Bodhi shelter helps so many homeless and abused animals each year…

Tina’s story – I was volunteering at a temple with many dogs that needed medical treatment. After carting my supplies back and forth every day,Bodhi-1 I got an idea about an unused room, which was filled with and surrounded by rubbish. I asked the Abbott if I could turn the room into a clinic. He agreed, & the Bodhi shelter was born, we have built a clinic/shelter where I treat the temple animals and ones brought to me. Currently I am looking after around 110 animals daily.

The clinic/shelter is also about providing free veterinary care to local people’s animals. There are so many really poor people here that will tell me about an animal needing help, but they can’t afford any treatment, they are struggling to survive themselves. I drive around & visit animals on location and treat them myself. Whatever treatments we cannot do, are done by veterinarians at our expense. We rescue animals that are to be poisoned, sick, starving or in otherwise bad condition, heal them and then try to adopt them out.”

“Sterilise them now so we don’t have abandoned puppies later”.

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The shelter needs continually grow as word is spread amongst the locals that we will help those that cannot afford to medicate and how to take better care of the animals in their community. Not all animals are owned, some are live on the street are offered little food, shelter and are left to fend for themselves. These animals suffer debilitating diseases such as coptic mange, ulcers, blood parasites, broken bones, stomach and bowel problems, a myriad of infections, verbal and sometime violent physical abuse. This produces two main challenges, sufficient funds to run the shelter and time to do all the necessary work. Bodhi-3
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