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We all know that as dogs age, they become great characters. In their senior years they quieten down, content with a peaceful life & a soft bed. They also need more nutritious food to keep them healthy & regular medical checks…


Sadly, abandoned pets & street dogs rarely get any help, life can be very tough for Old Dogs.

The “Old Dogs Rock Club” is about – giving these senior citizen a helping hand so their final years are worth living…

Joining the “Old Dogs Rock” Club means your donation goes towards caring & feeding for elderly dogs in the shelters we support, giving them the extra attention they need in their twilight years.


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As street & shelter dogs dogs get older they become vulnerable to being challenged for their food, are more likely to lose their place in the pack. Your one off donation will help an older street dog in need.

We are often called upon to transport sick elderly street dogs to safe homes or shelters. Sometimes urgent medical care is needed and there is no time to fundraise. Your donation will make a difference to an old soul and show them you care.

Read “OLD BOYS” story, a Phuket street dog now being cared for…


Yesterday we brought you the story of “Old Boy” & how donations by members of our Old Dogs Rock Club helped pay for his trip to the vet. Here’s an astonishing account of his vet visit by his carer James….
OldBoy“I took Old Boy over to Dr John’s for a full Medical Checkup + Blood Profile this morning. Dr John was astonished by the result and so was I! He is approximately 10 years old + weighs 24kgs. His kidneys + liver are all functioning perfectly. His red blood cell count is perfect. He has NO blood parasites! His teeth + gums are healthy. Both of his eyes are healthy and just need to be cleaned, with eye drops administered daily. He is a remarkably healthy Old Boy..!

He has a yeast infection in both of his ears so I will administer keto-nox ear spray in his ears 2x a day. He has mange which I will treat with medicated Benzoyl shampoo weekly for the next 4 weeks & then we’ll go back for a reassessment. The Benzoyl should also help to clear up the scabs, sores + dry patches on his skin.
Old Boy was de-wormed today and I will continue to de-worm him every 3 months. He had his combined + rabies vaccinations today. His back left leg was likely broken a long time ago and Dr John does not feel that surgery is an option for him now……. he hobbles + limps around just fine and does not appear to be in any pain so Dr John’s recommendation is to just leave it.
I gave him a long + deep regular shampoo today, immediately followed by a 15mins medicated Benzoyl shampoo and his coat + skin are both looking fresher + healthier already. I have noticed that street dogs who have clean coats + smell fresh get treated better by the locals so I think it’s always well worth shampooing street dogs a couple of times a month, if possible.
Having personally studied the “raw food” diet for the past 3 years I recently became convinced about its health benefits and started Old Boy on daily “raw meaty bones” 3 months ago. Over the past 3mths he has put on 6kgs of healthy weight, the stiffness in his back left leg + hip has eased, his bowel movements have dramatically improved + his mood has improved. The raw meaty bones may have been the primary reason for Old Boy’s excellent blood profile because for an old street dog to have such near-perfect health, blood, teeth + gums is virtually unheard of.

So, in celebration of Old Boy’s excellent health prognosis we decided to go to the beach! (Check out the video below)
I’m sure this was his first time ever at the beach because he was so intrigued, excited, confused + mesmerized all at the same time.The soft sand was a Joyful Enigma for him to play in! We walked up & down the beach, 15mins walking then a rest + water + aircon in the car, then we repeated. He loved it..! He was so excited, nervous & intrigued. Way out of his comfort zone but he handled it all really well & we will go again soon!”
Thanks so much to the members of our Old Dogs Rock Club who’s recurring donations have allowed Old Boy’s medical tests, medications, vaccinations, medical follow-ups plus another week’s supply of fresh meaty bones all to be covered.

Old Boy sends K9Aid Old Dogs Rock Club members a Huge Great Whopping Thank You + 3 Big Licks..!

Meet Alf he is 11 years old which for a Thai street dog is ancient..

P1050099This handsome old dude was rescued from the Phuket stray dog pound, he was in very bad shape when found in April. He appeared completely healthy except for a very large superficial wound on his backside, but it ended up, he was riddled with major issues to his old age heart, lungs & kidney.

