after this recovery period in the next three months. She deserves love &  is so lucky to have found a foster willing to get her better and ready for a new home.

canteen-7 canteen-6 canteen-8

Without financial help from people like you this little girl would have nowhere to go, she would have died from these wounds. Life for Canteen will never be the same, she has some serious wounds to overcome but at least she has a future. Her medical bills are being paid & she is receiving good food for the first time in her life.

More rescue stories showing what your support has helped to acheive…



K9Aid supporters, funded a special project to provide warm dog houses for every dog in Sava’s Safe Haven Romania before the winter began, it was a great success. 

Dog houses will be a blessing for the dogs during the harsh Romanian winters where it snows & the freezing temperatures reach well below zero. Each dog house contains lots of straw and keeps the dogs warm. The dogs love them and our supporters wanted to make sure that EVERY dog has his OWN HOUSE THIS WINTER!

A (double) dog house to shelter 2 dogs costs 60 euros approximately US$78. Each supporters who purchased one could have their name placed on the front. 

“Sava’s Safe Haven would like to thank all K9Aid supporters for making this possible…


This lovely old man was dumped on a Thai street in Bangkok. He’s at least 10 years old, has cataracts in both eyes so almost blind. K9Aid supporters paid for Gucci to be taken to the vet where he was diagnosed him with Chronic Renal Failure & put on IV fluids straight away. He also has low red blood cell count. He was placed with a local foster who will take care of Gucci in his final months, he will need special kidney diet food & ongoing medication. Thank you to all those that helped…




Star lives at a Chiang Mai Temple and is cared for by Hand to Paw & Temple monks. A few months ago Star was hit by a motorcycle when she accompanied the monks to the nearby crematorium for the funeral rites of a local villager. Star received severe trauma to her abdominal and groin area requiring long-term convalescence & the amputation of her tail.

Her external appearance showed Star as having made a full recovery, but internally, that was not the case. Over the past few months her bedding has become soaked with urine and the vet has confirmed the nerves near Star’s urethra received trauma from the accident, causing increased incontinence.

Dealing with incontinence is a life-long endeavour. If meds are not given she risks urinary infections & irritating rashes.

Hand to Paw monitors the temple monks giving Star the incontinence medication she needs, and as her condition is quite severe, it’s important she continues this regularly. The cost of Star’s monthly medication was paid for by K9Aid supporters so she now has a 2 year supply so that Star can live with dignity and stay in the best health possible.



Bambi, the sweet little girl who had spent a very long time at a Dog Meat Trade Shelter (DMT) shelter in Northern Thailand. Bambi was removed from the shelter & had 2 potential adopters for Bambi overseas, but sadly Bambi is was not well enough to travel and was quite sick. She only weighed 10kgs & should be approx 15kgs. She is so quiet and sweet that we think she could not compete for food in the run she shared with 300 dogs.

With financial support from K9Aid supporters Bambi is now eating well, but she has some kidney problems and diarrhea. She is very weak and we need to monitor her closely. Bambi will need special kidney support food and regular veterinary visits & treatment over the next 2 months. We want to ensure Bambi has the best chance of getting well again.

Poor Bambi survived her ordeal of being captured into the Illegal Dog Meat Trade, but now she has a future to look forward to.



Maoland shelter is home to 350 rescued dogs who would otherwise have been killed, captured by illegal dog catchers or face an even worse death in one of Romania’s death camp public shelters.

These dogs are alive because of Marinela Piperea who is Maoland Shelter, one special and very dedicated human. Not young herself and with medical conditions she dedicates every moment looking after and attending to these dogs not only in the shelter but many that are found along the way, puppies who are left by the road, dumped outside the shelter to others suffering severe starvation and mange.

Marinela asks nothing for herself and lives in a small caravan onsite with no bathroom or proper cooking facilities. Her dedication to seeing these dogs eventually get a home is at very least inspirational.

K9Aid supporters have donated towards the cost of food at Marinela’s shelter, & there is ongoing support via K9Aid’s FOOD AID appeal.


2 1 10169212_455072624628445_47 10425037_10152190890366330_

This absolutely filthy, matted old girl was found in Brasov Romania after years of neglect. She was terrified, fear biting and had to be tranquilized to be rescued.

Fetitza was taken straight to a vet where her filth infested coat was shaved off and a big tumour found on her stomach. Tumour was removed and slowly this old girl began to respond to humans, but still extremely wary.

