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Animal rescue is full of sad & happy stories but knowing you are part of the solution is so rewarding. Just helping to share the stories on Facebook can be all it takes to find that one person who can help rescue another dog.Your donations & support are used to help the most vulnerable animals that have no one else to turn to. Sign up for the newsletter using the form below & share in all the good things that working together can accomplish…

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    • Anne Driscoll

      A very professional and well run organization. Have personally met one of the founders, and her heart is truly in helping the suffering dogs in the world. There are many uplifting, happy endings.

    • Sue Bard

      I would like to adopt one of the dogs from Thailand someday, but right now I have 5 dogs. Things are looking up financially and in about 4 months I will send you money. That seems like an awful long time but I would like to sponsor a dog or however you handle a long term commitment. Right now however it isn’t possible. I loved your video of disabled dogs having a good time. I watch it every now and then just because it makes me smile. Everyone I showed it to had to smile too. I won’t forget about your organization because I think about the dog meat dogs a lot. And ISIS and the human trafficking business, and I could go on, but you get the picture Why are humans SO FREAKING CRUEL? Sorry for rambling on, I think my heart is broken. I am in shock or gone crazy maybe I am not really the same species as most of the people on earth. But I am glad there are people like your organization out there. Good luck and God bless you and your dogs. P.S. I like that black dog with the stubby legs. If you still have him you should name him Steen.

    • Julie

      Do you not have a just going page?

    • Charles

      A very professional site working for a very worthy cause. I will do my best to support your efforts. Meanwhile I continue to care for the street dogs of my local town, which is presently Ranong.

      best wishes, Charles

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