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My name is Falko Duwe.  I  have been living and working in Pattaya,  Thailand  for  many  years.  In  my spare time I have been looking after cats and dogs living on the streets. My work during those early years focused on sterilization, rescuing, providing medical treatment and finding homes for animals I was keeping. Since 2011 I’m solely focusing on dog rescuing.
After several evictions and relocations I decided to build my own shelter in 2018 where I’m currently keeping 60 dogs. For 21 more I’m looking after at a Buddhist temple area close to a beach. All those dogs were coming from several different areas of Pattaya and had to learn living together. They are all spayed or neutered.
There are around 70 more other dogs I’m monitoring on Pattaya’s streets and waste grounds. Several helpers are feeding them with food I provide.
In 2018 I initiated a sterilization project which is being funded by Soi Dog Foundation Phuket. By the end of 2019 4,200 dogs have been sterilized. The project is going to be funded for 2020 as well.
I rely on my pension, my life savings and donations to carry on with my activities. Anyone who is interested in my work and requires more information to support my cause please contact Cindy  on I’ll be more than happy to provide any additional information that might be useful.
I am documenting my activities on
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“There are so many street dogs – each day is a challenge”.

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Unfortunately, Thai people regularly abandon puppies on the beach or next to the temple and I have to take care of these poor babies as well. Some do survive, some disappear after a while, some I lose to diseases. The ones who survive and live on the beach I have sterilized as well.This temple project is my main activity apart from my shelter project. Altogether I am looking after more than one hundred dogs in and around Pattaya. My main expenses are for veterinary care and feeding. Spaying and neutering expenses are currently covered by Soi Dog Foundation funding. I’m willing to spend time, energy and money to mitigate the suffering of these gentle creatures and if you would help me to cover some of my expenses I would be most grateful.
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Read Falko’s diary (click + below) to see what is happening for the Street Dogs of Pattaya

June 2021 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya
Activity Report – June 2021
216 more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 7,476. Navo and Safo recovered well from castration. However, Safo, who recently recovered from Babesiosis, suffered a relapse and is since again on Doxycycline and Ferric. Bo, whose right front leg had been amputated, stayed for two weeks in my shelter and is now back to his place. Piak still receives daily infusions with saline solution. His condition is stable.
My new TVT station accommodates the first case. Since the bitch has already been spayed, she has to wait for her first vincristine injection for three weeks. The walls have been rendered, and the roof has been insulated.
I had to take in seven pups since they were born dangerously close to a busy road, and they started to explore their birthplace. Four of them have already been re-homed; three are still living in my shelter and are already accepted by the dogs in the house area. The three pups I took in last month all found new homes.
May 2021 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya
Activity Report – May 2021
193 more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 7,260.Two units of the TVT station have been built. Still, the roof has to be insulated and the floor tiled.

Safo and Navo, the last two pups I took in, have been sterilized. Bo, a street dog that lives near my home, had been hit by a car and suffered severe nerve damage on his left front leg. Since conventional treatment failed, the leg had to be amputated. Bo is still recovering in the shelter.
Piak’s recent kidney test results revealed a creatinine level of 1.8 which is only slightly above normal. The daily treatment with saline seems to be working.
The eight dogs I took in since their owner was arrested are still with me. They are all in good health, albeit one of them was bitten by a nonvenomous snake. The dog recovered from a badly swollen paw.

I was made aware of three one-month old pups dumped on the beach. Fortunately, another rescuer took them in and will try to find homes for them when they are a few weeks older. For another seven six-week old pups, we have to find a home as well. They are now staying at a safe place in a ragged garden together with their mother that is still lactating them.

April 2021 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya
Activity Report – April 2021
132 more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 7,067.
Taco, one of my temple dogs who developed TVT, fully recovered after four chemo treatments. Piak, another of my temple dogs who I took into the shelter, received daily fluid treatment for the whole month. Piak is responding well to the treatment. His creatinine level went down from 3.7 to 2.1. His fluid treatment continues. Coco picked up a tail wound that needed surgery. She is recovering.
All nine shelter pups and five street dogs recovered well from sterilization surgery. Safo, one of the recent two pups that I took in who developed blood parasites, completed a Doxy/Ferric treatment. A conclusive blood test revealed normal levels.
I was made aware of eight dogs whose owner got arrested for overstay. Since no one else was ready to take in the dogs temporarily, I had to do it. The dogs are in very good condition and are staying now in two shelter areas that were available since two dogs went to Wat Amparahm. The eight dogs are used to living in a house and garden but adapted well to the shelter life. Talo and Tara went to Wat Amparahm since they consistently broke through the metal sheet fence. They quickly got used to the temple life and are now enjoying their fenceless freedom.
At the end of the month, I finally found handymen who started to build the TVT station. They are as expensive as the other options I refused to take during the last two month, but I have no choice to wait for another offer since TVT street dogs have to be treated
March 2021 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya
Activity Report – March 2021
One hundred forty-one more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 6,935.
The two pups that I took in two months ago, and that have been treated for blood issues, completed their treatment and are doing fine now. The third pup that I took in last month could not adapt; she went back to her rescuer and lives in her house. She is there getting cared for very well.
Taco, one of my temple dogs, developed TVT. He has already received three Vincristine injections and is on his way to recovery. Piak, another temple dog, lost weight. A blood test revealed renal impairment. A PCR test to determine whether Piak is suffering from a Leptospirosis infection came back negative. I took Piak into my shelter to treat him with saline solution on a daily basis. Since Piak’s creatinine level is way too high, his prospect of recovery is unfortunately poor.
My plan to build a TVT station was hampered by several obstacles. A power supply on the land that was chosen to build the station on could not be obtained. I, therefore, decided to build the station inside my shelter. However, two cost estimates I obtained to build the station were unrealistic. Two other handymen I approached were too busy to accept the job.
After the completion of a month-long Doxy/Ferric treatment, I got nine shelter pups sterilized. Additionally, I managed to sterilize another five dogs that I picked up from the streets.
February 2021 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya
Activity Report – February 2021
114 more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 6,762.
Apart from my daily routine work at the shelter and my weekly visits to Wat Amparahm to look after the dogs living there, I was busy getting 30 dogs for sterilization in two neighboring Sois near Wat Nongprue. I got four of my shelter pups sterilized as well.
The two pups that I took in the last months were ailing a bit. A blood test revealed blood parasites in one of them, and mild anemia with the other one. They are now on long term medication and are doing quite well. At the end of the month, I took in another motherless pup from the area the two pups are from. A rescuer, who is looking after the dogs there, asked me for help.
January 2021 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya
Activity Report – January 2021
149 more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 6,648.
I reunited Navo with his brother Safo who completed a ten-day-long quarantine without issues. Both pups are thriving and getting along well with the bigger dogs.
My new staff made me aware of unsterilized dogs in his neighborhood. I took 17 of them to the clinic that has now been approved by Soi Dog Foundation to conduct the sterilizations for the year 2021. The mother of the five pups, that I took in in October, has been sterilized as well.
A dog I regularly monitor on the streets developed a tumor above his left eye. The tumor was removed successfully. One of the dogs I monitor at Wat Amparahm disappeared. The young bitch was healthy and lived happily for two years with her four siblings on the temple grounds close to the beach.
Within the last two weeks of the month, we got three visits from cobras. I was able to save one of the snakes; the other two were bitten to death by the dogs. Fortunately, none of the dogs were bitten. However, a snake (or snakes) spat into two of the dogs’ eyes. Both dogs were treated and recovered fully.
January-December 2020 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya
Activity Report – December 2020
99 more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 6,499.
I took Navo in, a tiny, six weeks old puppy whose mother was killed in a car accident. His brother is currently in quarantine and will be taken in as well when a parvo or distemper infection can be ruled out.
The last month of the year passed without major issue. Most dogs are content living in their areas and are getting along with their companions well.

Activity Report – November 2020
Two hundred more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 6,400.
After already taking in nine puppies last month, I had to take in six more puppies this month. They were doomed to die under the basement of a park house after the management sealed the access. The pups are traumatized and are needing time to gain trust. However, they are all getting along very well with the adult dogs in a shelter area where I accommodate them. Since I had to take in so many pups recently, although short of funds, I was forced to divide the last large shelter area into three sections to have more options to reallocate dogs, if necessary.
Amara, after enduring a several months long treatment, finally gave up. She died in my car on the way to the clinic.

Activity Report October 2020
Two hundred more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 6,200.
Someone dumped four puppies – about five weeks old – on the access soi to my shelter. I took them in and put them in quarantine. They did not show any symptoms of parvo or distemper after one week. Since then, they are integrating into the house area dogs. Two weeks later, one of my volunteers had to rescue a lactating dog and her five three-week old puppies. I took them in as well. After a couple of days, mother and pups blended into the house area dogs without any trouble.
Rocco was bitten by a centipede, probably a large one. I later found a 30 cm long species. Rocco suffered from a nasty swelling and three deep bites. It took the whole month to close the wounds. Nico, one of my temple dogs who lived at Wat Amparahm for more than eight years, died all of a sudden, probably from acute kidney failure caused by leptospirosis. Amara is still receiving fluid on a daily basis since her creatinine level is continuously high; also, she is losing weight.

Activity Report September 2020
Two hundred more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 6,000.
Leo, the street dog with a quadruple hip fracture has now fully recovered. He completed a Doxycycline/Ferric treatment and his blood test results showed normal levels. Mona, the other street dog I took in last month, is responding well to the wound treatment. Since the wound was very deep and in an area difficult to heal, it will probably take another month to get her fully recovered. Amara’s second PCR test revealed that the leptospirosis bacteria have been flushed out. She is still receiving fluid on a daily basis since her creatinine level is continuously high. But she can now stay with the other dogs since not being contagious anymore. Cisco, a street dog that I treated for blood parasites and skin problems got hit by a car and his life could not be saved despite emergency surgery. Cisco died from ruptured vital organs. My recent intakes Leo, Coco and Lilly, have been sterilized. All three recovered well. The dogs at Wat Amparahm are doing well. They are getting rice food daily and dry food every four or five days. They can stay at the temple premises or enjoy life on the beach.

Activity Report – August 2020
Two hundred more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 5,800. Kobie, the lost dog I picked up last month, has been reunited with his owner. The owner was searching for Kobie and found out that he is staying in my shelter.
Leo, the dog with the broken hip, responded well to his treatment. He is getting along very well with the dogs he stays with. I took in Mona, a bitch that had been sterilized but is suffering from a bad bite wound. Mona does not need to stay in a clinic but has to be treated daily. Mona, as well, fitted in quite nicely in one of the rear shelter areas.
Amara is still on long term treatment. A PCR test revealed a leptospirosis infection. Her creatinine level went up critically but is now under control. Amara receives fluid daily. I lost a dog, Asa, at Wat Amparahm. Asa was living there peacefully and without any incident for several years. She just didn’t show up when I routinely visited the dogs.
I vaccinated all shelter dogs and the dogs at Wat Amparahm. I am especially concerned about leptospirosis infections. Over the years I had several now, both inside the shelter and at Wat Amparahm. I regularly monitor several dogs on the streets. Two males among them have now been sterilized.

Activity Report – July 2020
Two hundred more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 5,600.
I took two new dogs in. The first one was either dumped or ran away. He is in very good condition and wore a collar when I picked him up. The second one is a street dog that is suffering from a broken hip. Both dogs were fitting in well. The accident dog is being treated conservatively and is making progress.
Two of my shelter dogs who stayed with me for more than two years have been adopted. They are now living in a luxury house with a big garden and adapted very well.
Unfortunately, I lost a dog that was with me for more than five years. Lina suffered from a lung emphysema and died after short treatment in a clinic.Tinka, Aki and Aldo, my now seven month old pups, have been sterilized. They were recovering from the surgery very well.
Two of my white coated shelter dogs are suffering from persistent dermatitis. I am treating them now with a mixture of sulfur and coconut oil after any other treatment failed. Both dogs are showing signs of improvement. Lingling is suffering from blood parasites and had to start a six week long treatment with Doxycycline and blood support. Amara’s test result shows an elevated creatinine level. She has to undergo lengthy fluid therapy.

Activity Report – June 2020
Two hundred more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 5,400.
I created a new smaller area by partitioning one of the spacious rear areas. That area was supposed to accommodate Leyla who had been with me for a couple of months. Leyla came to me in bad condition and never really recovered. She finally gave up and died being treated at a clinic. Now I use that additional area to separate dogs if necessary. Currently, however, this new area is connected to two other areas which can be used together or separately.
I had to take in two dogs from Wat Amparahm market. They are mother and daughter. The mother got sick and a blood test revealed blood parasites. The test result of her daughter didn’t look too bad, but both dogs have to be treated twice a day. The dog with the fungal infection is in stable condition and back to his place.
I regularly routine-test dogs for anemia or blood parasites. Only a very few show normal results; some suffer from blood parasites without showing significant symptoms. Although the shelter is almost tick-free, I wonder how many strays might suffer from blood parasites dying an early death. One of my dogs suffered from a slightly elevated creatinine level. She has been treated with fluid. Two puppies are suffering from papilomas. They are being treated with Immuplex. The last two pups I took in are now fully vaccinated.