We are glad to say that Fetitza has had a remarkable turnaround in her Romanian foster home. As you can see by the photos, she’s learning to trust. Amazing what a little bit of loving care can do, even after so many years of neglect.

The last step of Fetitza’s journey was to fly her to Canada where our friends at “The Laika Foundation” will foster & find this old girl the home of her dreams. K9Aid’s supporters raised funds to rescue Fetitza & help pay for her flight to Canada…


daisy1 daisy2

Daisy was found wandering the streets of Bangkok with a large breast tumour. A kind Thai lady took Daisy to the vet and Daisy had an operation to remove the tumour. Sadly a week later her scar became infected which delayed her recovery and during that time, another smaller tumor was found under her other breast. This was also removed and Daisy was about to be discharged when another lump was found on her back, so poor Daisy will have to endure a third operation.

Daisy was at the Wattana Pet Clinic in Bangkok. Kind supporters in Bangkok have been paying Daisy’s veterinary bills, but this third operation means more funds were needed to make Daisy well again.

K9Aid supporters paid for Daisy’e 3rd operation so this old girl can look forward to a better life…



Nina, is a little dog in Kosovo, whose young owner was forced by her parentsto give her up to a local government shelter. The little girl was very attached to Nina and extremely distressed at having to part with her best fiend. This photo haunts us all very much. How absolutely heart breaking to love a dog and have it taken away!

Our hearts go out to this little dog “Nina” and her young owner. With the help of the wonderful ladies at Prishtina Dog & Cat Sanctuary, Nina has been removed from the shelter and is currently in temporary foster care in Romania. The wonderful “Laika Foundation” desperately want to fly Nina out of Romania to Canada as soon as possible & have her re-homed into a loving family. The haunting image of this little girl losing her best friend is just awful.

K9Aid supporters came to the rescue & Nina’s fare is paid to Canada, her new adopters have promised to send pictures to the little girl.



Yoji was run over by a motorcycle and his spinal chord badly damaged. He was found wandering the streets of Bangkok dragging his back legs on the hard ground. He had several very sore wounds as he’d been like this for months, before someone came to his rescue.

Some kind Thai ladies rescued Yoji and have been looking after him. They took Yoji to see an orthopedic specialist to find out whether there is a chance Yoji can walk again. The news was good as his back legs still respond to pain, so surgery was possible for Yoji. His spinal cord was displaced and could be fixed but he will need long-term physical therapy including acupuncture. Yoji is a beautiful 8 month old boy, so gentle and calm. He loves to be with people and adores being held. Yoji deserves a chance to walk again & lead a happy life.

K9Aid supporters donated the funds for Yogi to have his spinal operation & he is now being fostered while he recovers.




Many of you will remember this heartbreaking photos of 5 puppies. They were rescued from the Illegal Dog Meat Trade and moved to a shelter in Northern Thailand where they shared a run with 300 dogs. The puppies were found huddled together in a corner, very scared and vulnerable.

Sadly one puppy was attacked and died. The remaining 5 have been removed from the shelter & taken to foster care in Bangkok this week. After 3 months waiting time, they will then fly to the UK and all will be found loving, forever homes. They needed their foster care costs paid while they wait out their quarantine period. K9Aid supporters have already committed to raising this money so they have a place to call home for now…



Sava’s Safe Haven in Romania now has 80 new Dog Houses to keep every dog in the shelter warm this winter, thanks to the kind & generous K9Aid supporters! The young puppies & older dogs are most vulnerable during the freezing winters so filling the dog houses with straw and warm blankets will make them super cosy!

So after providing 40 new double dog houses the K9Aid supporters then donated another $20 for a blanket/straw bundle to keep the dogs toasty warm in their new houses.

