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by Verity Cattanach Poole (Headrock Dogs Rescue)

img-5Sompob was found by Korn (11 years old) at the Temple a week ago in a collapsed state crying pitifully in the long grass. Korn contacted Headrock who picked Sompob up put him in the back of the pick up truck with Korn sitting with him and rushed him to the vets.

He was given injections for pain, fever, vitamins and a range of other problems & very soon perked up. The vet warned  not to bring him to the Centre until it proved he didn’t have Distemper.

As he rallied so quickly after his medication it was thought he was not infected but he was returned to the Temple with instructions to the monk who was to look after him to call  immediately if he had a relapse. 2 days later he did relapse. Sompob was rushed back to the vet where he was put on a drip for 2 days. 

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img-4It was felt he wouldn’t survive as he was so weak hardly opening his eyes and unable to move but Sompob is a fighter. On the second day he started to eat a tiny amount of fish so he was brought to the Headrock Centre. The vet still wasn’t sure what his ailment was and unfortunately he doesn’t have blood testing equipment but advise he be treated for blood parasites.

As soon as Sompob arrived young Korn elected to feed him by hand and use a syringe for the Electrolyte solution he needed. He did this 3 times a day under supervision. The first night Sompob cried throughout the night and I was sure he would be dead in the morning but he wasn’t.

Korn continued to care for him the following day and by the evening Sompob started to take some food out of his food bowl. The third day I was very encouraged to see him lying with his head lifted from the floor. He is now starting to drink a small amount of water. Korn and his Father returned home and I told Korn to always remember how he helped Sompob to fight for his life with his care love. Sompob had lived in the Temple for some 2 years and was so timid no-one could get near him.

He had suffered from mange, has never been treated for parasites of any kind and has never been vaccinated. That didn’t deter young Korn from caring for this critically sick scabby dog.

Sompob is still very ill and needs a lot of medication to help pull him through his crises. Doxycycline, blood booster meds, vitamins, liver tonic are just some of the medication he will need for at least 4 to 6 weeks. We have high hopes that we got him to the vet in time to stop any brain or muscle damage and that he will be able to walk again.

Sompob is just one of the many dogs that need help, everyday there is another animal in need of help that is where Shelter Aid comes in. Providing ongoing funds so these dogs can have a second chance at life…

Headrock is a small dog shelter based in Bang Saphan, Thailand – 190 kms south of Hua Hin. Much of  the work is carried out in the small center, in temple grounds & on the streets. They can  house up to 60 dogs at a time and have the ability to  treat and care for up to 100 dogs. Headrock help street dogs/mistreated or abandoned animals by neutering, vaccinating, treating skin disorders and providing medical or surgical help to animals in need.  It’s amazing what a little tender love and care can do.
They also try to educate those living around the area that neutering and vaccinating will help their dogs and that by neutering their owned dogs, there will be no pups to abandon. Help is also given to locals by neutering their dogs if  they can’t afford it.Capture-2

The  majority of  their donated  funds are spent directly on neutering healthy dogs and on  medical expenses for  sick dogs and puppies.  They endeavor to give effective medication for all types of ailments and accidents and to ensure an essential vaccination programme is undertaken.

Headrock Dogs Rescue also try re-home as many dogs as possible locally. Their remote location makes overseas adoption difficult. Headrock is run by Verity Cattanach Poole, her husband Thep & volunteers.

Headrock Dogs Rescue receive no government assistance, they rely solely on donations to continue their work. 

“Sterilise them now so we don’t have abandoned puppies later”.

shelter-aid-1 Become a Headrock Dogs Shelter Aid supporter, you will be providing long term support to help rescue & care for the dogs of Ban Saphan Thailand…

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For dogs needing help, be they street dogs or abandoned pets often the only place of refuge will be a small rescue shelter. The world is full of small shelters trying to make a difference with little or no support.  Long hours, dirty work, heartbreak & lack of money is what animal rescue is about, punctuated by the happy events that make it all worthwhile.Most shelters are so busy doing the rescue & caring it leaves little time to raise the money needed to pay for the running of the shelter.That is where “Shelter Aid” comes in, distance makes it hard to help with the rescue & caring but you can help with the funds to make it happen.  You will be providing a secure income so the shelter can concentrate on the rescue & caring.. headrock-1
shelter-aid-1 Make a one off Donation of your choice & help Headrock Dogs rescue & care for the dogs of Ban Saphan Thailand…

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