Activity Report May 2020
200 more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 5,200.
The separation of the dogs is now pretty much established. Occasionally, a dog may need to be shifted to another group, but most of the dogs are getting along well with each other. I’m trying to keep the numbers stable. Dogs which I have to take in since they have to be treated daily or even twice a day have to go back to their places when the treatment is complete.
Right now I accommodate two of those cases. One is suffering from a fungal infection and the other one from blood parasites. The chemotherapy of both TVT dogs has been successfully completed, and they are back to their places.

Activity Report – April 2020
200 more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 5,000.
Since Pattaya had been locked down for the better part of the month, I couldn’t enter the city anymore. That, however, had only a minor impact on my daily working routine at the shelter. I stored enough dry food and rice to cover the whole month before the supply chain had been disrupted. Both clinics whose services I regularly use are located in Banglamung district where I also have my shelter. The care of the temple dogs was not disturbed either, as the temple is located outside the restricted area as well.
Besides the shelter dogs and the temple dogs I now have to look after a couple of dogs on the streets. I noticed them on my way to the shelter. Two of them developed TVT, and two other ones have to be treated for severe skin problems. I had to take one of the latter dogs into the shelter since he disappeared off and on. The other three remain at their usual places. The TVT dogs have to be taken for chemo therapy treatment every ten days. The other two dogs get medicated twice a day.
I also took in two six-week old puppies. I found them in an abandoned house on the beach together with her mother. Since the mother disappeared for a couple of days, I took the puppies in. They are both healthy and thriving, and already well integrated into the bunch of dogs in the house area of the shelter.

Activity Report – March 2020
200 more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 4,800.
The new partitioning of the shelter proved successful. Over the course of the month, I changed some dogs back and forth and now I have five stable groups in seven enclosures. Some connecting enclosure gates are open when I’m at the shelter; some enclosures are strictly separated from other enclosures. The dogs have accepted those spatial separations. They still have enough space to roam around, and don’t need to fight for their preferred places or against dogs they don’t like.
Due to the separation of the dogs, biting has become rare. The treatment costs have thus been reduced. Smaller scuffles are unavoidable; after all, I am dealing with dogs that had to learn standing their ground for most—if not all—of their lives.
The dogs are now being fed daily at noon. Twice a week they are getting rice food, and on the other days dry food. The puppies and some other dogs are getting specially prepared rice food every day.
Since I’m now assisted by a volunteer who is in charge of the daily feeding, my workload is a bit less than normal. That’s good for my physical and mental health.

Activity Report – February 2020
200 more dogs have been sterilized and were taken back to their living places. The total number of sterilized dogs now stands at 4,600.
By the new partitioning of the shelter, two more pens have been created. The newly created enclosures are connected by doors and can be used flexibly. That makes combination or separation of dogs more easily possible.
A volunteer is now preparing rice food once or twice a week. The dogs are loving the addition to the menu and it supports their digestive functions as well.The last three pups I took in are already perfectly integrated. They have been fully vaccinated, and are growing and thriving.
All dogs at Wat Amparahm are also fine. They are having a good life at the temple on the beach

Activity Report – January 2020
Soi Dog Foundation is going to fund 200 sterilizations per month in the Pattaya area for 2020. At the end of this month, 200 dogs had been sterilized and were taken back to their living places.
I had to take in three approximately 6-week-old puppies that had been dumped at a waste ground near the shelter where I monitor a couple of dogs. I put them in quarantine for a week, and fortunately it turned out they are virus-free. They now live together with the adult dogs and are thriving.
I detected another less dangerous virus—the papilloma virus—with several of my older puppies. I successfully treated the infection with Immuplex—an Echinacea extract.All nine now 8-month-old pups that I took in six months ago are now sterilized. The wound healing process had been without incident.I decided to create a couple of more pens inside the shelter to be more flexible separating dogs if necessary. The construction work started at the end of the month.

January-December 2019 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya

Activity Report – December 2019
With the end of 2019, 4,200 dogs have been sterilized and brought back to their habitat. The project funding for 2020 has been endorsed.

My work at the shelter is now by and large routine. In the morning, I clean the outer areas and the dog house. Drug delivery and feeding comes next – and bathing if necessary. Late afternoon, I return to the shelter for another round of cleaning and drug delivery.

Since Wat Amparahm is 40 km away from Takhiantia shelter, I can only see the dogs there every couple of days to feed them with dry food. They are being fed by a woman I employ with rice food daily. Whereas shelter life is not always easy for each and every dog, the dogs at Wat Amparahm – which is situated close to the beach – enjoy a life without fences, and are still being properly looked after.

Activity Report – November 2019
Our sterilization project entered the 16th month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 93 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 4,147 at the end of the month.
Blood, liver and kidney tests have been conducted of almost all shelter dogs—including the new pups—during the last couple of months. Standard values haven’t been found on any of them. Anemia is very common and blood parasites have been detected on a few of them. A treatment of Doxycycline combined with a blood support medication was necessary for most of the dogs, and still is for some of them. Liver and kidney problems are rather rare. Blood parasites are caused by tick bites. Tick infestation can only be controlled by administration of Bravecto which is effective for about three months.

Activity Report – October 2019
Our sterilization project entered the 15th month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 229 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 3,952 at the end of the month.
I decided not to take anymore dogs into the shelter. The recent ten puppies have been the last ones. One of them has been adopted and is already with his new parents in Canada. Six of them are living in the shelter and are well integrated; the three others are currently with my volunteer Pat who found them motherless.
I had to give up my ideal of letting all the dogs roam free within the entire shelter all of the time. Too many bitings occurred, and I was therefore forced to separate the dogs into two groups when I’m not at the shelter. One group is occupying the house area and the other group the sala areas. But as long as I’m with the dogs, they are still free to stay wherever they want to. Since I’m with the dogs for at least six hours per day, a kind of pack rivalry will not crop up. Some of the dogs are also switching from one group to the other.

Activity Report – September 2019
Our sterilization project entered the 14thmonth of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by137 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 3,603 at the end of the month.
I lost another two dogs. One by a snakebite and the other one died on the operation table while being castrated.Three shelter dogs and one street dog living near my apartment have been castrated.
I still look after 28 dogs that are living in or at Wat Amparahm. Twenty of them are being fed by a market woman whom I provide with 75 kg rice and pay for her service. The other eight dogs are staying mainly on the temple market and are being fed by the market people. All 28 dogs are in good condition.
I also provide 60 kg dry food and 120 kg rice to a Thai feeder who looks after 60 dogs at Mabprachan Reservoir. Another feeder gets 40 kg dry food for dogs at Thepprasit Road. Just to feed all the dogs I feel responsible for, I have to spend 25,000 Baht every month.

Activity Report – August 2019
Our sterilization project entered the 13th month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 272 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 3,366 at the end of the month.
On the first day of this month, I lost another dog caused by a snake bite. This time I saw the snake and had to kill it since a couple of dogs tried to attack it.
I took eight two-month old puppies in. Two of them lost their mother and the other six could no longer stay in a village where they were born.
The papilloma treatment on four dogs was finally successful. The Echinacea tablets strengthened their immune system and the lip warts regressed completely.

Activity Report – July 2019
Our sterilization project entered the 12th month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 283 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 2,994 at the end of the month.
Unfortunately, I had to experience the loss of four more dogs. Scottie, a dog from Wat Amparahm, succumbed to leptospirosis and subsequent kidney failure; Norbu, Selina and Nura were killed by snakes.
I took Ruby and Tashi in. Ruby was one of Meow’s dogs that suffered from an inflammation of the salivary gland. She has been treated and recovered fully. Tashi was dumped by an owner in front of a restaurant. The restaurant owner asked me to take Tashi in. He was already the third dog which was dumped at the restaurant. The other two were Tara and Beppe which I also took in. Several dogs developed papillomas. I was treating them with Echinacea purpurea. The affected dogs responded to the drug very well.

Activity Report – June 2019
Our sterilization project entered the eleventh month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 258 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 2,611 at the end of the month.
The construction of the shelter has been completed. Necessary equipment has been installed. The gates between the areas are being kept open allowing the dogs to run freely across the whole shelter area. However, most of the dogs prefer to stay in or at the house; a few stay on the big Sala, and another few in the small area.
Unfortunately, I had to experience the loss of three more dogs. Uma, the second pup I took in, succumbed to distemper; Big Boy was bitten by a venomous snake; and Kito died probably as a result of his distemper history.
I took Jojo in. He was dumped at Wat Amparahm and suffers from blood parasites. However, is on his way to recovery. Zaza, the sibling of Pia and Uma (who died from distemper), survived and is developing.
I also had to take in Scottie. He had been living at Wat Amparahm for several years and lost weight recently. A test revealed a dangerous creatinine level. He is now getting fluid twice per day.
I tested the blood of twelve dogs. Only one of them was without pathological findings; most had blood parasites. I’m treating the dogs mainly with doxycycline and blood support. I took Trisha, Sadhu and Piak to Silverlake clinic for castration. I’m feeding Trisha at my apartment, Sadhu and Piak are from Wat Amparahm.

Activity Report – May 2019
Our sterilization project entered the tenth month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 157 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitatreached 2,253 at the end of the month.
The construction work for building a treatment room, a storeroom, a bathroom for the dogs, and several kennels is progressing.
This month I lost several dogs. Mom died a natural death. Joe, Aya and Nom died of kidney failure.Felix was bitten by several dogs. Biaow disappeared from the shelter. Pia, one of the three pups I recently took in, succumbed to distemper.
The dogs at Wat Amparahm are alive and well.

Activity Report – April 2019
Our sterilization project entered the ninth month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 95 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 1,995 at the end of the month.
The building of the shelter fence is complete and a treatment room, a storeroom and a bathroom for the dogs are being built together with three spacious kennels. Seven smaller Salas and a large one have been set up into four sections of the shelter. I’m now at the shelter for several hours on a daily basis observing the completion of the interior and looking after 65 dogs I’m keeping there. Twice a week, I’m still looking after 27 dogs at Wat Amparahm in Baan Amphur.

Activity Report – March 2019
Our sterilization project entered the eighth month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 192 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 1,800 at the end of the month.
After all “my” dogs have now been relocated to Takhiantia Shelter, I am going to see them there every day. The shelter grounds—an area of about 10,000 sqm is huge and has to be thoroughly cleaned from garbage and feces of 200 dogs.
At the end of the month, Meow and I decided to separate our dogs. Meow assigned me a 1,750 sqm piece of land where the solid dog house was built on. Currently, a metal sheet fence is being built to keep Meow’s dogs apart from mine.

Activity Report – February 2019
Our sterilization project entered the seventh month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 132 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 1,508 at the end of the month.
I took in Kenzo, who is Kito’s brother. Kenzo is very frail and would probably not have survived at his place. As I was made aware later, that place is parvo virus contaminated. Three pups from that place succumbed to the virus. I also took in Kyra to treat her for blood parasites. Joe, the dog whose tail had been cut off with a machete and who fully recovered from the injury, suffered a seizure. That, however, was probably an unrelated incident.
At the end of the month, I vacated House Nongkraborg and moved into an apartment closer to Takhientia shelter. I moved all my dogs into the shelter, except for the ones I’m looking after at Wat Amparahm. The main reason for change of residence is to support Meow on a daily basis running the shelter.

Activity Report – January 2019
Our sterilization project entered the sixth month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 176 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 1,276 at the end of the month. After a Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) team inspected the project on the ground, funds to cover the costs for a further 1,000 sterilizations were granted. Another evaluation will take place in June. As a precondition to grant funds beyond June, SDF will carry out a survey to determine the number of strays living in Pattaya.
Since some dogs were jumping over or breaking through the makeshift fences of the Takhientia shelter, I had to take Lena, Elly, and Bonnie – the notorious ones – into my house. I also had to take in Nimnim, Kylie, Asa, Lahn, and Anna. Nimnim is suffering from blood parasites; Kylie and Asa are suffering from a combination of a bacterial and fungal skin infection. Lahn was hit by a car and broke her left hind leg. She had to undergo surgery. Anna is suffering from epilepsy and needs special care.
I also took in Kito. I found this four month old pup in a very bad condition on a waste ground, where a bunch of dogs are living and being looked after by a friendly Thai person. Kito is a distemper survivor and is suffering from neurological impairments and brain damage.
Joe’s tail wound has now finally been healed. The dogs at Wat Amparahm are fine; I even found a sponsor for Prince.

January-December 2018 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya

Activity Report – December 2018
Our sterilization project entered the fifth month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 103 cases. The number of dogs sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached exactly 1,000 at the end of the year 2018. Funds to cover the costs for further sterilizations are guaranteed by Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) until January 31, 2019. In January, SDF will evaluate the project’s performance and its impact on Pattaya’s stray population. After a SDF team’s visit at Dr. Kwanchai’s Silverlake clinic, a decision will be taken whether the project is going to be funded for the year 2019 as well.
While taking dogs to be sterilized, we stumbled upon a place with dozens of cats. Twenty-eight of them could be sterilized as well. Funds to cover the costs were provided by Michael J. Baines. Felix, Bessie and Tommy are back to Takhientia. The treatment of Felix’s
conjunctivitis is complete. Bessie is not coughing anymore, and Tommy can walk again, albeit only on three legs. The radial nerve on his left front leg is irreparably damaged. Joe’s tail wound was not healing. A revision surgery was inevitable. Joe is now recovering in House Nongkraborg.
With Tara, Adrian, Max, Bliss, Daisy, Joe, Merlin and Edda, I now have just eight dogs living with me. When it was really stressful having to look after 24 dogs close to me the previous months, it’s now a joy having the dogs around me. It’s not the dogs as such or certain dogs which can make life difficult, it’s just the number of dogs above a certain limit which can be tough to cope with.

