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Why become a “Flight Volunteer”…

We often have adopted animals needing to travel to/from various locations around the world to their new homes and sending an animal with a passenger (rather than alone) often makes the cost of adopting an animal abroad much more affordable. For instance a dog travelling from Thailand to USA can cost as little as $200.


Some airlines have very cheap rates for dogs travelling “accompanied” (i.e. with a passenger) and we are always looking for passengers travelling with these airlines & willing to accompany an animal on their flight. Learn more about our Flight Volunteer program and watch our Video. If you’re travelling abroad, please register your flight with us. It may be just the flight we’re looking for! 

You could help an animal reach it’s new home, it’s easy & very rewarding!

Learn more about being a Flight Volunteer HERE

Register your flight HERE:



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    • Raab

      I am flying from Bangkok to Munich on 24.04.2017 till 09.05.2017, does anyone need a flight volunteer?

    • Maryann Lush

      I would be very interested to register as a dog volunteer, but I need to ask, do I pay for the flight from one country to another?

    • Donna Harrison

      I am Flying from BKK to LAX ( stop in Nrt) flight 284 on Mar 30 . I work for Delta but this is a POSITIVE ticket not standby,delta Airlines will no longer take large dogs in cargo 🙁
      I could possibly take a small dog or cat?
      P,ease let me know. Maybe my companion would too.
      Thank you

      • Cindy Amey

        Hi Donna, are you meaning to take a dog or cat in the cabin with you? Please email me
        Thank you!

    • magali ruer

      Hello, we are in great need of flight volunteers to safely bring puppies from Teheran (Iran) to California . the 13 puppies have until the end of March 2016 to move from their temporary shelter in Iran. The rescue organization who is in charge of finding them foster homes until adoptions is Dog without borders.

    • Ina

      We are looking for a flight voluteer by end Nov 15 or beginning ofDecember 15 from Bangkok to Zurich. First possible travel day is Nov. 28. Can anybody help us? Then please contact us. Rgds Ina

    • Anne Valtakivi

      Hi, I need some volunteer to get my puppy dog chi zu from Thailand, Bankok to Finland, first possible travel day is 18.7.15. If someone is interested bring the dog to Finland, please contact me.

      • Jackee bray

        I will be going to Headrocks in bang saphan end of the year but it’s to work. I do know the founders of k9 aid and one is a very good friend of mine. I will help you if you can wait? I won’t be returning to the UK until 3-4 months tho. Pm me.

    • Denise Farrell

      My sponsor dog is Kanan.

    • Denise Farrell

      I could be a flight volunteer but have not saved enough money to get to Thailand from Australia.

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