This story is a sad one… but with your help it can be solved! The only person who ever cared about these bullied dogs has now died & we want to care for the dogs he loved so much, in his memory….

In Bang Saphan, Thailand – there are approx 30 stray dogs living in a vast wild expanse of land, situated at the rear of a local Temple. Years ago these dogs used to live within the temple grounds, but sadly they were bullied out by other dogs & are now forced to live on this wasteland. Many of these dogs have now given birth to puppies who have grown up feral & have never known temple life.

Their existence would have been utterly miserable, had it had not been for a lovely Thai man called “Sert”. Sert has been feeding & caring for these dogs and their offspring for the past 10 years. But tragically a few months ago, SERT CONTRACTED CANCER & DIED, leaving these dogs with no-one to feed or care for them.

Sadly, their lives have been extremely hard since Sert died.

A local Thai lady who helped Sert has been doing her best to feed all these dogs on a regular basis, but she only has funds to provide food for them every 2 or 3 days. Nearby Rescue Group “Headrock Dogs Rescue” have been trying to help Sert’s dogs, but they also don’t have enough funds to provide regular food & care for them.

As the dogs are now only receiving a meal every few days, they are terribly hungry. The biggest risk is their hunger driving them to kill chickens & that will ultimately lead to locals poisoning the dogs.

Sert gave so much of his life to these dogs, we want to carry on his legacy and look after the dogs he cared about by keeping them safe & providing them with a full tummy every single day.

So K9Aid have a mission! We’d like to be able to find enough donors willing to donate as little as $5 per month, so that we can provide food (every day) for Sert’s dogs. Our goal amount is $250 per month, can you help us achieve this goal

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