K9Aid are always dealing with sad & tragic cases involving the abuse, neglect & abandonment of dogs around the world and these cases constantly sadden us. But one case recently shocked us to the core and we are determined that the memory of this little dog who suffered so much “Singto” should live on and above all – help other dogs in distress.

We have therefore decided to create a “Friends of Singto” Memorial Fund. Funds raised through this fund will go to help K9Aid’s cases of severe neglect. This is something Singto experienced every minute of every day, in his 10 year life span. It should NEVER happen to any animal & we were so moved by Singto’s plight that we would like to have a pool of funds available for these cases, which sadly occur every year. This will allow us to act immediately towards recovery, vet treatment & urgent foster care.

In April this year, Singto left this earth, but in the kindest possible way. Due to his shocking existence for the past 10 yeaars, his little body was severely compromised & his health suffered enormously. His rescuer Amy Nutsati & his foster carer Khun Mot had to make the hardest decision to put Singto to sleep peacefully & put an end to his pain.

Amy, Mot & the vet tried desperately to help Singto, but there was nothing more they could do. He had suffered such a shocking, miserable existence for 10 long years, the thought of letting him suffer more was just too much to bear.

If you did not know about Singto’s story, we have re-capped it below. This dear soul will never be forgotten in all our hearts.

Please consider supporting our “Friends of Singto” Memorial Fund. You can sign up for a monthly recurring donation for $10 or less.  Or you can leave a one off donation of your choice. Thank you deeply.


There are many sad cases K9Aid helps every year, but this one left us shattered & saddened beyond words. This is the story of “Singto”, a Thai dog who has lead the most miserable existence for 10 years. His rescue was orchestrated by Bangkok Rescuer – Amy Nutsati

He lived with his elderly owner & was kept in a small cage 24 hours a day/7 days a week for 10 years. Yes, his entire life since puppyhood, he was squeezed into a tiny, filthy cage. He could not stretch his legs out, had no love, care or affection from the old lady & was barely given enough food or water , just enough to keep him alive.

His cage was covered in thick wire mesh & after 10 years of trying to tear away the mesh with his teeth and claws, he finally succeeded & tried to escape. Though Singto finally freed himself, his muscles (which has never been used properly due to his confinement) did not allow him to run far and fast enough. The old lady caught him just a couple of metres away from the house. She hit him with a bat on his 4 legs hoping to break them so he could run nowhere.

We have been told that many people living around this area saw the abuse of Singto. They heard the dog crying in pain, yet no one came forward. Thailand, just like many countries, animal cruelty is overlooked, especially if that human is elderly.

Singto was dragged back to the house by the old lady. He was placed in front of the house in his cage. This happened last August (the rainy season) & Singto was soaked in rain and left alone lying in sun with no food or mercy from this old lady. Singto cried his heart out and instead of getting some comfort, he got hit by his owner every time he cried.

This crying continued for 3 long weeks until one day a neighbour could not stand to hear this dog suffer any more and she took a video clip of him crying & the authorities intervened. The old lady denied abusing Singto and just said he was an old dog & she was innocent of any wrong doing. She did however allow the authorities to remove his saying she did not want him back.

The moment Singto was removed from the property & taken to a vet, he never cried again.

Apart from severe bed sores, Urinary Infection, and Lenticular Nuclear Sclerosis, Singto was not found any fractures in his legs or anywhere in his aging body. Thus, sadly no lawsuit could be proceeded with the old owner.

Thanks to local foster carer (Khun Mot), Singto finally had a loving, caring home & was safe. Even though his muscles wee weak and he slept most to the time, he loved affection & knew he was loved.

Rest in peace darling Singto. No-one can hurt you ever again. x

Singto immediately after rescue receiving veterinary care.

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Singto’s condition was beyond belief. This poor boy had suffered so much in 10 years.

This video  clip shows how Singto expressed his gratitude to the hands that helped him out from hell, when he arrived at the vet clinic after rescue.

Singto today in his foster care home.

This video is what Amy received from the neighbour after Singto escaped his cage. Singto cried like this for 3 days after the owner battered his legs.

Singto with his beloved foster mama – Khun Mot