Helping to heal Jackpot... A rescue story from our Doggy Heaven shelter in Phuket Thailand
Jackpot-1 Meet “JACKPOT” as you can see he arrived at Doggie Heaven Rescue Centre in a pretty bad way, he was rescued by myself after quite a few months of befriending him on the side of a busy road in Phuket. I used to drive across town to feed him a little something everyday, but for many months he took one look at me put his tail between his legs & scampered off into the pineapple fields. Over time he became weaker & more fragile to the point of not being able to move anymore, but also at the same time, I think he was starting to recognise me as a regular visitor. One day he allowed me to crouch down beside him & give him food, but never to touch him.I would just pop some food in a bowl & put it down reasonably close to his nose & then walk away without looking at him, so he didn’t need to drag himself away,it was just too painful to watch. Jackpot-2
After a few months of this he allowed me to sit with him & watch him slowly eat & then he stated getting his sore body up off the ground & would slink away after his meal. Then one day to my dismay, he just stood there after his meal & stared deep into my soul. This day I crouched down beside him & put my arms around his scabby body & picked him up & the rest is history… Jackpot – (As one of our facebook supporters named him) was on the brink of death when I rescued him & living on the streets for his entire life with no shelter, food or love has really left a dent in his personality. He’s super anxious about anything new or unusual that happens, he gets really freaked out & a little neurotic, but a love bug all the same. I feel he would never harm me or any of the people at Doggie Heaven, he just prefers to be the only dog on the property & only just tolerates the other dogs at Doggie Heaven. One of these days when he has fully recovered I would really love to find him a loving home, with someone to give him a wonderful new life. Jackpot is just one of many rescues made possible by the support & donations of people just like you.
Thong Kam is as good as Gold... Rescued from the illegal dog meat trade & now State Side
 Thongkam-2 This super cute little boy is a survivor of the Illegal Dog Meat Trade. Thong-Kam was rescued from a truck carrying hundreds of dogs where he was jammed tightly into a tiny cage with 10 other dogs, destined for a cruel death and the restaurants of Vietnam. Thong-Kam (which means “Golden” in Thai) was discovered 6 months ago at the Nakhon Phanom shelter northern Thailand in a near death condition. He was rushed to Bangkok where he was treated for many ailments and and thankfully he’s now fully recovered. Thongkam-1
Thong Kam had been staying at an obedience school in Bangkok and learned many commands! He’s also potty trained!.. He even attended a photographic shoot where he got to show off his charm, his new tricks & became quite a celebrity! This little guy touched many hearts and has been through so much in his short life. It’s was time he found a home of his own where he can be loved and cherished. The news is that Cindy & Derek from K9Aid visited Bangkok to see Thong Kam just 3 days before he was due to fly to his new home in SanFrancisco. Thong Kam found a lovely lady in San Francisco who welcomed him into her heart & home. We wish Thong Kam lots of happiness in his new life! A great result all made possible by our generous supporters…
Not only is Violet getting out of Romania, she's found a new home in Whistler Canada...
Violet-1 Wonderful news from The Laika Fund for Street dogs & thanks again to everyone who donated to help Violet, she now has a forever home in beautiful Whistler, BC, Canada. Here is why we do what we do! Old Violet has lived all her life outside in Constanta, Romania, with people feeding her, but no warm home during bad weather. She has never known what it is like to have a family, or to curl up in a warm bed. All that is about to change! Violet-2
She was taken from the only “home” (Lighthoues Park) she has ever known, by dogcatchers a few weeks ago. They put her into the dreadful public shelter, were she was facing death. We decided this we could not let this happen. She and several others that had also been taken, were pulled and taken to foster care in Bucharest. Our supporters, and those of K9Aid, came together to ensure that she will never again face that harsh life. Violet was booked to fly to Canada in about 6 weeks, but then we had another reason to celebrate for this old girl. Violet had also found an adopter! Someone saw her and fell in love with her awhile back, and decided to give her a real home! She flew to Toronto & rested a day or two then one one more flight, this time to beautiful Whistler, in British Columbia! There was be a warm, comfy bed, good food and lots of love waiting there for her. This is the ending we want for all our dogs. Please think of all the dogs like Violet that still need your help, a small donation can do so much…

Wolfie a homeless “street dog” of Chiang Mai, Thailand needs some wheels...

A dog with “special needs”, we will never really know Wolfie’s true story but it is believed that Wolfie may have been hit by a car which has left him paralyzed in both of his hind legs.Wolfie was “dumped” outside a Temple, scared and unable to walk he was found by one of the volunteers from Care for Dogs, he was cared for by the staff at the facility for several months, but unfortunately it is not a long term sanctuary – so Care for Dogs had the task of finding a home for Wolfie.
Finding a home for an adult dog, let alone a crippled dog is not an easy task anywhere and especially in Thailand.

Wolfie on arrival..
Wolfie’s temporary wheels
His new light weight wheels from US

A dog with “special needs”, we will never really know Wolfie’s true story but it is believed that Wolfie may have been hit by a car which has left him paralyzed in both of his hind legs.Wolfie was “dumped” outside a Temple, scared and unable to walk he was found by one of the volunteers from Care for Dogs, he was cared for by the staff at the facility for several months, but unfortunately it is not a long term sanctuary – so Care for Dogs had the task of finding a home for Wolfie.
Finding a home for an adult dog, let alone a crippled dog is not an easy task anywhere and especially in Thailand.