Activity Report – November 2018
Our sterilization project entered the fourth month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 123 cases. The number of dogs being sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 797 at the end of the month. At the end of the month, the Takhientia shelter was fully operating. All dogs, except for few, had been relocated from Thepprasit shelter. The 25 dogs from Baan Amphur shelter were relocated to Takhienta shelter as well. I handed over the shelter to Dr. Kwanchai who is it now operating with the help of Khun Bua, my former caretaker of the shelter. Almost all the dogs, which I have been keeping in House Nongkraborg, are also now living at Takhientia shelter. Altogether about 130 dogs are now sharing that place. Next month I’ll have the exact number available after having entered the
data of all dogs into the database. Unfortunately, four of the dogs I took to Takhientia disappeared as soon as they were released out of their cages.
The whole area of 11 Rai (17,600 sqm) is now fenced in. A 500 meter long power connection has been established; water still has to be delivered by a tanker truck. The main structure of a 102 sq. meter dog house has been almost completed. It will mainly be used as rain and sun shelter. However, a part of the facility is going to serve as a treatment room, as a quarantine station, and as a relaxation room as soon as funds are available to realize that vision.
I took in Felix and Tommy. Felix is suffering from conjunctivitis and requires treatment three times a day and Tommy has been hit by a motorbike. He suffers from a bone splintering at his left hind leg and from a damaged radial nerve at his left shoulder. He cannot stand up and probably requires treatment for a couple of weeks.

Activity Report – October 2018
Our sterilization project entered the third month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 151 cases. The number of dogs being sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 574 at the end of the month. Meow continued to prepare Takhientia shelter moving cages and makeshift rain shelters from her Thepprasit shelter to the new place. A decent, spacious dog house has to be built. Money to do that is not available and has to be raised.
Meow relocated more than 50 dogs from Thepprasit shelter during the whole month of October. They fitted in quite nicely because the setting is similar to the one they were used to living in. A makeshift fence made out of corrugated iron sheets was built to separate the shelter area from a small road along the shelter.
Several pups have been dumped at the shelter. Meow took them all into her care. Some of them didn’t survive because of distemper infection. The other ones have been vaccinated together with dozens more dogs that needed booster shots. I had to take two puppies into House Nongkraborg. Their mother and their two siblings died at a hotel area. They still had to be bottle-fed for the first couple of days, but adjusted after a week. The adult dogs in the house accepted them.

Activity Report – September 2018
Our sterilization project entered the second month operating and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations again by 65 cases. The number of dogs being sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 323 at the end of the month.
Meow’s open shelter, where I’m keeping 15 dogs, has to move. Meow found an eleven Rai piece of land in Takhientia located 30 km away from Pattaya city center right in the middle of nowhere. She can lease the land for ten years at a yearly fee of
just 15,000 Baht. Meow is now preparing the land to keep more than 200 dogs and a couple of cats. Fifty dogs have already been re-located, and we hope that Meow can move all her dogs to the new shelter until end of the year. If the place is prepared to
accommodate up to 200 dogs, I’ll close my Baan Amphur shelter and move the 23 dogs I’m keeping there to their new home as well.
This month I had to take another six dogs to Silverlake clinic for extensive treatment. Three of them suffered from TVT, one from a tumor on her front leg, one whose tail got cut off with a machete and one with a large throat swelling. All nine pups I’m
currently keeping with me at House Nongkraborg have been spayed or neutered.
I took another dog in: Tara was thrown out of a car in front of a restaurant whose owner knows me. Tara is a big, beautiful and healthy female. She just suffered from a nasty wound on her left hind leg paw and was limping. Tara is now recovering and I’ll
keep her for the time being at my house. Myra left. I couldn’t keep her any longer since the pups chased her frequently through the garden. I took her to Meow’s open shelter. Unfortunately, she got infected by distemper while she was away for a couple of days. She died while being treated.

Activity Report – August 2018
Beginning this month, Soi Dog Foundation agreed to finance the sterilization of a hundred bitches and pups each month. I created the “Soi Dog Sterilization Project” member group which is being used as a platform for its members to exchange information and advice. Several of its members contributed to the project by delivering bitches and pups to Dr. Kwanchai’s two clinics. The August target had already been met on the 20th of this month. At the end of the month, 158 dogs could go back to their places sterilized.
I took in three dogs: Asa, from Wat Ampahram (she is once again suffering from skin infections); Goro, from Mabprachan 7/11 (to be treated for blood parasites); and, Bliss (who had been attacked by a bunch of dogs on a waste ground).
Karim, who was already two months at House Nongkraborg for treatment, got attacked by a couple of dogs while I was out and died. Tawn, the second paralyzed dog who lived with us, has been taken in by a friend who is already looking after three other handicapped dogs.
Three TVT dogs and two dogs with nasty head wounds are currently being treated at Silverlake Clinic. All these dogs have been found while rounding up dogs to be sterilized.

Activity Report – July 2018
All nine pups, as well as Sonya, Karim, Kimi, Tawn, Shorty and Daisy completed their Doxycycline/Ferric treatment. Sonya recovered from her hip fracture and was able to go back to her place at Chak Nork Reservoir. Kimi, Shorty and Kami, whose tail injury has been healed up, went back to Baan Amphur shelter.
Tommy has been relocated to Meow’s sanctuary. He fitted in there well. Eera went back to his place in Naklua slum after a second chemotherapy treatment. When I went to the slum to pick him up for the third treatment, people told me that he died two days ago.
I took Reza into House Nongkraborg since he was ailing in Baan Amphur. A blood test didn’t show any abnormalities. He recovered slightly but was then attacked. He died two days after the attack. Khao did not recover from her broken leg. The fracture didn’t heal properly. Since nothing more could be done, and she can walk freely on three legs, I took her back to her place where she is being looked after.

Activity Report – June 2018
Tayo, who stayed with me for almost a year, has been adopted and now lives in Germany. He has been settling in well, since he knows his new owner who visited him two times in Pattaya. Taco is back to Wat Amparahm. He finally found his place there together with Luna.
Myra’s cancer treatment had been completed. She now lives in House Nongkraborg. However, she is neither trusting me nor the dogs that live with her. Khao, also, now lives with us. She settled in much better than Myra, but is still not using her broken leg. Tommy’s hind leg fracture healed, and he uses his leg quite naturally.
Boss unfortunately died. He was attacked, and despite not suffering any visible injuries, he passed away a day after that incident. Elsie, one of the pups whose mother had been run over by a bus, also died. She presumably succumbed to blood parasites. To avoid another fatality, I started a Doxycycline/Ferric treatment for the remaining nine pups.
Sonya, a young bitch I look after on a waste ground, suffered a hip fracture. I took her into House Nongkraborg where she is recovering without any further treatment. I also took Daisy in. She lived in Wat Huay Yai together with Erin, Kate and Ronan, who all disappeared from the temple. I found Erin and Kate in the city’s deportation camp. Ronan arrived there already dead. Erin and Kate are now staying in Baan Amphur shelter.
I took in Kami, Karim and Kimi, too. They are all living in the shelter. Kami suffers from a nasty wound on her tail that requires a daily wound dressing, Kimi and Karim are being treated for blood parasites. Tawn is another new intake. He suffered from a spinal cord fracture while living on the street and is now paralyzed. Eera, a dog living in a slum area, developed a huge lump on his throat. A salivary gland had to be removed. Eera is also suffering from TVT. He will undergo chemotherapy treatment as soon as he recovers from surgery.

Activity Report – May 2018
Khao had surgery on her broken leg and is recovering in my house. However, she developed a bed sore on the healthy leg and has only made minimal recovery progress. My main task this month was to organize the sterilization of some of the dogs. The following dogs have been sterilized: Erin and Kate from Wat Huay Yai; the male pups Nimnim, Puschel, Shorty, Karim, Norbu and Reza; the female pups Hala, Girly, Suki, Amara, Kami, Kimi and Roshi (all staying in Baan Amphur shelter); as well as Namtarn, who stays at Meow’s sanctuary.
Rambo, who stayed at the Baan Amphur shelter, was bitten by a poisonous snake and died. Nero’s TVT treatment is complete; but Aisha died a couple of days before her last chemotherapy treatment (reasons unknown). Myra’s TVT treatment is ongoing. Tommy suffered a broken hind leg and has to wear a cast for one month. Taco, who contrary to my hopes, didn’t settle in well into Wat Amparahm, got bitten and stayed at Silverlake clinic for ten days.
I had to take in two more six-week-old puppies. They have been dumped at a waste ground. After a couple of days, they joined the group of eight puppies I had already taken in.
I also had to take in Zola and Shorty, who were both bitten in Baan Amphur shelter. Their wounds healed after a two-week treatment. Pinky’s Doxycycline treatment has been completed and then went back to Meow’s sanctuary. Hala went back to her place on the street, and Alana is now back on the beach again.
I still deliver dry food, cat food and rice to provide Thai people who are feeding dogs and cats in Naklua, Nongprue, Thepprasit and Baan Amphur on a monthly basis.

Activity Report – April 2018
Cho, who was suffering from nose cancer, could be completely cured after four chemo therapy treatments. English tourists asked me to take a look at Cocker Spaniel that was obviously dumped at a local temple. The dog were suffering from severe bacterial skin infections. I treated Daisy for one month with Cephalexin and Itraconazole which resulted in a distinctive improvement of her condition.
Another English tourist asked me to look after a pregnant dog. After Martha had given birth, I intended to take her and her pups into Baan Amphur shelter. Unfortunately, Martha was run over by a bus the day we were trying to take her and her babies in. I was therefore forced to take the eight orphans into my house to bottle feed them. All eight of them survived and are thriving.
Taco, Luna and Yumi, three dogs I picked up at the age of two months and who were pretty comfortably living in front of a grocery shop for four years, had to be removed. I took them into Baan Amphur shelter. Since Luna and Taco are fairly big and were a bit aggressive towards the other shelter dogs, I relocated them into Wat Amparahm where they are settling in well.
I had to take in Rudi, Isi and Felix, who were staying at Meow’s sanctuary. Rudi was suffering from liver and kidney issues; Isi suddenly lost weight and Felix left the open shelter frequently. Since several of Meow’s dogs had been poisoned recently, Meow feared that Felix would be the next one to be killed. Rudi died a few days after I took him in; also, Isi died in my house.
Pinky and Kenji completed a Doxycycline and Ferric treatment. Pinky went back to Meow’s sanctuary. Sushi, Nelly, Nero and Willie—who are now living at Wat Amparahm—and Namtarn from Meow’s sanctuary—have all been sterilized.
Residents made me aware of a dog that was hit by a car. It turned out that I know Khao who I sterlizied a year ago. Khao broke her left hind leg and needed correction surgery. Additionally, I could finally catch a bitch with a monstrous TVT tumor. She is now receiving long term treatment including surgery.

Activity Report – March 2018
Brownie’s and Bandit’s chemotherapy treatment has been completed. Bandit has been brought back to his place and Brownie stayed with Beppe, who raised him. Brownie unfortunately didn’t recover and died after two weeks. The metastases probably damaged his brain stem because he couldn’t control his movement anymore. One of Prajuab’s dogs started a chemotherapy treatment. Cho is suffering from nose cancer. The daily wound dressing for Adrian and Hala could be finalized. Their wounds are now healing naturally.
A double door system has been built for my small shelter in Baan Amphur where I currently accommodate 26 dogs. I set up three roofed cages which the dogs use as rain and sun shelter. Snowwhite and Maimai went back to Meow’s shelter. In return, I took in Biaow and her two pups, Lina and Nura.
Thailand seems to have a new rabies problem. Dogs in so called red zones are being rounded up and purportedly quarantined. I took in Boss and Alana who are living exposed on Pattaya city beach, and vaccinated two other beach dogs. I vaccinated about fifty more dogs on the streets and in a temple area, and provided them with collars and tags.
I also took in Pinky, who is staying with Meow, to treat her anemia, Rocky from Wat Amparahm beach to treat him for liver insufficiency, and Rudi who also stays at Meow’s shelter, to treat conjunctivitis. Rockys’s brother, Toby, unfortunately died of acute renal failure.

Activity Report – February 2018
Stella found a new home. A Swiss couple who already took in a street dog adopted her and Stella fitted in perfectly.
Mirko’s chemo therapy treatment has been completed and Brownie’s treatment is ongoing. It seems that metastases severely impaired his vision. He is being treated with eye drops. Bandit, another male dog undergoes chemo therapy treatment too. Puschel, one of the puppies staying at a construction site cut his front leg and required stitches. Tayo completed a hydrotherapy treatment.
I took in Adrian, Tommy and Hala. Tommy is an orphan puppy who suffered from intestinal obstruction. He is on his way to recovery after several treatments. Adrian, the paralyzed dog, is suffering from abrasions on his crippled hind legs and needs daily wound dressing. Adrian is now receiving fluid every second day to support his kidneys.
Hala, another orphan pup, developed a huge abscess on her neck and suffered from a couple of other wounds. She also needed daily wound dressing. City Hall was threatening to remove all dogs from a construction site near a new built high rise condominium. I took in five puppies to Baan Amphur shelter and five adult dogs are now staying at Wat Amparahm, joining a bunch of dogs I already accommodate there. Lena joined Kenji, Johnny, Patty and Adrian and is now also staying with me. She developed the habit chasing chicken in Meow’s neighborhood. Meow also asked me to take Snow white and Maimai temporarily into Baan Amphur Shelter. Maimai chased motorcycles and Snow white was too often absent.