Poor old guy has a major sneezing, coughing & snorting problem. After 2 months of anti-biotics to clear up the infection he’s now feeling a lot better, but is constantly still snorting & finds it very difficult to breathe normally. His butt wound has healed up completely & he’s had his teeth cleaned last week ( which smells a lot better ) & he would now make a loverly cuddly old bear like companion to someone who is not to physical. He just likes to go for a slow amble around the block every second day & chill out in front of the fan keeping cool.

While a home is being looked for this old guy is happy where is as & the “Old Dogs Club” will be there to look after him…

A rare Gem a Wat Baan Oye temple Chiang Mai Thailand...

It is a rare to see an old dog in a temple in Thailand. Temple dogs live an average of roughly five years and the first year is the most difficult to survive. Abuse, malnourishment, disease and road accidents are the most common threats to their longevity. So it is always a pleasure for Hand to Paw to find and care for any old dogs that reside in any of our temples. We are already beating the odds with the care we provide to have dogs upward of 6 years of age in many of our temples now.
Nin is the oldest dog in our care and she tips the scales at 13 years of age. I met a young 20 year old man one day at the temple who expressed to me that he has known her since he was 7 years old! Nin is a carefree and perky gal. Her toothless smile and black tongue brings an instant smile to my face every time I see her…which is actually quite often. Nin suffers from chronic conjunctivitis in both eyes and reoccurring skin afflictions which require daily or bi-daily care.
When I first met Nin her eyes were sealed shut from caked on mucous and she was itching herself like a mad dog due to her very bad case of demodec mange, fungal and bacterial skin infections! How long she had been in this condition I will never know. She was receiving no treatment at all and although she is beloved by monks at the temple they were oblivious to her suffering.
It has been two years since I first met Nin. We have formed a very strong bond as I now go to the temple every other day or often times every day to clean her eyes, apply eye drops, needed meds and whatever other treatment is necessary to keep her coat healthy and her skin itch-free…a constant battle.
Nin’s treatment cost roughly 100 baht/ USD 3.00 to treat every month; a small price to pay, but a large price in time and commitment, but we feel our oldies are special and worth it – it is one of our many missions to make the last years of their lives carefree and free from suffering. As a new member of the K9Aid Old Dogs Rock Club she will have all her needs paid for. – Joy Huss, Founder – Hand to Paw temple Dog Outreach

Bur an elderly blind dog at Wat Suan Nawaa Temple Thailand...
Bur-Eye-surgeryI first met Bur (“Number” in Thai) five years ago when Hand to Paw first offered their services and care to the dogs at Wat Suan Nawaa. Bur was the matriarch of a pack of 10 dogs. Bur was personally introduced to me by Luang Por Thep, I could tell she held a special place in his heart as she was one of the only two survivors of a mass poisoning during a robbery that killed seven of his beloved temple dogs.

I was surprised to meet one of my very first “older” dogs that survived this long in a temple environment. I instantly knew the reason was that the head Abbot loved his dogs above all else and he even told me “they were the only ones he could really trust”!

It was only after a few temple visits  I noticed that although Bur was an old dog showed signs of a very  old dog. She appeared; lethargic, eating little and showing eye problems. I knew little at this time about the common, deadly and crippling effects of blood parasites on temple dogs. Bur was one of my first cases.

Over the course of several months Bur regained her health, but a secondary effect of the disease caused glaucoma in both of her eyes. This is a very painful eye affliction for dogs who cannot express their pain. The pain is similar to a constant migraine headache – dogs show their pain by becoming quiet and withdrawn. She had only about 10% vision remaining in both her eyes.

Over the next two years a large portion of our meager funds were spent on taking Bur to an eye specialist one hour’s drive from the temple every month and paying for her costly eye medications. She required 2 types of eye drops daily that Luang Por Thep had to administer. After two years her eye health deteriorated to the point that both eyes had to be removed. From that day Bur’s life began anew. Pain fee and 100% healthy this 10+ year old dog can now be found roaming the temple grounds, climbing stairs or lounging the day away. Bur is a Hand to Paw doggie favorite amongst the volunteers and students. Young people are amazed to learn about the other more important senses of a dog: their nose and ears! She is an intrigue to them and everyone wants to give her a little pats as if to wish her well. The elderly temple & street dogs of Thailand need a little support to help them live their final years in peace and pain free.

– Joy Huss, Founder – Hand to Paw temple Dog Outreach


Some dear old faces…


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