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K9 Angels wanted, to lend a helping hand…

Be an Angel and show our K9 friends that you care about them…

Star-200 For a street dog, sometimes being saved is only a matter of a few dollars, without them the dog the has little chance of receiving help.
Often animals in need of medical help go untreated because there is no one to pay the bill. The world can be a cruel place.

You can help by become a K9 Angel,
by donating $22 a month…

angel-3 Caring citizens often find injured dogs that need medical help, sometimes just finding a safe refuge can be an emergency. There are many people who are only too pleased to help fund these rescues.
The  K9 Angels are here to support these animals by giving them a second chance.

Become a K9Angel for 12 month by making a
one off payment of US$264

Bur-Eye-200 Even now there are several dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade in clinics in Bangkok costing local rescue groups more than they can afford. They just can’t be abandoned, somehow we have to find the money to pay for their ongoing treatment, it’s what animal rescue groups are all about…

You can help by become a K9 Angel for a month
donate as little or as much as you choose…

Mali-10Mali at the vets
Mali-11Mali in happier times

K9Angels at work – Read “Mali’s” tragic story.

Mali lives on the street in Pattaya, Thailand. One day she was found so badly beaten on the face, that her eye had popped out. Even after this servere beating, she was still wagging her tail, looking for love.
Mali is a well loved street dog, looked after by a man known as Uncle Yong. Sometime ago Uncle Yong could not find Mali & thought she’d gone missing. Then suddenly she re-appeared and what he saw broke his heart.

Mali is such a beautiful, friendly dog no-one can believe this could happen. How anyone could beat her is beyond our comprehension. It is suspected that someone tried to capture Mali for the Dog Meat Trade & she managed to escape, thus her horrific injuries.

Her injuries required hospital treatment & the K9Angels were there to help pay her treatment & medical expences.


By becoming a K9 Angel you will help bring much needed support to the animal & their carer’s. It is not always possible to solve every cry for help, distance & different time zones make for delays & even language can be a problem. Many countries have no system for helping animals that are considered to have no commercial value i.e. dogs & cats. That’s why we, as concerned animal lovers have to step in stop their suffering and be their only chance of a future.

pastries_big1For the cost of a pastry per week you will be throwing a life line to dogs in need of emergency help. When you resist just one sticky treat a week  think about the dog that will be receiving life saving help because of your small gift…

Just some of the many dogs helped by K9Angels…

When you have Angels on your side anything is possible…


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