Activity Report – January 2018
To avoid biting among the five dogs I have at home, I transferred Zola and Toya to Baan Amphur shelter – keeping Kenj, Johnny and Patty with me. Zola and Toya are doing well at the shelter, now occupying a higher position in the hierarchy.
Asa has been transferred from Wat Ampharam to the shelter to treat her for ongoing skin issues. Nousha has been brought back to Baan Amphur shelter as well. She developed the habit of entering a nearby village. Stella is back at Meow’s shelter. She was unhappy in Baan Amphur and lost weight. Unfortunately, she left the shelter but stays around.
I found Adrian, a severely maimed dog, and put him into Meow’s shelter. His broken back and limbs cannot be fixed, but Adrian can now enjoy a better life in a safe surrounding. Mirko, a male dog who lives in Naklua, and Brownie, one of Beppe’s dogs, both developed TVT. They are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The Doxycyclin treatment for all puppies at Baan Amphur shelter has been completed. Mum, one of the mother dogs living in the bush, has been sterilized, as well as two of Yupin’s dogs and a dog from the Pinnacle hotel.

January-December 2017 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya

December 2017
Nimnim, one of the pups I placed on the waste ground where Beppe feeds dogs, developed coronavirus but recovered after intensive care. Nimnim is back to the waste ground after ten days of quarantine. Norbu and Karim, two of the pups that developed severe abscesses, recovered as well after a couple of weeks.
I took over Meow’s Baan Amphur shelter. I just have to pay some rent. That allowed me to take all bush puppies together with Darla, one of the mother dogs, into the shelter. I started a doxycycline treatment for all eight pups. Darla got sterilized. I also took in Elly, the
mother of the waste ground pups. She could not stay with her pups since she was bitten. I completed a doxycycline treatment for the five waste ground pups.
Bonnie, one of the dogs that lived near the temple, developed some skin issues. I took her into the shelter as well to treat her. Hanna and Nadia have been adopted. Nadia, unfortunately, ran away and did not come back. Deng, one of Prajuab’s dogs, Goldie and Whitey from the streets, another Deng from the Khao Mai Kaew area, and Latte, one of the dogs in Meow’s care, have been sterilized.
We found three mother dogs with pups in the bush area near Baan Amphur shelter. I vaccinated one mother dog and all 21 pups. The remaining two mother dogs could not be grabbed. Two of the pups were suffering from abscesses. I took them home for daily treatment.

November 2017
Activity Report – November 2017
In the end, Boss couldn’t feel at home at Meow’s sanctuary and I had to take him back to his old place at Amari beach where he again settled in nicely. I met Beppe, an 85 year old Italian, who feeds dogs in South Pattaya. He was the one who showed me Salim, the TVT dog, who lived on a waste ground together with a bunch of other dogs Beppe is looking after. Salim received chemotherapy treatment and he recovered well. Salim’s Mother, Malee, has been spayed, as well as Mila from Baan Amphur bush, Ashi, Tara and Pema who are living at Wat Ampharam, Lalei from a Naklua construction site,
Yon from Chak Nork reservoir, Alexa staying in a Pong village, and Elly who lived with her five pups in a dirty shack. We took Elly and her pups to the waste ground where Beppe’s dogs are staying and built a shelter for all those dogs. Elly, however, had to be placed into Meow’s Baan Amphur shelter, since she has not been accepted by some bitches there. Her five pups fitted in nicely. Elly and her pups have been vaccinated. Unfortunately. I was told by Meow that she would not be allowed to use Baan Amphur shelter after New Year. A solution has to be found.
Suay and Nom’s chemotherapy treatments are complete; Nom had also been castrated. Khiaow and Rudy received fluid treatment. Rudi recovered, but Khiaow ultimately succumbed to her illness and died.
All dogs at Chak Nork reservoir, who are being looked after by Uan, have been vaccinated. One of them that survived distemper is recovering. Three cats living there have been castrated.

Activity Report – October 2017
Boss, a three-legged dog who lives on the beach, found a sponsor who asked me to find a safe place for Boss. Boss is now also staying at Meow’s Thepprasit shelter. I’m now working intensively at that shelter to support Meow. I like that place because the dogs are free to roam the adjacent wasteground since it is a shelter without fences. More than one hundred dogs and a couple of cats live there in almost perfect harmony, including 24 of “my” dogs.
Nine of my other dogs are staying at Meow’s second shelter which is walled in. I’m feeding and monitoring 18 more dogs at Wat Amparahm in Baan Amphur. Five dogs are living with me. About 30 dogs are currently being monitored living on the streets and on wastelands.
I vaccinated a bunch of puppies and treated some of them against blood parasites. Rudi’s mange is under control again, but he developed renal disease. He is being treated at Thepprasit shelter; his condition is stable. Khiaow is also being treated for renal disease. Her prognosis, however, is poor. She is receiving fluid daily. Uro and Frosty have been treated for an abscess; Zola for a bite wound. Nom is receiving chemotherapy after weaning, as well as two dogs from the streets, Salim and Suay.
Ihu, Wan Sao, Mala, Yello, Dina, Mila and Kapoon have been spayed/neutered. Apart from working closely with Meow at her two shelters and monitoring three dozen dogs on the streets and on wastegrounds, I’m trying to help Hope for Strays Foundation to build a shelter for 120 dogs mainly by raising funds to construct and equip the facilities. The shelter is currently home for about thirty dogs and is supposed to be complete at the end of this year.

Activity Report – September, 2017
I took Rudi and Patty from Baan Amphur shelter into the house I now live in. Rudi’s skin conditions deteriorated and Patty was unhappy. Rudi gets bathed twice a week with Malaseb and gets Ivermectin treatment. His condition improved. His movements, impaired
by a broken hip, also improved slightly. Patty is getting along well with Kenji, Johnny,Toya and Zola.
All of the other surviving dogs from the Bang Saray municipality shelter are now either in Meow’s Baan Amphur shelter, or at her Thepprasit shelter, or stay at Wat Amparahm. Seventeen dogs are now staying in Baan Amphur; eleven plus 3 newborns are at
Thepprasit, and eleven dogs are at Wat Amparahm. Most dogs have been treated with Ivermectin to keep the tick problem in check and to avoid mange and heart worms. Mee and Bobby, dogs I have known for several years and whose caretakers moved up country, are now staying at Thepprasit shelter.

Activity Report – August, 2017
Jack’s injury turned out to be a tumor. The vets at NPW clinic recommended amputating the leg. I shifted him to Silverlake clinic where the surgery had been carried out. After a full recovery, Jack and Jane have been brought back to the parking lot. Some dogs at Wat
Amparahm are suffering from skin conditions. I treated them with a cumin/coconut oil paste. Four cats and a dog at Wat Pong have been sterilized.
Fifteen of my dogs, which I had accommodated at Bang Saray municipality shelter, had been killed by people who entered the shelter. I took all surviving dogs out of the shelter and placed them into a private shelter run by Meow, a woman I support. I took Svetja, a
dog which begged me to take her from the municipality shelter, to Meow’s Thepprasit shelter where she then gave birth to six puppies. Svetja is suffering from TVT.

Activity report July 2017
At Meow’s two sanctuaries I have now six dogs placed: Namtarn and Mom at Baan Amphur sanctuary and Anna, Felix, Tayo and Rudi at Thepprasit sanctuary. Namtarn and Mom are both handicapped. Namtarn lost a hind leg and Mom has a crippled front leg.
Felix overcame a severe anemia and Anna suffered temporarily from seizures. She was also bitten by a poisonous snake but recovered well after intensive treatment. At the same day, Lola, another dog at Meow’s care, was bitten by a large centipede. Lola also recovered well after intensive care. Tayo is recovering from a broken hind leg and Rudi from a broken hip. There is no other place for me to accommodate handicapped or recovering dogs than at Meow’s places and therefore I support her as good as I can.
The dogs at Bang Saray shelter and at Wat Amparahm are fine. In case of a minor injury can I take one or two of them into the house where I’m living now. Lady and Khao have been staying with me for a week. Lady suffered from an injury at one of her front paws and Khao from a bite wound at her left eye.
Right now there are five dogs permanently staying with me. Kenji, Johnny, Zola, Toya and since recently also Dina. Dina stayed in Bang Saray but disappeared two weeks after I placed her there together with all the other dogs from House Mabprachan. When she appeared again she carried a wire cutting deep into her abdomen. She obviously got caught in a wire trap. A forty centimeter long suture had to be applied to secure the closure of the wound. Dina is now on the way of recovery.
Kenji had to be admitted to NPW clinic as well since he suffered from heavy vomiting and acted lethargic. Kenji has been given fluid intravenously for five days. Luk Jeab, one of Prajuab’s dogs, Avira, Mela and Somlo staying a Wat Amparahm, Cowy and Dart staying at Baan Amphur beach as well as Joo and Ming staying at a village have been spayed. Avira’s three pups have been vaccinated as well as three pups at Prajuab’s care.
Hiro and Zaina, two dogs from the streets being at risk to be deported to Phutaluang, have been taken to Bang Saray shelter. Jack and Jane, two dogs staying at a North Pattaya parking lot have been blow darted since they were very evasive. Jack suffers from a lengthy injury at his left front leg and Jane contracted TVT. Jack is being treated at NPW clinic and Jane has been admitted to Silverlake clinic. Dodo, a male dog, also suffering from TVT, is being treated at Silverlake clinic as well. He is one of the dogs Meow is feeding in the streets.

June 2017
he dogs that I placed on a separate area at Bang Saray municipality shelter settled in well. However, four of them decided to leave the fenced in, but still open, area. The dogs have a large area to roam around and enjoy their freedom. Once a day they get fed by a shelter staff with rice food and dry food.

I go to see these dogs twice a week, as well the dogs at Wat Amparahm and on Baan Amphur Beach. A mother dog with four puppies has been dumped there. All of them are in good condition and are being looked after. Two other young dogs have been dumped at the beach. Newly dumped dogs are having a hard time getting accepted by the established groups. It remains to be seen whether they will stay and whether I can get close to them.

Ivy, a pup from the street, and Deva, a pup from the beach, have been spayed. A number of puppies have been vaccinated. Muen, one of Prajuab’s dogs, has been treated in a clinic for severe bite wounds. Tayo, a dog living on the beach, stayed in a clinic for two weeks to treat an open leg fracture. He has been neutered as well. Tayo will stay in a sanctuary for the time being since he is going to be adopted. Khun Chai, one of the dogs in Meow’s care, has been poisoned. We were still able to save his life, and he seems to be fine now.

Activity Report May 2017

Someone dumped a pregnant dog at Wat Amparahm. After a few days, she gave birth to six puppies; two of them disappeared after three weeks. The remaining four puppies and the mother dog were fine at the end of the month. A blood test revealed that no parasites could be detected in Lilly’s blood; I took her back to Wat Amparahm. Toby, another dog living at the temple, developed a big abscess which had to be removed surgically. Toby recovered well after a week in a clinic.

A resident made me aware of a dog with six puppies. I vaccinated the dogs two times. Another resident showed me an old dog in very bad condition. He died after a few days in a clinic.

The stitched wound at Zola’s flank broke open and I took her from Bang Saray shelter into my new house. At the end of the month, the wound had been almost closed. Kenji and Johnny, another pit bull mix, are now staying in my new house as well.

The dogs at Bang Saray shelter settled in well. They are getting fed with rice food and some of them were already gaining weight. Off and on I missed two or three of them, but none of them ran away for long.

Three bitches my helper Wan is looking after have been spayed. Another bitch staying in Naklua Slum has been spayed, as well as a bitch living at Bongkot Market and two of Prajuab’s bitches. Felix and Anna, who are living at Meow’s place, are affected by blood parasites and are receiving treatment.

Activity Report April 2017

I continued to relocate all dogs that don’t need to go to Bang Saray shelter. Tommy went to a foster home waiting to be adopted. Iang and Ivy went back to their place at the guesthouse in Central Pattaya. Felix, Anna, Mom and Namtarn were placed at Meow’s shelter. Kenji and Johnny have been castrated. Kenji cannot go back to his place; a solution for him has to be found.

A fence separating the allocated area at Bang Saray shelter from the main shelter has been built, as well as six dog houses containing 21 units during the first two weeks of the month. After the area was ready to accommodate fifty to seventy dogs, I moved the remaining forty dogs from House Mabprachan to the shelter. About ten dogs that lived in that area before we leased it are still living there.

All dogs are being daily fed with rice food and dry food. After a short time of settling in, they started to explore the area inside the fence and very soon also outside the fenced-in area. They seemed to enjoy the extended freedom; even if they could run away they didn’t.

Since the dogs are fed daily, I don’t need to see them every day. Wat Amparahm is on the way to the shelter; so I’m now going to see all the dogs there and at the shelter every two or three days. The new set-up implies that my daily work load will be reduced by a couple of hours.

Activity Report March 2017

The appeal against the eviction order had been dismissed. The sub-district administration was giving me time to remove the dogs until end of the month. All my attempts to find a suitable place for the dogs failed. By the end of the month I applied for more time to find some piece of land for the dogs. The administration allowed me to keep the dogs just one week longer.

