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syros-thumb-2When winter hits Greece, the dogs of Syros Island, really struggle. Their shelter is just a ramshackle structure of bits of wood, tin & concrete, most runs have no roof and when the rain & icy winds arrive, life is a misery for these poor dogs.

As we all know, Greece is in a desperate situation at present & dogs are not top of the priority list. No-one else will help them, YOU are their only hope to get through the coming winter without being freezing cold & wet – day after day.

Your donations will help to build improvements to the shelter so that all the dogs can at least stay dry. Currently when it rains the ground just becomes a mud lake & the dogs are cold, wet & miserable. Some of the runs only have canvas tarpaulins, others have nothing.

There are 2 options for you to help: you can set up a recurring monthly donation of $22 per month to ensure the Syros shelter is able to provide a better life for these dogs every day of the year.

Or you can kindly make an instant one off donation to help make winter bearable for these pour souls.

“Some dogs are old they can’t have another cold winter”.

shelter-aid-1 Become a Syros Stray Animal Shelter Aid supporter, & you will be making the dogs lives so much better this coming winter, in only a few weeks the first winds of winter will start to blow. Work must start now, there is no time to lose…

Donate here to support this shelter for just $22 a month…

These dogs are so proud & beautiful looking, it is heartbreaking to see them languishing in a shelter, check out their pictures below & make a donation please, or inquire about adopting a dog from Syros by emailing

Through K9Aid FOS are reaching out to you in the hope of making life better for the dogs under their care.Your donation to the FOS shelter on the Island of Syros in Greece would make a real change in the life of the dogs that now call this shelter home. Your funds will help improve the runs giving the dogs protection from the cold & wet of winter.

Thank you for helping…

shelter-aid-1 Make a one off Donation of your choice &  help the FOS Shelter protect the dogs from the wind & rain this winter. The dogs need your help NOW, winter is not far away…

Make a One Off Donation to help the Syros Stray Animal Shelter…


Make this coming winter better for the dogs of Syros…

Meet the beautiful “Sonya”…

The beautiful dogs of Syros…

What is the future for these abandoned dogs…

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    • Nadia Osseiran

      Sorry, imeant Syros island and not Skyros island

    • Nadia Osseiram

      Hi there , what is the telephone number of Skyros dog shelter in skyros? I came across an abused/neglected dog on Skyros that needs urgent help.

    • Valentina

      Good afternoon, is possible to have the contact of someone who could help me in a really bad situation of a poor dog on the island?

      Thank you for your help
      Best regards

    • Lynne Beard

      Where are you located? I will be there again in the Spring to visit a friend and would like to help out. Thank you. Lynne

    • Frances Stent

      Thank you for caring for these dogs,the world is a better place with people like you in it.

    • robin silver-delouvrier

      I am currently staying in Ermoupoli for a few days with my family. We have seen a lovely hound wandering around the central square and adjacent neighbourhood for the past two days. he is very sweet and goes from human to human searching and sometimes from door to door – it would appear that he was abandoned, perhaps not that long ago. He appears to be in fairly good health although he is a bit thin and has two ticks visible on his face. We are here only until Wednesday and not in a position o’save’ him. (We are taking a boat then staying 2 days in Athens hen taking a plane and we are only here until Wednesday late morning); Would it be possible to take hip in at your shelter? he is really sweet and seems lost and in search of human captions….. You can reach me on my French cell phone: +336 08 98 18 99 if there is anything you can do for hip. We would be happy to help and to contribute to his care. Robin Silver-Delouvrier

      • Cindy Amey

        Hello Robin we will pass your message to the shelter in ERmoupoli, Thank you for letting us know. Regards Cindy

        • Cindy Amey

          Hello Again Robin, I spoke to manager at the Syros shelter. She spoke to her friend who owns a shop in the square and she seems to think the dog is owned. Often Greek owners let their dogs roam. Virginia from the shelter is going to find out more & try speak to this owner about the dog.

          Sadly the shelter is not such a good place for dogs. It is full and it is not in good condition. The government is supposed to be providing them with a new shelter very soon. We hope this will still happen.

          Thank you for your concern,.

    • Sandra Kane

      To the wonderful person (s) who took care of TAD , THANKYOU SO SO MUCH for rescuing him and giving him love and care , you are angels

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