THE SYROS STRAY ANIMAL SHELTER … on the beautiful island of  SYROS, GREECE…

K9Aid first visited the  Syros Stray Animal Shelter in 2014.

When we first discovered this shelter on a visit to the island, it was one of the worst we’d ever seen. The shelter consisted of a ramshackle structure of bits of wood, tin & concrete, most runs had no roof and when the rain & icy winds arrived, life was a misery for these poor dogs.

As we all know, Greece has been in a desperate situation financially and animals are not top of the government’s priority list. They probably never will be anywhere near the top, so that’s why we had to help this small, struggling shelter.

No-one else was going to help the dogs here. We were their only hope to get through the coming winters & scorching summers without being exposed to the elements day after day. When it rained the ground just became a mud lake & the dogs are cold, wet & miserable. Some of the runs only had canvas tarpaulins, others had nothing.

YOUR DONATIONS helped re-build this shelter. In 2017 the old shelter was demolished and a new one built which houses around 30 to 40 dogs. They dogs now have a shelter above the flooding grounds. They have tiled floors beneath their feet, insulated roofing above their heads and much cleaner & more sanitary surroundings.

The faces of the dogs say it all. No longer are they exposed to the weather & all the misery, they are now safe, dry, cool & warm.

Improvements to this shelter are ongoing by K9Aid. In the Autumn of 2108 eight volunteers from Australia & the UK spent a week at the shelter installing shade & rain blinds to all the runs. A new “container” is now also installed on site to store food and efforts are underway to bring more visitors and volunteers to the shelter.

Many of the k9 residents have been here up to 10 years and a concerted effort is being made to rehome them both within Greece and overseas. Some of the long term residents were recently funded by K9Aid to travel to the UK and Canada & Switzerland to find forever homes.

 Ongoing support of this shelter is desperately needed by way of donations. Many of the residents are now ageing and needing veterinary care & supplements.

Providing quality food is also important for the health of the dogs. Shelter improvements are also still needed. Drainage is desperately needed to re-route sewage from the runs. Shade tree’s still need to be planted, a power/light source is needed and volunteer facilities need implementing.

Please support this shelter, it’s very close to our hearts & the volunteers who run it have been the only people who care about these dogs for over a decade.

If you’d like to help the dogs of Syros, please consider a donation below. Thank you.

You can read more about the Syros Shelter from their Website & Facebook page here:

Below is a lovely Video of the shelter BEFORE & AFTER it was re-built by K9Aid. Presented and narrated by volunteer Vicki Denaxa  – onsite project manager for the new shelter.





shelter-aid-1 Become a Syros Stray Animal Shelter Aid supporter  with a monthly donation.  Your donation will give veterinary care to the ageing dogs who call this shelter home. Provide nutritiouss food & ongoing shelter improvemnents which are much needed.

Donate here to support this shelter for just $10 a month…


Through K9Aid , the Syros Stray Animal Shelter is  reaching out to you in the hope of making life better for the dogs under their care. Your donation would make a real change in the life of the dogs that now call this shelter home. Your funds will help improve the lives of these dogs giving them veterinary care, good food , ongoing shelter improvements & a chance at finding a forever home. Thank you for helping… syros-thumb-1
shelter-aid-1 Make a one off Donation of your choice &  help the Shelter continue to care for these dogs.  Without donations the shelter cannot continue to rescue and care for these beautiful souls.

Make a One Off Donation to help the Syros Stray Animal Shelter… NOTE: YOU CAN EASILY MAKE YOUR DONATION “RECURRING” BY TICKING THE BOX WHEN PROMPTED. This can be ANY AMOUNT of your choice.



Meet the beautiful “Sonya”… UPDATE! she’s now ADOPTED!! 

The beautiful dogs of Syros…



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