Finally, my foundation partner Som and I were allowed to place one hundred dogs at the municipality shelter Bang Saray. A one Rai piece of land was assigned to us, which we had to fence in and build shelters for all the dogs.

To keep the numbers of dogs there as low as possible, the ones that could go back to the streets had to go during the month. Kenji was the first one. His wounds had been healed, and I made a last attempt to keep him staying at the Mabprachan 7/11. Panya, who had been treated for a wound on her face, went back to Wat Amparahm; as did Asa, whose skin conditions improved and who was not limping anymore. Toby went back to the temple as well. His skin condition improved. I brought Jorie back to the guards at Thepprasit Road and Josie took back Kylie and Lina Song.

Felix, Anna, Mum and Mae, dogs who currently live in House Mabprachan, have been sterilized, as well as Shima and Nana who just recently appeared at Mabprachan 7/11. Mika, a dog staying at a parking lot, has also been spayed. Also spayed were Dam, one of the bitches in Prajuab’s care and Dia, a dog from a market place.

I had to take Lilly in, a dog from Wat Amparahm beach. Lilly was severely anemic. After two weeks of treatment her condition improved remarkably. By the end of the month, I had to take in Kenji again. He was suffering from multiple bite wounds and needed daily wound dressing. He obviously cannot go back to his place at Mabprachan 7/11. Zola also suffered from a bite wound which had to be stitched up.

It turned out that Al, the dog with the broken hip, had been infected with distemper before he suffered the accident, and he did not survive that horrible disease.

Activity Report February 2017

Kenji’s neck wound is nasty and required a daily wound dressing. The TVT bitch, who I call Iang, is being treated for anemia. Rocky’s chemo therapy treatment has been completed. He is suffering from a large burn on his neck, which is healing without treatment.

A bitch from a resort in Jomtien, a bitch from Naklua slum, a bitch living at a bus parking lot in Central Pattaya, a bitch staying at Amari Hotel, and another one from a village near Highway 36, have been spayed.

I took Asa in to treat her skin problems and to give her time to recover from a leg injury. I had to take Dina back. The new owner could not cope with her energy level.

The six cats that have been sterilized a couple of weeks ago have been vaccinated for the first time.

A puppy named Yuri has been hit by a car and suffered from a spine injury. I took him in to give him a chance to recover, and he is doing quite well. Another dog, Al—a big male who is already quite old—has been hit by a car. The x-ray revealed a complicated hip fracture. Surgery was not an option, so I took Al in. He will hopefully recover in a couple of weeks, if not months.

I received an eviction order from the sub-district administration, to which I lodged an objection against. If the majority of the dogs have to be removed, they are doomed and all my effort was in vain.

Activity Report January 2017

Rudi developed a swelling at his rip cage. I took him in and treated him for a week. Rudi is now back to his place at Best Supermarket. Samlee and Kenny are also back to their places. Samlee’s hip fracture healed up and she can move freely again. Kenny completed a Doxycycline treatment. He can also move freely on his three legs.

Toby is now being treated for his skin problems after a one month with Doxycycline treatment. His condition improved. Zhenya’s condition also improved. He is suffering from Demodex mange and receives a treatment with Ivermectin and Malaseb. Nina developed a cherry eye which requires regular cleaning. Yana recovered fully from a bowel inflammation and gained back her full weight.

Unfortunately, Yoshi passed away. His condition deteriorated and he died after suffering a seizure.

Dia, Daen und Boonma, three of Prajuab’s dogs, have been spayed. Now are all bitches under his care spayed. It goes without saying that will change very soon since dogs are being dumped at the reservoir frequently. Sally and Hudiao, two dogs from different 7/11 stores, have been spayed as well as two other dogs from the streets and one dog from a waste ground. A tourist made me aware of a TVT bitch. She has been treated and another bitch staying with her has been spayed. Kenji, a dog from a 7/11, whom I treated already three times for bite wounds, was severely bitten again. This time he needed surgery to close the wounds. Kenji stays now at House Mabprachan for the time being.

January-December 2016 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya

Activity Report December 2016

Dae has been released from his ordeal being caged for six weeks. His huge wound healed well and he is now back to his place to recover. He is doing well. Coco, one of Prajuab’s puppies, has been adopted joining Lulu who was adopted two months ago. Danny and Dina, Mae’s two pups from the Pinnacle Hotel, found a new home too. Mae remains in House Mabprachan for the time being.

Hop’s chemotherapy treatment has been completed and Hop recovered well. Kenny’s amputation wound healed well and he recovers in House Mabprachan, currently being treated against blood parasites. Samlee’s recovery also made good progress. She is still limping but can move around quite freely. We finally found an antibiotic that is obviously tackling Yana’s bowel inflammation well. She is now gaining weight again.

Jade, a dog from the street has, been spayed. Roscoe, a male dog from the temple beach, has been treated for TVT and recovered fully. I found Yoshi in the big temple area limping. He was diagnosed with a ligament rupture which had to be surgically fixed. Yoshi recovers now in House Mabprachan. Toby is also back to House Mabprachan. His skin problems are still persisting. I’m treating him for blood parasites and will consult a Bangkok dermatologist to get a treatment plan.

Three owners‘ dogs have been dumped at the temple beach. Dana and Rani have been spayed already and Rani has been successfully adopted. We were able to catch Jule, the third one, a week after her sister Dana. Fishermen asked me to take in Johnny, a two months old puppy. Dana, Jule and Johnny are currently staying at House in Mabprachan.

Activity Report – November 2016

Patty, who has been adopted together with Lulu, is back. She became aggressive to visitors of her new owners since she obviously missed the pack at House Mabprachan. Also, Felix adopted for a week, is back. He became aggressive against another dog in his new home. Patty and Felix are happy to be re-united with the dogs they are used to living with.

Tommy, Ilya, Yuri, Sasha and Zhenya have been neutered; and Toya and Zola have been spayed. All seven dogs live at House Mabprachan. Yana seems to suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. Even though she eats quite normally, she is becoming increasingly emaciated. Several food changes didn’t help. Exploratory surgery must be considered if the condition cannot be treated conservatively.

All eight kittens that are in one of my helpers care have been sterilized. Unfortunately, they became infected by distemper and three of them already died. Khaofang’s pup, who was hit by a car and suffered from traumatic brain injury, recovered quite nicely. Samlee is also recovering from a broken hipbone. But she is still limping quite badly.

Kenny’s left front leg has been amputated. He dragged his broken with every step. This resulted in a constantly inflamed paw. Kenny recovers now at House Mabprachan.

Hop, a street dog being looked after by a friend, has been treated for TVT. Since surgery was not necessary, three chemotherapy treatments were sufficient to eradicate the tumor. Randy, a dog with severe TVT who required surgery two times and several chemotherapy treatments to overcome the cancer, was unfortunately bitten to death in House Mabprachan while I was away.

Mae, a dog living on a hotel ground and whose puppies Toya and Zola are already at House Mabprachan, gave birth again to two puppies. Since Mae belongs to our extended family, I took in her and her two puppies, Danny and Dina.

Dae, the dog who became wedged under a running car, is still in intensive care. His recovery process is ongoing and will take another two weeks before he can be discharged.

Activity Report October 2016

Emma’s tibia crack has been healed. Rocky’s TVT treatment has been completed and he is back to the beach. Randy’s TVT treatment is ongoing. He had to undergo a second surgical procedure to remove remainders of the tumor which did not recede after four chemotherapeutical treatments. I took him in to give him a chance of full recovery.

Fritzi’s TVT treatment is complete as well. Silver’s mange treatment is also complete and she is back to her place at Thepprasit Road. I also took Toby back to the beach. He has been attacked by a couple of dogs and is better off teaming up with his brother Rocky. I’ll take him back as soon as I have a treatment plan for him.

A friend asked me to take three dogs into South Pattaya Clinic. A male dog had been hit by a motorbike and two bitches had to be spayed. It turned out that the male dog could be released after a couple of days since he just suffered from bruises and road burns. The bitches are also back to their places.

Nina is suffering from an injury of her right eye ball caused by fighting. Her eye have to be cleaned several times a day. Namtarn fitted in very well although she prefers to stay on her own. The tick problem has been solved owed to a generous donation of Bravecto.

Samlee, a bitch which had been spayed recently had been hit by a car. The x-ray showed a hipbone fracture. Since surgery is not an option I took her in to give her time for recovery in a safe environment. The healing process can take weeks if not months.

Maisha died. She obviously came into contact with a poisonous toad. Maisha’s condition deteriorated and she succumbed after three days of clinic treatment. Snowy was bitten by a snake into her tail. The snake was not poisonous though and the wound healed after one week of treatment at home.

One of Khaofang’s pups had been hit by a motorbike. He suffered from a traumatic brain injury. After a week long treatment he had been reunited with Khaofang and siblings. Whether he will recover completely remains to be seen.

Sammy and Lulu, the two owner’s dogs I found dumped at Wat Amparahm have been adopted by friends. Candy could not stay at a construction site any longer so I took her in. She has been at House Mabprachan before for treatment after an accident and fitted in well.

I found another owner’s dog dumped at Wat Amparahm and took him in. I was told that Tommy’s owner died and the bereaved left him in the temple. I’ll try to find a new home for Tommy.
At Highway 36 we found a dog with a maimed and severely infected front paw. We took Kenny to Silverlake clinic. Dr. Kwanchai is going to amputate his leg as soon as Kenny’s general condition has been improved.

Zhenya’s condition deteriorated. In addition to Ivermectin I also treat him with Cephalexin and Itraconazole against bacterial and fungal infection. Yaya is on Cephalexin and Itraconazole as well. His skin condition improved slightly.

Dae, a dog being looked after by the maid of a friend was hit by a car. Dae obviously got wedged under the car and dragged along for a few meters. The accident left Dae with a huge road burn on his left hint leg. Dae is in intensive care. For how long the healing process will take remains to be seen.

Activity report September 2016
The Danish woman who asked me to keep Simba for a while did not respond to my messages anymore. Simba will now stay with me and I have to find another home for him. Simba has already been neutered and has been treated for blood parasites.
The re-location of Neung, Song, Sahm and Lucky has been a success. All four of them settled in nicely. A new dog was dumped at the temple; we called her Betty. Betty has been already spayed and seemed to settle in as well.

Dam 19, a dog in Em‘s care, has been hit by a car and broke his spine. The vet couldn’t save his life. It turned out that Fritzi, who has been adopted last month, is suffering from TVT. He has been treated and is recovering.A flight date for Sammy and Lulu has been fixed for next month. All their export preparations are complete. They have been treated with Doxycycline, are de-sexed, vaccinated and mico-chipped. A blood test including a heart worm snap test has been performed as well.

Jakalen Song, Laura and Jiang, three bitches from the streets, have been spayed. Khaofang, one of Prajuab’s dogs has been treated for TVT. Her treatment is complete. Her four puppies have been vaccinated. Dina, Daen and Duen, another three of Prajuab’s dogs, have been spayed as well. Bok Luk unfortunately died on the beach. The reason is unknown.

Although my house is more than full with fifty dogs, I took Namtarn in. She was run over by a car and found by a young woman who could not keep her any longer. Namtarn couldn’t go back to the streets since her right hind leg had to be amputated. She can walk again and fitted in very well.
Randy, a male dog staying next to Highway 36, and Rocky from Wat Amparahm, are suffering from TVT. Both dogs underwent surgery and are being treated with chemotherapy. Yana lost weight; it turned out that she is suffering from an infection. She is being treated with Cephalexin.
Since Emma was limping for a couple of days, her right front leg has been x-rayed. She is suffering from a crack of the tibia. The crack is supposed to heal itself within two weeks.

Activity report August 2016
Ting‘s and Sido‘s TVT treatment is complete. Sido has to be re-examined after a couple of weeks since his recovery prospect is only moderate. The fourteen day treatment of Chuki’s and Jaha’s skin condition did not produce the desired effect. Their affected skin parts were later on treated with young coconut oil.

I took Simba in. He has been found and raised by a long term Danish tourist. This Danish woman asked me to accommodate Simba until he can be exported to Denmark.
Snowy, Torro, Emma, Nousha and Binda have been de-sexed. Zola has been bitten by a non-poisonous small snake and recovered well. Toya recovered from an ear infection. Silver has been cured of mange. The spread of mange on Zhenya has been stopped. After Shana became weaker each day, and finally refused any food, she died while I was with her.

Lucky, a dog nursed back to health by Louise, a Swedish rescuer, could be relocated to Wat Amparahm. Three new dogs have been dumped at the temple. Since they are not street dogs, I took them in and called them Lulu, Sammy and Fritzi. Fritzi has been already adopted a few days after I took him in.

Neung, Song and Sahm, raised for four years on the streets by an English resident, had to be relocated. We tried to find a place at a waste ground for them but they returned three times to the village in which they lived all their life. Since they always returned to the village where they no longer were allowed to stay, I re-located them finally to Wat Amparahm. Such relocation has its risks as several dogs I put there disappeared, but I was encouraged by the successful integration of Lucky there. Also, there was actually no better place for the dogs to stay for being fed and looked after.

Lulu and Sammy will be going to the U.S.A. in October. At the end of the month, I took Bok Luk back to Wat Amparahm.