May 2014, Hand to Paw Temple Dog Outreach was contacted, and asked if they could help.Joy Huss could not turn her back on Wolfie.One of the nine Temples in the care of Hand To Paw could offer sanctuary for Wolfie. The Wat Mae Khoong Temple a quiet place surrounded by rice fields.Although Wolfie had made some progress in his hind legs whilst being looked after by Care for Dogs, his legs are still weak and he requires daily exercise to build up strength. When Wolfie becomes tired he begins to drag his back end which causes small wounds to appear on the tops of his paws and hips.
After two weeks of living at the Temple we noticed a rapid decline in Wolfie’s mobility; muscle atrophy in his hind legs was noticeable, he was no longer walking and only dragging his body which also meant he was not going to the bathroom when needed, wounds on his hips and paws had returned. His long term health was in jeopardy.Whilst at the Temple Love Animal House and Hand to Paw Temple Dog Outreach began the first of a series of laser treatments that will help restore mobility in Wolfie’s legs and also speed healing of his wounds. What he really needed was a doggy wheelchair, a call went out to raise the $800 needed to have a special chair made for him in the US. With help from the K9Aid supporters the money was soon found, Wolfie could have his wheels
THEN… SOME WONDERFUL NEWS! “Woofy’s Spa -Energy Healing for Dogs” has given Wofie his forever home!..
Wolfie forever will be surrounded by lots and lots of love, he has other dogs and cats to play with in a grassy yard in which to practice his walking routine and most importantly a home where people are there 24/7 to look after his needs and give him all the kisses and cuddles he deserves and loves.

Rusty rescued from the streets of Phuket in a terrible condition is now UK bound...

The day arrived at Doggie Heaven was the start of my new life 8 months ago. I was a sad, scared little mut, my skin was riddled with mange, I had very bad blood parasites, fleas & ticks & was ready to bite anyone who came near me. Life on the street had taught me to fear people & anything new or different.

Rusty rescued from the streets
The first cuddle
Ready for the trip to UK

As you can see I was a real mess & its taken many months to kill the mange & for my hair to grow back it must have cost a lot to get me better. Now with a full tummy & lots of peace & quite at Doggie heaven my own little spacve & off the cruel streets of Phuket, I began to calm down & enjoy spending time with the the humans. One afternoon I was finally ready for a cuddle, the first time i had let a human that close, it was to be the first of many.

Now I get cuddles every day & go for a run on the beach & my whole personality has changed, I never knew life could feel this good. One of our regular volunteers at Doggy Heaven (Stacy Clark ) has been coming to help for the past 8 months & has fallen in love with me & my cheeky personality. She has decided she wants to adopt me & take him back to the UK where she is relocating to very soon. I’m not sure what the UK is but I trust Stacy she will look after me.

We still have the problem of my fare but everyone is collecting for me to raise the almost $1000 needed to get me on the plane. I think people are wonderful now, this would never have happened without so many supporters & dear souls that help us abandoned street dogs… Rusty.

Remember Parker?... Finally out of Romania & looking for a forever home.
Parker-1 Parker was fund starving, filthy, covered in ticks, and complete skin & bones under his scruffy fur. He quickly ate the food we offered. Uncertain how he would react, I gently picked him up, and perhaps sensing we meant him no harm, or that we wanted to help, he did not struggle. Parker is a sweet little dog with a cleft nose, who was dirty, parasite infested and starving in the streets of Constanta, Romania. Parker-2
Words cannot express our relief at seeing this little dog safe & out of harms way. Parker had to remain in Romania until enough funds were raised to pay for his flight and leaving him behind was extremely difficult for Rebecca when she visited Romania. Thankfully with the help of K9Aid’s supporters the funds were eventually raised & Parker is now safe.
A big thank you to the many of you who contributed towards getting little Parker off the streets of Romania & into the safe hands of Rebecca & Randy Ashworth from The Laika Fund for Street Dogs. Parker finally touched down in Toronto after a very long journey. Rebecca & Randy are now fostering Parker at their home in Toronto, Canada. The Laika Fund now needs to find him a loving home where he can be safe & loved for the rest of his life.

Just a few of the heart warming stories that resulted from the generous support & donations to our appeals for help. These dogs were rescued as a result of your input, without you these stories would not be possible & animals like these would surely have died.
There are still dogs in distress, please take a moment to watch the video & visit the current Causes Page & see if you can help…

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