July 2016
For the first two weeks of this month, I left the two young puppies in the hands of a friend who bottle fed them until they could eat themselves.Then I took Anna and Felix in and they are striving.

The suture at Alex’ neck had to be redone because the wound opened partly. The healing process took the whole month. Zola and Toya, the two Pinnacle puppies, are now permanently outside and stay together with Shana and Biaow on the small terrace. Shana receives fluid every second day. Her condition is stable. Silver’s condition improved since I changed the Ivermectin brand. At the end of the month I replaced the daily oral administration in favor of a weekly injection.

Diana’s treatment is complete, and I took her back to her place. She and her buddy Bobby are being fed by a resident. My helper in Naklua made me aware of two dogs who were obviously sick or injured. I took both of them to Silverlake clinic. One of them died five hours after surgery; the other one died after five days of liver failure. Gat, the paralyzed dog, also died in the clinic after three weeks of treatment.

Bok Luk developed a huge abscess at her flank which had to be surgically removed. After getting back from the clinic, she suffered hair loss. I treated her for bacterial and fungal infection but to no avail.

Khao, a dog my helper Ba Baet is looking after, has been spayed. Alex and Lena have been de­sexed as well. Sinin, the cat my helper Wan Song has taken in together with its eight kittens, has been spayed as well. Samlee, a stray a friend is looking after, has also been spayed. Princess, a dog abandoned by someone who homed her for more than a year, has been spayed too and is being looked after. Lesley, another stray that is being looked after by another friend has been spayed as well.

Chuki and Jaha, two of my five dogs with refractory skin conditions, have been admitted to Silverlake clinic for an intensive fourteen day treatment. On the way to Wat Amparahm, where I’m sheltering dogs, I discovered a tiny dog suffering from TVT. She got treated together with a male dog I found in the temple. He also suffers from TVT. Ting and Sido, that’s their names underwent surgery and are still being treated with chemo.

June 2016
Shana, one of the dogs who is staying at Wat Amparahm for two years now, showed signs of kidney impairment. The test revealed that her creatinine level is way too high; additionally, her red blood cell count and the number of platelets are too low. She is now already the sixth dog with this condition. Rashid, Lizzy, Arnie and Jimbo died of kidney failure.

Nema survived and hopefully Shana is going to survive as well. She received fluid for a couple of weeks and Doxycycline against anemia. Her blood conditions improved considerably, but not her kidney condition. Diana’s kidney conditions improved to almost a normal level after one month of fluid treatment.

I treated Kenji, a dog who stays at a 7/11, for severe bite wounds. His conditions improved markedly. Anna, one of the seven motherless puppies at House Mabprachan, has been adopted and fitted in well into her new family. A poor woman from the neighborhood asked me to sterilize two dogs, Khao and Dam, whom she is looking after. Both dogs are back at Hom’s place.

A cat from one of my helper’s neighbor has also been spayed. A resident asked me to look at a dog who could not stand up. I took Gat to Silverlake Clinic where Dr. Kwanchai is treating her conservatively. Gat‘s condition is slowly improving and she can already stand up for a while. The three Pinnacle puppies have been removed from the hotel complex. With the help of the assistant manager, I found two of them in a nearby temple. According to the monks there, the third one had been adopted. I took Zola and Toya in and they are striving. Amal and Hakim, two of the six eight months old puppies, have been neutered.

Rocco recovered from a broken front leg and has learned to run on four legs again. I created a compound at the rear side of the premises to keep several dogs apart from the main pack. Most of the dogs in that newly created enclosure had been bullied, but are now safe from being harassed.

Zhenya, one of the now six motherless puppies, is a bit mangy and is being treated. His brother, Alex, developed a dermoid cyst which has been removed surgically. He is on his way to recovery. Long and Sida, two of Prajuab dogs, are in the Silverlake Clinic. Both dogs have to be sterilized. Long has an infected eye as well. Wan, one of my helpers, asked me to take in two 15 days old puppies whose mother died together with two other puppies. Fortunately, a friend agreed to take the two survivors for the next couple of weeks.

May 2016
In order to determine the condition of the new puppies, a blood test was conducted ­ with the result that all of them suffered from light anemia. They have been treated the whole month and their condititon improved markedly. Diana has been treated for anemia as well, and received fluid every three days to bring the creatinine level down (elevated creatinine level signifies impaired kidney function). Jakalen, one of Prajuab’s dogs, suffered from a colon prolapse. Dr. Kwanchai’s surgical intervention was successful and Jakelen is back to Prajuab’s place. Mom, another of Prajuab’s dogs, has been de­sexed and Dang has been treated for TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumor). Both dogs are back at Prajuab’s place. Bok Luk has been diagnosed with cornea inflammation and has been treated for three weeks. She recovered completely.

Kylie fitted in very well. Josie bathed her several times and Kylie’s skin condition improved. Kylie also gained weight and can enjoy her life again. Chuki’s skin condition deteriorated. Dr. Kwanchai diagnosed MRSA (Methicillin­resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and asked me to bath Chuki with Amitraz Shampoo since other treatments didn’t show any improvement of her condition. I’m treating her sister Jaha the same way.

Leila, the only cat in House Mabprachan, has been accidentally poisoned by my cleaning woman and died despite three weeks of treatment. Four dogs from the neighborhood, Coffee, Khao, Dam and Ying, have been de-sexed. Another four dogs, Milo, Pipa, Coco and Sprite have been spayed as well.

A tourist made me aware of a mother dog with three puppies on a hotel complex. The puppies have been examined, bathed, vaccinated, and monitored during the whole month. Jimbo, who stayed at Wat Amparahm, had been poisoned; he died in a clinic. He is already the fifth dog that was poisoned at the temple. I took Toby from the beach into House Mabprachan to treat skin conditions. Rocco sustained a fracture of his right front leg and has to wear a bandage for three weeks.

April 2016
Rambo, the puppy that was cured of parvovirus had been later diagnosed with distemper and did not survive. Bag, another puppy who stayed with Rambo also died from distemper. I provided Khun Prajuab with vaccines for him to inoculate as many puppies as possible. Another of Prajuab’s dogs needed reconstructive surgery on a wound that wouldn’t heal. Nuan had been admitted for almost three weeks and is back to Prajuab’s place. The wound healed very well. Another two of Prajuab’s dogs have been spayed.

I took Bobby and Diana for a follow ­up vaccination and a blood check up. They are two dogs that I have known for years, that are now staying with a resident. Bobby’s results were normal but Diana’s test showed an increased creatinine level. Bobby went back to the resident’s place and I took Diana in to give her saline solution to bring the creatinine level down. Samlee, Khao and Nuan are back to Baan Amphur beach. Their doxycycline treatment showed results. Kylie was taken in for treatment. She suffered from severe skin irritations and has been treated. Her condition improved remarkably. Four puppies from a village that are looked after by a friend have been tested positive for parvovirus and have been treated. One of them died, the remaining three survived and have been adopted. Arnie who had been poisoned and suffered from kidney failure and went blind, suffered a relapse and died despite our greatest efforts to save his life. Chock Di and Mi Chock, two new dogs from Baan Amphur beach have been spayed.

A Russian woman asked me to look at seven six weeks old puppies whose mother was poisoned. Since I don’t take in any puppies that are not cleared from parvovirus and distemper, we put them into quarantine for ten days. They are now staying in House Mabprachan for the time being. Bok Luk, one of the beach dogs developed cornea inflammation. I also took her in to continue her treatment.

March 2016
Dan completed her cancer treatment and is back to Prajuab’s place. Anton has been picked up and found a new home with a nice family in Germany. Samlee developed a growth at her throat and recovered after treatment. Rudi’s liver support treatment has been extended for three weeks since a blood test result did not show a satisfying improvement of his ailment and is now back to his place.

I received a Bravecto donation with which I could treat 18 dogs. After a couple of days only a few ticks could be found. All the other dogs benefited from the treatment as well since ticks in the garden were almost all wiped out. Rhonda is still helping me to remove remaining ticks out of paws and ears.I took Lina Song in. She has been looked after by a friend and is now about to be adopted by a German couple who visited Pattaya recently. Maria, a mangy dog who is being looked after by another friend, developed a large haematoma on her ribcage.

She was operated by Dr. Kwanchai and recovered. I had to take in Silver again because her conditions deteriorated. I also took Nacho, Jira and Chuki from the temple to treat them with Cephalexin and showers twice a week. Silver, Jaha and Rudi received regular showers as well.

Rambo, one of Prajuab’s puppies fell sick and was tested positive for Parvo. He has been treated by Dr. Kwanchai and recovered fully after ten days. He is now back to Prajuab’s place. When I picked up Rambo I saw Daeng, a TVT dog. I also took her to Dr. Kwanchai’s clinic and she has been operated and receives chemo therapy for three weeks.

Samlee, Khao and Nuan, the three beach pups, have been spayed and are back to House Mabprachan to recover. Nuan’s liver levels were on the upper limit. She got an isotonic saline solution subcutaneously for five days. Amporn, my cleaning lady asked me to take one of the dogs she looks after at her working place to a clinic for sterilisation. The dog is back into Amporn’s care. Nina, one of my Parvo survivors, has been sterilized as well.

The temple dogs are fed by Ba Baet daily and looked after by me twice a week.They are doing well. Gatee, a mangy dog at Tongklom, is making good progress after weeks of treatment. I took Nick back to Thepprasit Road. His growth on his neck healed completely and his Doxycyclin cure was also complete. All the other dogs at House Mabprachan, except Lina Song, Skinny and Chuki who started later with the treatment, completed the cure as well.

February 2016
Four dogs in my neighbourhood have been poisoned among them Rika and Ryo who I both treated against blood parasites for a month. Rika has also been spayed. Coco settled in well in her new family. That’s no surprise since she is very adaptable. I took Nick a male from Thepprasit Road in. He developed a growth on his neck and is being treated. Surgery might be an option. Jacky who suffered from a head tumour and Lek from a growth on his nose are both doing well. They have fully recovered. Four puppies that are being looked after by Wan and two puppies from the Naklua slum have been vaccinated. We organized a food donation for Prajuab who looks after sixty dogs on waste grounds near Mabprachan reservoir. Enya, the smallest of the puppies died. Her death was probably caused by blood parasites. Three six months old puppies from Baan Amphur beach that are being looked after by fishermen underwent a blood test with the result that spaying had to be postponed for about three weeks of Doxycyclin treatment. They are staying in House Mabprachan and fitting in quite well. Silver went back to Thepprasit Road since her condition improved markedly. Jira, Nacho and Bok Luk are back to the temple beach. Prajuab had another dog, Dan, ready for sterilisation. It turned out that Dan suffered from TVT. I took her to Dr. Kwanchai who is experienced in tumour surgery. Dan received chemo therapy after surgery which will be continued until she makes a complete recovery.

January 2016
The dogs at the temple beach are still being fed by the market woman and I also deliver dry food every three or four days. A homeless old man who stays in a small Sala close to the beach made me aware of a female dog named Bok Luk that has to be spayed. Prajuab delivered the first dog named Asta. Both dogs have been successfully spayed. Asta went back to Prajuab’s place the next day and Bok Luk stayed at House Mabprachan the whole month since she had to be treated for blood parasites. Siti and Goott were the next dogs who Prajuab asked me to be spayed. Anton who is about to go to Germany has been neutered as well as Rocco. Rudi lost weight and therefore got his blood tested. He is suffering from a liver condition and has to be on medication for quite a while. Joe, an American, who together with his wife Som has taken about fifty dogs into his house which is not far from where Ilive, has decided to join me in my endeavour to set up a foundation. We are now preparing the paperwork together to get the application on the way. Prana died unexpectedly. I found her one morning in the garden. The day before she gave me not hints that there was mething wrong with her. Sita Song and Khao, two more dogs were about to be spayed. Sita Song’s hematocrit level however was too low and so I had to give her back to Prajuab ho had to treat her with Doxycyclin for about a month. Khao has been spayed. I started a Doxycyclin treatment for all dogs as well since I feared that Prana’s sudden death was caused by blood parasites. The treatment has to last for a month. End of the month gave Prajuab me another two dogs, Dueng and Dam, for spaying. The procedure went well. Coco has been adopted a second time, this time hopefully successfully.

January-December 2015 - Read Falko's report on his work during the year with the street dogs in Pattaya

December 2015
Mum is still feeding her pups but they are already eating dry food too. Two of thepuppies, Emma and Binda were adopted, but only for a couple of days. The new owner got sick and couldn’t look after them any longer. Both came back with a ringworm infection which I am treating. Daeng and Nong Da received their sixth Vincristine injection, thus their treatment is complete. This month we have a massive tick problem. It takes hours every day to remove ticks out of paws and ears.The puppies received their second vaccination. Mom is now staying with us. I know him for about five years and he was living at a market which is now being demolished. Nema who recovered fully from kidney failure and Nacho who is engaging into fightings with other males are back to the temple on the beach. I took Arnie and Yoshi back too. Arnie is coping surprisingly well with his visual impairment and retook his alpha position immediately. In exchange I took in Rudi,Jaha and Silver since their skin condition deteriorated. Sabai joint us as well. She used to stay in Mali’s shelter in Chantaburi and her sponsor asked me to take her in.Jacky received his final chemo shot and recovered nicely. The puppies received their second vaccination. I have a volunteer now and a helper for our garden. Rhonda, an Australian citizen residing in Pattaya decided to help me with the dogs once or twice a week and Somchai helps to clean up the garden three times a week. On the other side of Mabprachan reservoir is Prajuab, a poor Thai worker, looking after a bunch of dogs that are living on a waste ground. I have decided to support him as well as I can. Snow and Torro, one of the puppies were suffering from an upper respiratory infection and received treatment by a nebulizer. They recovered quickly. Lucy and Selina were being de­sexed. Sabai squeezed through the main gate, ran on the alley in front of the house and was hit by a motorbike driver. She remained unscathed but the driver had to be admitted to a hospital. Fortunately he only suffered road burns.

November 2015
Dr. Sam performed surgery on Snow’s intestines and her recovery prospect is good.Amy and Coco who live in House Mabprachan and Yuka who stays at Thepprasit Road have been sterilized. At the end of the month also Priao Wan, a dog who is being looked after by locals. Jacky who was still being treated has been removed by someone but we could find him after an intensive search. He could continue his TVT treatment. Lizzy, who was a healthy dog disappeared from the temple. She has been probably poisoned. Arnie’s and Nema’s blood levels are close to normal. Arnie copes with his visual impairment very well. He navigates quite comfortably through the pack. The six puppies are now playing in the garden most of the day. They are all healthy and very lively. Rika and Ryo, two dogs from the neighbourhood are still being treated for blood parasites. That cure has to last at least a month. The puppies received their first vaccination. Among each other they tend to be pretty aggressive. Sometimes it is hard to separate them. Anton and Lucy Song are new members of the pack. Anton is waiting for being adopted to a German family. He will stay with us for about three months. For Lucy Song a new home will be found within a month.

October 2015
Nina and Rocco are on the way to recovery but are still on medication. Berta went back to Thepprasit Road, she recovered well from the procedure. All dogs at House Mabprachan receive their monthly dosage of Ivermectin against ticks, fleas, heart worms and mange. Mum, the mother of Flake, Fanta, Figo and Said who stays at multi­storey car park is again pregnant. We couldn’t blow dart her because she was hiding under parked cars. Em calls me and informs me that Mudita didn’t feel well for a couple of days and finally died. A Facebook friend who works close to House Mabprachan informed me that she found two puppies after a night of heavy rain. One of them had been hit by a car, the other one seemed to be fine. I took both puppies to Dr. Sam’s clinic where the pup that was hit by a car had to put to sleep because of severe head injuries. The other on I took home and is in quarantine. I named her Snow. Luna and Lennard had to go back to Pattaya Bazaar. Even after several months they couldn’t fit in and have been permanently bullied by other dogs. I took Arnie from the temple because he lost weight. It turned out that he suffers from kidney failure and seems to be almost blind. I guess he was poisoned. Mum gave birth to eight puppies under a car. When I found her one of the puppies had already died. Mum’s puppies are now growing up in House Mabprachan. Juma has been adopted by a Swiss couple who live in Pattaya. Two dogs from a street restaurant who were suffering from TVT have been operated on, and are receiving chemo therapy. Two other dogs from a neighbouring area have been de­sexed. Snow fell ill with Parvo but her life could be saved. However, she is not gaining weight and surgery on her intestines cannot be ruled out. Mae and Mae Song have been poisoned and died. Rika, a dog from the neighbourhood has been de­sexed and is being treated against blood parasites. Jacky, a dog that is being looked after by a Norwegian, developed a growth on his nose and is treated by Dr. Kwanchai who diagnosed the growth as a tumour. The tumour has been removed and Jacky is receiving chemotherapy. Lek’s growth on his nose that was not a tumour is not visible any more and Lek has recovered fully. Coco and Patty have been returned from the American/Thai couple who adopted them a couple of months ago. Coco was supposedly too noisy. Mum and her puppies are staying outside for a couple of hours a day at the end of this month.

September 2015
The month of September was dominated by another parvo virus attack we suffered on three puppies I took in. Unfortunately, Khaya, one of the puppies died but Nina and Rocco overcame the virus after intense treatments and are on their way to recovering. They will stays with us since they are both orphans. Cora stayed with us quaratined for a week to recover from a TVT surgery waiting for chemo therapy. Nelly, Leela and Darya found a new home at a fish farm owned by a Swiss and his Thai wife. Juma, Maisha, Bunnie, Buffy, Yobo, Yota and Yana from the house and Berta from Thepprasit have been sterilized. I took one dog, Isi, from the city shelter in Plutaluang since she suffered from growth on her throat. She is being treated conventially until the zytological test result is available. Pong is being back to her original place after the fully recovered from pyometra. She is being looked after. I took Nema, one of the dogs from Wat Amparahm in since she lost weight and suffered from some naked spots on her back. It turned out that she is suffering from renal failure. She stays now at House Mabprachan and is being treated. Two tourists made me aware of a dog with a swollen head. I took Lek in and he was being treated for three weeks. His conditions improved. He is now back to his place on the streets and is beeing looked after by residents. Jori’s recovery from amptutaion is complete. She is now a well integrated part of the pack. Kami, a dog whose owner had to go back to Europe, was brought to me. She has beenm sterilized and found already a new home totgether with Ranger, a male dog from Thepprasit Road in a nice house owned by a German woman.

August 2015
Flake, one of the dogs from the parking lot that I had sterilized a couple of months ago disappeared for weeks, and when I found her back at a different location I decided to take her to Mabprachan. Nura and Lina, Bieow’s two puppies who are still with me, have been sterilized. Juma and Patty were also sterilized a week later. Carla, the last bitch from Wat Amparahm beach has also been sterilized and stayed ten days at Mabprachan. Some people asked me to take Kami, a beautiful bitch, that was raised by an old lady who got very sick and had to go back to England.

Sadly, Maya, the mother of Bunnie and Buffy, who stay with me, died before I could catch her for to take her to a clinic. Patty and Coco could be re-homed. The Thepprasit security guards told me about Jori, who had an accident and couldn’t use her left front leg. It turned out that she suffered from a severe nerve damage. Her leg had to be amputated. Jori is recovering well at Mabprachan. Amy is a new arrival. She is a five months old puppy who tried t

o survive on the streets. All her siblings had been adopted, so I took her home. Kimba and Sparky came from a shelter in Chantaburi prepared to be adopted abroad or locally. Kimba found a new home quickly, Sparky still stays with us. Four more dogs have been sterilized: Pong and Tara from two different slums and two bitches from a not yet developed area in Jomtien, a part of Pattaya. Pong, who suffered from pyometra, is still in Mabprachan, the other three dogs are back to their places being after cared. Chuki is back to Wat Amparahm. Skinny seems to be fully recovered. She is still extremly cautious but joins the pack every day, playing with some of the dogs and enjoys life again.

July 2015
I took Jira from Wat Amparahm, who had a badly infected throat, to my house at Mabprachan. Jira is recovering well while staying in the house together with Selina and Coco. Selina is also recovering quite well from pelvis fracture and can now already move freely. Coco is thriving and full of energy. She is well accepted among the pack. Later this month I took Yoshi from the temple as well. He is now being treated for a fungal infection on the bridge of his nose. I decided to take Blanca back to her place since she could not assimilate into the pack and I wasn’t able to get close to her. Rudi came for mange treatment and went again. Candy, a bitch from Pattaya Bazaar has been treated for a non­specific leg injury and recovered within ten days. Chuki came also to Mabprachan to treat her against a fungal infection. Nacho developed an infection of the airways and kept coughing, despite treatment. Since an allergy could not ruled out, I took him back to Pattaya Bazaar and later back again to Mabprachan. Two out of seven puppies at Thepprasit Road died. The reason is unclear. Three of the remaining puppies developed a mild mange around their eyes which I’m treating with Ivermectin.

The dogs that remain at the temple are still fed with rice food and dry food. I still go to see them twice a week. The other days they are fed by the market woman. The dogs at Pattaya Bazaar are fed by Wan, and the Naklua dogs by Wan Song. The Thepprasit dogs are looked after by several security guards. I provide all these dedicated people with dry food.

June 2015
First of all I have good news to report: Skinny’s biopsy result showed that the tissue is not malignant. However, her prognosis is still not good since she is suffering from a chronic infection of the intestines. But she is eating well and gained a lot of weight during the course of this month.

Pranee’s four puppies all survived the parvo virus infection and could be re-homed. Pranee, after being sterilized, was called back by her owner and is now being closely monitored by a friend. Luna, who stayed with Lennard and Blanca at the construction site, was caught and has been sterilized as well.

Silver was taken in for treating a bad demodex mange. Her recovery is making good progress. Selina and Nadia are two other new intakes. Selina stayed with Boss and Alana on the beach and was hit by a car. An x­ray revealed a broken pelvis. She is also recovering quite well without having had surgery. Nadia stayed on her own in the bush with no shelter from the rain.

Two puppies from Thepprasit and Said, the puppy from the parking lot could be re­homed. Mike, a student of animal science, accompanied me for a couple of days conducting a field study of street dogs. Our last new intake this month is Coco. Some tourists found this two months old puppy wandering all alone on a street and they asked me to take her in. Jaha completed her treatment and is back again to Wat Amparahm. None of the dogs there are missing, all are in good shape, enjoying their life on the beach. The dogs at Naklua, at Pattaya Bazaar, in Tungklom and at Thepprasit Road, are looked after by residents, security guards, and two women who are helping me to distribute the food that I provide.

May 2015
The main topic of this month is the move from our house in Naklua to a new house at Mabprachan Lake. First to move were Lucy, Aya, Bieow, Lina, Prana und Juma, and a couple of days later Darya, Maisha, Said, Nura and Jaha. I also collected Yaya and Nacho from Pattaya Bazaar and took them to Mabprachan. Nora’s chemo therapy was finished so I brought her back to the woman who rescued her. She is now reunited with her offspring Mudita and Nicky at theslum near the beach. After another couple of days later we loaded Leila the cat together with my belongings into my car and bid farewell to the Naklua house; a new adventure began. Ui agreed to follow me to take a fulltime job and our flock grew day by day.

Bunnie, Buffy and Nadia joined us out of the bushes; I took in Silver and Rudi for mange treatment; Patty was given to me by a homeless man who could not feed her any more; Lady had been taken from the city shelter forTVT treatment and she needed a place to stay for her recovery; and Jira needed further treatment for her skin problems. They all joined me at my new home. Yobo, Yota and Yana, three two month old all brown puppies who could not remain at the construction site; and finally Blanca and Lennard from the same construction site also joined me. We blow darted the mother of the puppies, but she ran away and we couldn’t find her any more. Lennard and Blanca had to be blow darted to be neutered since they always kept their distance. They keep themselves now also separated from the flock but established contacts to some of the dogs who know each other for some time.

Süa and Songsi, two siblings who were living near a restaurant, have been  spayed as well. I found them accidentally and could catch them easily. They are back to their old place where people feed them. Mid month we had parvo alarm. Louise, a Swedish dog lover who lives in Pattaya, found a mother with her four puppies on the beach. The puppies were in a deplorable condition and since Louise lives in a small house she asked me to accommodate the dogs for a month. When Dr. Sumade visited us two days later he was very concerned about the puppies’ condition, took them and tested them for parvo. Unfortunately the tests were positive so Louise had to take the puppies back. The mother, Pranee, was tested negative and could therefore remain with us. We had to disinfect the area where Pranee and the puppies were staying, my car and the cages several times since parvo is highly contagious. Fortunately, all dogs of the flock had already been vaccinated twice. We hope, we can leave this incident behind us without any further dramas.

The dogs in Wat Amparahm are well and enjoying their lives on the beach. However, Rashid, the big male who joined us from the beach and became part of the pack is dead. I can only imagine that he was poisoned since he was in good health when I saw him the last time. There are some mean people squatting near the temple and I suspect it was one of them who poisened him. All the dogs, except Toby and Asa, whom I could not catch, received their second rabies vaccination. During one of our unsuccessful attempts to blow dart dogs for spaying we found Skinny. She was absolutely emaciated so we brought her to Dr. Sumade. A blood test and an initial examination did not reveal any abnormalities; so I took her to my home to recover. Since her condition did not change an abdominal surgical exploration was performed and revealed a blockage in the small intestines close to the rectum. Some blockages were removed but we are still waiting on a lab test to show whether the tissue is malignant.

April 2015
his month had a few dramas with a big threat by my neighbor who gave me one week to remove my dogs from the area I live in. He verbally threatened me and said, “he would take care of them and put them where they belong”. I can understand a little of my neighbour’s unhappiness because 15 to 18 dogs can bark loudly and sometimes are noisy at night. Thailand is a hierarchical and community based system and fortunately, I have the backing of the local village manager who is always helpful and cooperative. In addition Thailand has laws in place to protect  animals so his ignorant tirade will be in vain.  A possible solution to this situation could be to move to a house outside town, about 30 minutes away from my current place. Derek Doyle, who used to run a shelter on that property, kindly offered to rent his house which sits on a walled large land area. This will provide enough space for the dogs to live comfortably. There are some reservations as It is also located in a residential area and I do not want to jump from the frying pan into a fire. My May summary will have the latest news so please stay tuned.

Last month I went to Dr. Samuel’s clinic many times. Buffy who was hit by a vehicle and her hip dislocated had surgery and recovered in the clinic for almost two weeks. I took her back to her mother and sister and she is doing quite well. The good news is surgery for Nora’s broken leg was not necessary although she was diagnosed with TVT and is still receiving chemo therapy. Yaya developed some inflammatory swelling of his scrotum after neutering and is now back at Pattaya Bazaar, with Nacho and Jira. I took Jira from the temple to treat her skin problems at Dr. Samued’s clinic. She was treated for more than a week and showered every 3 or 4 days. Toby recovered quite well from his skin problems and is back at the beach after three weeks of care. Of the 7 puppies at the parking lot 3 have disappeared. The remaining 4 went to Dr. Samued’s, where they were treated, bathed and vaccinated. After 1 week only 3 of them were left. The smallest one I took in, because he had mange. He is still with me. Unfortunately, both his remaining siblings disappeared after a couple of days from the parking lot.

Three of Bieow’s puppies and another puppy a tourist found and was given to Dr. Samued who asked me to take him in were adopted. Of the 4 orphans 1 has already been adopted as well. All these puppies were vaccinated twice and are in good condition. Some of them were treated with VibraVet for blood parasites but their gums is showing a normal ‘rosy colour’ again and they are brimming with energy. Even Said, the little survivor from the parking lot, is now thriving after being treated against mange. Right now I have Lucy, Aya, Prana, Bieow, Lina, Nura, Nora, Darya, Juma, Maisha and Said, the only male, with me. The dogs at Wat Amparahm are doing well and are currently happy living by the sea. I drive out to see them twice a week. They are still being fed by a market woman whom I support. I am also supporting a few dog carers elsewhere in Pattaya who are feeding local dogs in their area. Dried food and rice and occasional vet visits are provided to these kind people.

It is heart warming to see ordinary people trying to make a difference in their local ‘soi dogs’ life’. When there are people like these the dog’s will have a chance. Although I maybe living outside the town area next month, I come to Pattaya daily to work to make ends meet. Caring and feeding the street dogs

March 2015
My house is still full of puppies; another four 4 week old ones arrived. They have been probably taken from their mother or their mother died and they were left at a place where I’m regularly feeding dogs. The new puppies are in a fairly good condition but need to be protected, special fed and medically looked after.
After a couple of days they settled in well and the older puppies, Bieow, Lucy and Aya, who are still with me, welcomed the new arrivals. I decided to bring Yaya back to the place where Nacho and Jira are currently staying and Boss back to the beach to be reunited with Alana. Boss and Yaya were always playing roughly, disturbing the little ones and Boss used to bark whenever someone passed the house, so that neighbors were complaining. I live in a residential area and have to be very careful not to upset my neighbors or the village management. To find another house with a big yard, where dogs are accepted and that I can afford to rent would be very difficult.

I was informed by a resident and a woman who is feeding dogs that both of them found a dog who was hit by a car. The two dogs were severely injured. Surgery on both of them was necessary. Nora, a dog I knew, broke both of her hind legs. One leg had to be amputated because the tissue was already necrotic. Prana suffered multiple fractures in the hip area and broke one hind leg. Nora could be released from the clinic after one week; Prana had to be admitted for 16 days and had to endure several surgical procedures. After being released from the clinic she stayed with me for a couple of days but I had to admit her again for another intervention. Nora also stayed with me for a couple of days and then with the woman who asked me to rescue her. Later on I took her back since she was too adventurous there.

Nora has to undergo another surgical intervention since the bones in her leg did not heal well. A metal plate has to be placed at the point of fracture to immobilize and align the broken bone. Bieow and her six puppies are still with me. Bieow recovered from the accident quite well and can run without much restriction. She got recently spayed together with Yaya, Aya and Lucy, who are all still staying with me. All of Bieow’s six puppies are thriving. From the five remaining puppies out of the bush are only two left. One puppy was hit by a motorbike and died, one had already been adopted but could not fit into the new home and I had to take him back. He was later stolen together with his brother. Of the two remaining puppies one was also hit by a car or a motorcycle and is now waiting for surgery in a clinic. The last puppy is now straying with me.

The seven puppies in the parking lot are also thriving. The mother, like the other dogs living in the parking lot, is being daily fed with rice food by a kind woman. Jack, the male dog that I found with a huge cancer wound could be completely cured from TVT and is back to the place where I found him. He is being looked after well by a woman who runs a food stall. Out of the 21 dogs that are staying at Wat Amparahm I took Bonnie and Toby for a skin check-up to the Eastern Pet Hospital and they are now also temporarily staying at my house since daily medication is necessary.

Eastern Pet Hospital has only recently opened and its owner Dr. Samued, who underwent advanced training in the US, is now my favourite vet. He has lots of experience, performs surgery, informs me well and gives me discounts. He also offers free sterilizations for street dogs until for 6 weeks. Dr. Sam already spayed Bieow and neutered Yaya charging me just a small admittance fee and I hope I can bring him some more street dogs within the next month.

February 2015
My house became a refuge for several dogs, some of them stayed and some had to go back to the places where they stayed before they came to me. Bieow and her puppies settled in nicely. The puppies are striving; Bieow is gaining weight and can use her broken leg quite well. Yayas abscesses disappeared completely and he developed to a strong and healthy dog full of energy. Since a second scrape test didn’t show any parasites on Lucy’s skin I suspended the weekly Ivermectin injections. She and Aya also developed very well. Boss skinned the paw of his paralyzed leg; therefore I decided to amputate it. Boss recovered well from the surgery and is still with me. He could have already gone back to the beach staying with Alana but since City Hall is planning a roundup of all street dogs, I’ll keep him for the time being.

Some women in my neighborhood are accommodating a bunch of street dogs. For two of them I provided sterilization. Two more bitches from the parking lot have been spayed as well. Unfortunately one of the remaining dogs had puppies again. Another dog which I failed to catch before she got pregnant had her puppies in a bush area. Out of seven she had, two were taken by someone, one died and one has been adopted. The remaining three are regularly with me in order to keep them free from ticks and fleas. They are striving well. I continued the treatment of several mangy dogs and fed dogs in my neighborhood if necessary, provided dry food to residents and security guards who are looking after dogs. I picked up a TVT male dog with a huge open wound on his back side who is responding to chemo therapy well. I continued to look after the dogs in Wat Amparahm.

The market woman that I employed feeds the dogs with rice food and I feed them with dry food. I took one of the dogs with persistent skin problems to a save place in Pattaya where I provide her with medicine on a daily basis. I took several dogs and who live in bushes and grasslands for a shower and treated them against ticks and fleas. Fortunately, I found two of the dogs who disappeared last month. They had been taken by some residents. But unfortunately, a young bitch disappeared who I has been recently spayed. I hope that she just changed territory.

January 2015
I settled down in “my” new house and had already several guests there, some are still staying which are Yaya, Lucy and Aya. Boss is back to the beach where he stays with his girlfriend Alana. For a couple of days I had Jake with me. He is from Wat Amparahm. Jake had a nasty bite wound which I could treat myself. He is already back to the temple. I also had Flake with me. She stays in a parking lot and had been spayed. After her recovery I brought her back to the parking lot. As a long time guest I have now Bieow. She was hit by a car and broke her leg.

Bieow was pregnant and gave birth at my friend’s house. Since Karin is now treating several new TVT dogs of which one of them I asked her to take, she asked me to take Bieow and her six three weeks old puppies.Besides Flake, I also have Figo, Fanta and Farah sterilized. They also live in that parking lot and stayed only a few days in my house. Two more dogs, Bliss and Bessie have been sterilized. Bliss lives in a slum and Bessie at a bar. The expenses for all of these dogs were covered by donations. In Wat Amparahm I also organized the sterilization of four dogs. The expenses were also covered by a donation. All in Wat Amparahm are now sterilized, except one bitch that is pregnant and one male dog which we could not catch. I have been to clinics many times, Yaya developed abscesses, Lucy needed injections to treat demodex, Bieow needed to be treated every week and then in and out for all the sterilizations at three different clinics.

Five times a week I provide dry food for the Naklua dogs, residents and security guards got a bag of 15 kg each; I provided 60 kg rice to feed the dogs in Wat Amparahm and Tongklom; I supported Nuan, the poor woman with her cats and now another woman as well who is giving food to street dogs near my house. She is now also helping me looking after Bieow and her puppies when I’m working.

I still drive three times a week down to Wat Amparahm looking after the dogs that stay there close to the beach. This bunch of dogs is very much attached to me and we are always enjoying our walks on the beach. All in all, the January was a very satisfying month but also a bit sad because three of my dogs disappeared. I searched for them two times at the Pattaya dog camp but couldn’t find them. Fortunately I found a dog which I was not missing recently. He carried a collar with my mobile number on it. I took him back to the place where the dog catcher took him. Those dogs that might be taken away from the City Hall dog catchers and end up in that horrible camp are one of my concerns. I’m always happy to see them after a few days and worry when I don’t see them staying at their usual spots.

December 2014
Currently I’m looking after more than 80 dogs in and around Pattaya. 39 of them are living in Naklua area which is the oldest part of Pattaya. I have been staying there in an apartment foralmost three years and moved recently into a traditional Thai house not far away from that apartment house. Boss, whose story has been featured on the website, is now staying with me. From the parking lot of the apartment house I also took Leila with me, a street cat who I’m looking after for almost three years.

The dogs in the Naklua are living on several sois (alleys), on a scrapyard, in a slum, in a residential area and some of them on their own at different places. I regularly provide dry food for the scrapyard dogs, the slum dogs and a couple of dogs at one of the sois. This food goes to residents or security guards at these places who are feeding the dogs with rice food as well. The other Naklua dogs are getting fed by other residents or restaurants. I go to see all of these dogs at least two, three times a week providing those with dry food who are not regularly fed by residents. The Naklua dogs are pretty well fed and except a few in fairly good health since Imonitor them regularly. All except two female dogs have been already spayed. The two unsprayed ones I couldn’t catch yet despite several attempts but they are the next on my list. Several of the male dogs are neutered as well. However, I discovered recently four more dogs, two males and two females. They are not sterilized as far as I know and two of them are mangy, so I started treating them as well.

There are dogs on several different places in the Naklua area that I’m treating for demodex mange. This is an on-going treatment since demodex is very difficult to cure. Actually, I can only try keeping this kind of mange at bay. At Pattaya Bazaar, where my working place is, I’m looking after 7 adult dogs and two puppies. Three females are spayed and one male dog is neutered. I managed to spay the remaining fourth female just recently after several unsuccessful attempts. The two puppies are staying with their mother. This dog was successful treated for TVT and is now spayed as well. I’m currently trying to find new homes for the puppies. Two puppies from that place have already been adopted recently. All dogs are daily fed with dry food in the morning and rice food in the evening. The
rice food is distributed by Wan, a dedicated dog lover from Myanmar whom I work together with for more than two years.

At three days a week I go to see dogs in a Buddhist temple located 20 km outside of Pattaya. Currently I’m looking there after 21 dogs. They are all rescue dogs from different places in Pattaya where they have been chased away. The abbot of the temple was so kind to offer me a part of the temple which borders directly to the beach. I know some of these dogs for more than three years, a few of them I raised since they were born. For more than a year I fed the dogs only with dry food since they were not fed by the temple. Two months ago I found a market woman who is now feeding the dogs four days a week with rice food. All dogs are well fed and in fairly good condition. They are all spayed or neutered. I also provide food and monitor three female dogs in a village near Pattaya. One of these dogs recovered fully from mange and the second one from TVT. All three dogs are now spayed as well. Finally, there are 12 dogs in South Pattaya which are looked after by security guards. I provide dry food for them and I’m regularly treating two of them for demodex mange. All female dogs are spayed.

Besides my daily routine I got two female dogs and six female cats spayed this month. Five of these cats belong to an old woman who is looking after about 20 cats in her house. This woman goes out every night to feed cats and dogs in the Naklua area. She has very little money and therefore I support her. The sixth cat I found near the house I moved in recently. One of the spayed dogs is the dog from Pattaya Bazaar and the other one I am treating for demodex mange. After some sort of recovery she became in heat. Therefore urgent action was necessary.

Bieow, one of the dogs Wan is looking after at another place was hit by a car two weeks ago. Bieow suffered a fracture to her left hind leg and is now in foster care. She received another two treatments recently. Her treatment has to be continued for a couple of weeks. Bieow is pregnant. Right now we don’t know what to do with her after have giving birth. Yaya, one of other three Pattaya Bazaar puppies ate some toxic substance and suffered kidney damage. He was admitted for a couple of days receiving intensive treatment and is now staying with me at my house. Yaya is recovering but requires ongoing treatment against blood parasites. Lucy, another puppy from Pattaya Bazaar developed a huge abscess at her right front leg. She needed daily care at a clinic but recovered well. Since Yaya and Lucy require daily care I took them with me together with her remaining sibling Aya.

My monthly personal expenses are 18,000 Baht on average. The rest of the expenses are covered by donations which I receive on a non-regular basis. In the year 2014 my whole expenses were 415,000 Baht which is about 15,500 AUD. 200,000 Baht of these expenses have been covered by donations.

Derek and Cindy were so kind to include this info page into K9Aid website to help me getting donations on a more regular basis. Starting with this description of my work I’ll provide a monthly record of my activities. I hope I can hereby motivate you to support my daily work mitigating the plight of Pattaya’s street dogs on a more regular basis. Every single donation will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. At request I would be happy to provide a record of my expenses including copies of receipts.

For the ones of you who can read German, here is the link to my blog in which I describe my daily activities in detail: If you wish to take a more detailed look at expenses and donations please go to

Thank you for now!



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